Virulence-related outer membrane protein (IPR000758)

Short name: Enterovir_OMP

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Virulence-related outer membrane proteins are expressed in Gram-negative bacteria and are essential to bacterial survival within macrophages and for eukaryotic cell invasion. Members of this group include:

  • PagC, required by Salmonella typhimurium for survival in macrophages and for virulence in mice [PMID: 1766380]
  • Rck outer membrane protein of the S. typhimurium virulence plasmid [PMID: 8675302]
  • Ail, a product of the Yersinia enterocolitica chromosome capable of mediating bacterial adherence to and invasion of epithelial cell lines [PMID: 1688838]
  • OmpX from Escherichia coli that promotes adhesion to and entry into mammalian cells. It also has a role in the resistance against attack by the human complement system [PMID: 1987115]
  • a Bacteriophage lambda outer membrane protein, Lom [PMID: 1846140]
  • The crystal structure of OmpX from E. coli reveals that OmpX consists of an eight-stranded antiparallel all-next-neighbour beta barrel [PMID: 10545325]. The structure shows two girdles of aromatic amino acid residues and a ribbon of nonpolar residues that attach to the membrane interior. The core of the barrel consists of an extended hydrogen-bonding network of highly conserved residues. OmpX thus resembles an inverse micelle. The OmpX structure shows that the membrane-spanning part of the protein is much better conserved than the extracellular loops. Moreover, these loops form a protruding beta sheet, the edge of which presumably binds to external proteins. It is suggested that this type of binding promotes cell adhesion and invasion and helps defend against the complement system. Although OmpX has the same beta-sheet topology as the structurally related outer membrane protein A (OmpA) IPR000498, their barrels differ with respect to the shear numbers and internal hydrogen-bonding networks.

    GO terms

    Biological Process

    No terms assigned in this category.

    Molecular Function

    No terms assigned in this category.

    Cellular Component

    GO:0009279 cell outer membrane

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