Target SNARE coiled-coil homology domain (IPR000727)

Short name: T_SNARE_dom

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The process of vesicular fusion with target membranes depends on a set of SNAREs (SNAP-Receptors), which are associated with the fusing membranes [PMID: 9239749, PMID: 9232812]. Target SNAREs (t-SNAREs) are localised on the target membrane and belong to two different families, the syntaxin-like family and the SNAP-25 like family. One member of each family, together with a v-SNARE localised on the vesicular membrane, are required for fusion.

The N- and C-terminal coiled-coil domains of members of the SNAP-25 family and the most C-terminal coiled-coil domain of the syntaxin family are related to each other and form a new homology domain of approximately 60 amino acids. This domain is also found in other known proteins involved in vesicular membrane traffic, some of which belong to different protein families [PMID: 9096343].

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