Lethal(2) giant larvae protein (IPR000664)

Short name: Lethal2_giant

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The lethal(2)giant larvae tumour-suppressor gene of Drosophila controls cell proliferation and/or differentiation in the optic centres of the brain and the imaginal discs. The structure of the l(2)gl genes, determined by sequencing genomic and cDNA clones, indicates the use of alternative splicing, either in the 5' untranslated or 3' coding exons. The gene thus encodes two putative proteins, p127 and p78, differing at their C-termini. A 3'-truncated l(2)gl transposon that leaves the coding sequence of p78 intact, but deletes 141 residues of p127, was capable of suppressing tumour formation in l(2)gl-deficient animals [PMID: 3036370]. Mutations in the Drosophila l(2)gl gene cause malignant transformation of the optic centres of the larval brain and imaginal discs. The l(2)gl gene from Drosophila pseudoobscura (Fruit fly) shows a high degree of conservation with the corresponding protein-coding domain from Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) [PMID: 8389031]. These proteins seem to all contain the WD repeats from IPR001680.

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