Conserved Site

Vinculin, conserved site (IPR000633)

Short name: Vinculin_CS


Vinculin is a eukaryotic protein that appears to be involved in the attachment of actin-based microfilaments to the plasma membrane [PMID: 2112986]. It also interacts with other structural proteins, such as talin [PMID: 2512301] and alpha-actinin. The protein is located on the cytoplasmic side of focal contacts or adhesion plaques. Vinculin is a large protein (~1000 residues) that contains an acidic N-terminal domain, separated from a smaller, basic C-terminal domain by a 50-residue proline-rich region [PMID: 1924379]. The central part of the N-terminal domain consists of a variable number of repeats of a 110-residue domain, one of which is lacking in nematode vinculin [PMID: 2116004].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0007155 cell adhesion

Molecular Function

GO:0005198 structural molecule activity

Cellular Component

GO:0015629 actin cytoskeleton

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