Pathways & interactions: Regulator of G protein signalling domain (IPR000342)


This entry has no pathways.


Proteins matching this entry have been experimentally proven to be involved in Protein:Protein interactions.

Protein in this entry Interacting partner IntAct ID Publication
Protein Short name Protein Short name
O15169 AXIN1_HUMAN P70039 APC_XENLA EBI-8070005 PMID:18786926
O15169 AXIN1_HUMAN P70039 APC_XENLA EBI-8070085 PMID:18786926
P49795 RGS19_HUMAN P08753 GNAI3_RAT EBI-875257 PMID:8524874
Q9YGY0 AXIN1_XENLA P70039 APC_XENLA EBI-8069949 PMID:18786926