EC - Thiosulfate—dithiol sulfurtransferase

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IntEnz Enzyme Nomenclature


Accepted name:
thiosulfate—dithiol sulfurtransferase
Other names:
thiosulfate reductase
Systematic name:
thiosulfate:dithioerythritol sulfurtransferase



The enzyme from Chlorella shows very little activity towards monothiols such as glutathione and cysteine (cf. EC thiosulfate—thiol sulfurtransferase). The enzyme probably transfers the sulfur atom onto one thiol group to form -S-S, and sulfide is spontaneously expelled from this by reaction with the other thiol group. May be identical with EC thiosulfate sulfurtransferase.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0047362
CAS Registry Number: 9059-49-8


  1. Schmidt, A., Erdle, I. and Gamon, B.
    Isolation and characterization of thiosulfate reductases from the green alga Chlorella fusca.
    Planta 162: 243-249 (1984).

[EC created 1989, modified 1999]