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Some clues to start:
  • Use the check boxes to include or exclude services from the search and cluster operations. Select: All, None
  • The numbers show the interactions retrieved in the last query.
  • Click on the links below to display the results for each selected service.
  • The cluster will be enabled with less than 5000 interactions.
Status of the service
Status: WARNINGWARNING: Time out
Status: ERRORERROR: Unexpected Error
The query [udate:[20100101 TO 20120101]] contains a total of 57,429 binary interactions.
Status: ONLINEbhf-uclOrganization URL-0
Status: ONLINEDIPOrganization URL-0
Status: ONLINEI2D-IMExOrganization URL-845
Status: ONLINEInnateDB-IMExOrganization URL-314
Status: ONLINEIntActOrganization URL-55,205
Status: OFFLINEMatrixDBOrganization URL
Status: ONLINEMBInfoOrganization URL-0
Status: ONLINEMINTOrganization URL-0
Status: ONLINEMolConOrganization URL-249
Status: ONLINEMPIDBOrganization URL-13
Status: ONLINEUniProtOrganization URL-803
Interactions selected