SSB complex

Species: Escherichia coli (strain K12); 83333
Accession number: EBI-6469511


Systematic Name:

SSB tetramer

SSB single-stranded DNA-binding protein complex SSB4
single-stranded DNA-binding protein

Forms homotetramers on single-stranded DNA at the replication fork and is displaced by the DNA Polymerase III complex (EBI-6467979) during lagging strand synthesis. It interacts with the ssDNA coorporatively via either 2 or all 4 subunits. DnaG primase binds the SSB tetramer and synthesises RNA primers on ssDNA until it is displaced by the chi subunit of the clamp loader complex (EBI-6467993).


The C-terminus (particularly the final 9 residues) of SSB interacts with a number of other molecules, e.g. the chi subunit of the clamp loader complex (EBI-6467993).

Complex Assembly:



ID Name Description Stochiometry Biological Role Interactor Type Linked Features Other Features
ssb Single-stranded DNA-binding protein 4 unspecified role protein
sufficient binding region [c-c]
sufficient binding region [114-178]

Cross References

Type Database Identifier Description
evidence ontology ECO:0000353
biological process gene ontology GO:0006261 DNA-dependent DNA replication
cellular component gene ontology GO:0044777 single-stranded DNA-binding protein complex
molecular function gene ontology GO:0003697 single-stranded DNA binding
molecular function gene ontology GO:0030674 protein binding, bridging
Experimental evidence that interaction occurs intact EBI-6420691
Experimental evidence that interaction occurs intact EBI-6455078
additional information pubmed 19450514
additional information pubmed 21675919
identical object in an external resource wwpdb 1eyg