Species: Escherichia coli (strain K12); 83333
Accession number: EBI-1169250


Systematic Name:


RNA degradosome - core component RNA degradosome Degradosome
RNA degradosome - core component RNA degradosome

Key role in mRNA degradation and RNA processing. RNA binds to RnaE, RhlB helicase is necessary to unwind the RNA secondary structures and, once unwound, the 3′-5′ decay of the transcripts is ensued by phosphate-dependent PNPase. RNase E bound-enolase may connect cellular metabolic status with post-transcriptional gene regulation and link RNA degradation to glycolytic processes. A dynamic set of minor components of this complex may regulate its function and compartmentalization.


Structured as ordered helical elements arranged in a coil. RNase E provides the backbone of the complex and the N-terminus of this enzyme tethers the degradosome to the cytoplasmic membrane. A ratio of four PNPase trimers binds to three RNase E tetramers and eight enolase dimers and eight RhlB helicase N-terminal domains bind to the C-terminal tails of RNase E. Mg2+ ions coordinate the N-terminal domains of RNase E into catalytic tetrameric domains.


ID Name Description Stochiometry Biological Role Interactor Type Linked Features Other Features
rne Ribonuclease E 12 unspecified role protein
binding-associated region P0A8J8 [628-843]
binding-associated region P05055 [1021-1061]
binding-associated region P0A6P9 [839-850]
eno Enolase 16 unspecified role protein
binding-associated region P21513 [2-432]
pnp Polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase 12 unspecified role protein
binding-associated region P21513 [1-711]
rhlB ATP-dependent RNA helicase RhlB 8 enzyme protein
binding-associated region P21513 [2-421]

Cross References

Type Database Identifier Description
evidence ontology ECO:0000353
biological process gene ontology GO:0006396 RNA processing
biological process gene ontology GO:0006401 RNA catabolic process
cellular component gene ontology GO:1990061 bacterial degradosome
molecular function gene ontology GO:0000287 magnesium ion binding
molecular function gene ontology GO:0003723 RNA binding
molecular function gene ontology GO:0004519 endonuclease activity
molecular function gene ontology GO:0005524 ATP binding
Experimental evidence that interaction occurs intact EBI-849044
additional information pubmed 21805185