The Complex Portal is a manually curated, encyclopaedic resource of macromolecular complexes from a number of key model organisms. All data is freely available for search and download. To perform a search for macromolecular complexes use the search box below.


  • Free text search will look by default for:
    • Identifiers, names and synonyms of molecules (protein, gene, small molecule).
    • Identifiers, names and synonyms of complexes.
    • Cross-references of complexes.
    • Species
  • To search for a list of terms copy/paste all terms into the search box using either spaces or line breaks to separate them.
  • By default we search for entries containing ANY of the search terms, if you want to be more specific add AND between your search terms.
  • Search for isoforms of 'Q07817' by using 'Q07817*'
  • Search for groups of complexes by using the Gene Ontology. For example, GO:0016491 will search for all complexes annotated with "oxidoreductase activity" and all downstream child terms of this.
  • Narrow your initial search result by using the filters on the results page for:
    • Species.
    • Molecule type.
    • Biological role.