Industry partnerships

An important part of EMBL-EBI’s mission is to disseminate cutting-edge technologies to industry. Some 20% of our users are engaged in industrial R&D and our services are constantly evolving to reflect the rapidly changing needs of this crucial sector.

As biology becomes more data-driven, the bioindustries are forming pre-competitive collaborations, as well as open-source software and informatics standards to improve efficiency and reduce costs. These are the core elements of our Industry Programme, a forum for interaction and knowledge exchange for those employed at the forefront of industrial bioinformatics.

Engaging with industry

In addition to the Industry Programme, EMBL-EBI addresses the needs of industry in a number of ways. Through our participation in the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), we lead projects ranging from drug safety databases to semantic enrichment of scientific literature. We support small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) by providing essential data infrastructure and services, enable bioinformatics spin-outs from EMBL and facilitate key pre-competitive and translational projects with our industry partners.

We welcome industry to engage with ELIXIR, the emerging pan-European infrastructure for biological information. Working together, we can empower research and the translation of discoveries into advances in medicine, health, and agriculture for the benefit of society.

The EMBL-EBI Industry Programme

AstellasKazuhisa Tsunoyama and Hiroki Shirai, Astellas Pharma, Inc.

Since 1996 our Industry Programme has been helping industry make the most of advances in bioinformatics and cheminformatics. The strategic focus of our programme is the development of resources and services that will benefit both our members as well as our wider stakeholder communities. To that end, our members lend their insights and expertise defining and shaping the services we provide.

Our members meet regularly in different locations to discuss shared challenges and explore opportunities for precompetitive collaboration. They also identify topics for bioinformatics training workshops, which serve to facilitate the discovery of new therapeutics, vaccines, consumer products and a growing range of agricultural products.

EMBL-EBI utilises small-scale industrial collaborations as proving grounds for the adaptation of our services to directly accommodate the specific needs of our partners. We are seeking to build on these industrial partnerships to offer new adaptations to industry, without diluting our public service offering.

The Industry Programme is member-funded, and priorities are set by its members.

Industry Programme Members


Abbvie logo 2016Astellas - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberAstex - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberAstraZeneca - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberBayer - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberBiogen - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberBoehringer Ingelheim - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberBristol-Myers-Squibb - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberGalderma - a member of the EMBL-EBI Industry ProgrammeGSK - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberJanssen - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberLilly - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberMerck - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberMedImmune - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberMSD company logoNestle IHS logo 2016Novartis - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberNovo Nordisk - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberPfizer - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberRoche - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberSanofi - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberTakeda: A member of the EMBL-EBI Industry Programme


Agri-food and consumer goods

Bayer CropScience - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberSyngenta - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberUniLever - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme memberUCB - EMBL-EBI Industry Programme member

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