HilbertVis: Visualization of genomic data with the Hilbert curve

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R packages: Download and Installation

(for the stand-alone version, recommended for users unfamiliar with R, see here.)

Mailing list for announcements

If you would like to stay informed about new releases of HilbertVis, please subscribe to the (low-volume) HilbertVis announcements mailing list.

Automatic installation from the Bioconductor repository

The two HilbertVis packages (HilbertVis and HilbertVisGUI) are distributed as part of the Bioconductor project and can hence be installed with the Bioconductor's automatic installer.

Start R (at least version 2.9.0) and simply type the commands

 source( "" )
 biocLite( "HilbertVisGUI" )

This will automatically download HilbertVis and HilbertVisGUI and install both packages.

The HilbertVisGUI package requires the GTK+/gtkmm system libraries. If you don't have them installed, the package will detect this and tell you how to install them. This will happen either during installation or when you load HilbertVisGUI for the first time.

If, for some weird reason, GTK+/gtkmm cannot be installed on your system, you can still simply omit the "GUI" from the command above, i.e., install only HilbertVis. You will then not have the GUI functionality, however.

Manual and example data

There are two vignettes that explain the use of the packages HilbertVis and HilbertVisGUI. Please see the end of the HilbertVis main page for links to the two PDF files. The second of the two vignettes contains a link to ChIP-Seq example data that you can use for testing.

Simon Anders, EMBL-EBI,; last change: 2010-01-10