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This page provides a brief summary of how to search Expression Atlas. For more details please see the Baseline and Differential Atlas help pages, as well as the FAQ.

How to search

From the home page you can search to find out which genes are expressed in various biological conditions.

Expression Atlas home page

Separate terms with spaces, and put multi-word terms in quotes.

Homepage query boxes

Your queries are expanded using EFO. This means that if you search for e.g. "cancer", you will also see results with terms such as "carcinoma", "malignant tumour", and other synonyms and children of the cancer entry in EFO.

Search results

Gene query results

See annotations for a gene:

gene annotations

See Baseline expression for a gene:

gene baseline expression

See Differential expression for a gene:

gene differential expression

Combined gene and sample attribute/experimental variable query results

combined query results

Gene set search results

See Baseline expression for a gene set e.g. a Reactome pathway…

reactome gene set before

Expression Atlas experiments list

experiment list help

Click on "All Experiments" on the homepage to browse all experiments in ExpressionAtlas.