Expression Atlas results for ENSRNOG00000047786

    Ogn Rattus norvegicus Osteoglycin (Predicted); Protein LOC100910855
Orthologs OGN (Bos taurus), OGN (Canis familiaris), OGN (1 of 2) (Danio rerio), ogn (Danio rerio), OGN (Equus caballus), OGN (Homo sapiens), OGN (Gallus gallus), OGN (Macaca mulatta), Ogn (Mus musculus), OGN (Sus scrofa), ogn (Xenopus tropicalis)
Gene Ontology protein binding, negative regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation
InterPro Leucine-rich repeat (repeat), Leucine-rich repeat, typical subtype (repeat)
Ensembl Family PRECURSOR
Ensembl Gene ENSRNOG00000047786
Entrez 100910855, 291015
UniProt D3ZVB7
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 1385248_a_at, 1390450_a_at, 5880613, 5942328, 5958842, 5994293, 6005844, 6205784, 6287294, 6449621, 6556297, 6620501, 6722491, A_44_P994238, rc_AA997590_at
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    Differential Expression No results