Expression Atlas results for ENSMUSG00000095432

    Zfp748 Mus musculus zinc finger protein 748
Synonyms KRAB-O, Zfp208, mszf54
Orthologs ENSBTAG00000030440 (Bos taurus), ENSBTAG00000039849 (Bos taurus), ENSBTAG00000047301 (Bos taurus), ZNF670 (Homo sapiens), ZNF738 (Homo sapiens), ZNF720 (Homo sapiens), CTD-2561J22.3 (Homo sapiens), ENSMMUG00000000816 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000003503, ENSMMUG00000003832 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000006826 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000008012 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000018403 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000020075 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000020984 (Macaca mulatta), ZNF738 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028810 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028811 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028815 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028819 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028820 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028824 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028828 (Macaca mulatta), ENSMMUG00000028829 (Macaca mulatta), ENSSSCG00000008848 (Sus scrofa), ENSSSCG00000008849 (Sus scrofa)
Gene Ontology negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter, nucleic acid binding, protein binding, intracellular, nucleus, cytoplasm, regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, protein binding, bridging, metal ion binding
InterPro Krueppel-associated box (domain), Zinc finger, C2H2 (domain), Zinc finger, C2H2-like (domain)
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000095432
Entrez 212276
UniProt O88259, Q7TPL6, Q8BTB4
EMAGE MGI:1916455
MGI zinc finger protein 748
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 10410345, 114082_at, 114083_at, 1456324_at, 4319323, 4408782, 4409841, 4448282, 4466062, 4468681, 4542043, 4620075, 4698850, 4756144, 4856269, 4960156, 4979802, 4991583, 5095574, 5131355, 5242693, 5249528, 5257965, 5273370, 5356741, 5417364, 5572245, A_51_P344499, A_52_P380465, A_52_P664823, A_55_P1969266
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