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    Syngap1 Mus musculus synaptic Ras GTPase activating protein 1 homolog (rat)
Synonyms Syngap
Orthologs SYNGAP1 (Bos taurus), SYNGAP1 (Canis familiaris), SYNGAP1 (1 of 2) (Danio rerio), SYNGAP1 (2 of 2) (Danio rerio), SYNGAP1 (Equus caballus), SYNGAP1 (Homo sapiens), SYNGAP1 (Macaca mulatta), Syngap1 (Rattus norvegicus), SYNGAP1 (Sus scrofa), syngap1 (Xenopus tropicalis), CG42684 (Drosophila melanogaster), gap-2 (Caenorhabditis elegans), BUD2 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Gene Ontology molecular function, Rab GTPase activator activity, protein binding, cellular component, intracellular, cell, cytoplasm, plasma membrane, signal transduction, Ras protein signal transduction, cell-cell signaling, pattern specification process, biological process, visual learning, membrane, dendrite development, SH3 domain binding, cell junction, cell differentiation, enzyme regulator activity, intrinsic component of the cytoplasmic side of the plasma membrane, positive regulation of Ras GTPase activity, positive regulation of Rab GTPase activity, receptor clustering, dendritic shaft, regulation of MAPK cascade, negative regulation of neuron apoptotic process, synapse, negative regulation of Ras protein signal transduction, regulation of synaptic plasticity, regulation of long-term neuronal synaptic plasticity, anatomical structure development, negative regulation of axonogenesis, regulation of synapse structure and activity, neurological system process, membrane organization
InterPro C2 domain (domain), Pleckstrin homology domain (domain), Ras GTPase-activating protein (domain), Rho GTPase activation protein (domain), Protein of unknown function DUF3498 (family)
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000067629
Entrez 240057
UniProt F6SEU4, J3QQ18
EMAGE MGI:3039785
MGI synaptic Ras GTPase activating protein 1 homolog (rat)
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 10443080, 10443087, 10443089, 10443091, 10443095, 10443108, 10443110, 10443112, 1445364_at, 4374990;, 4405254;, 4436586;, 4456551;, 4481017;, 4481714;, 4595267;, 4628303;, 4641864;, 4647629;, 4685006;, 4706452;, 4707908;, 4714457;, 4729961;, 4733115;, 4870602;, 4900366;, 5006811;, 5065208;, 5114934;, 5119218;, 5126380;, 5163186;, 5168048;, 5228306;, 5232625;, 5241959;, 5271462;, 5296617;, 5330243;, 5330326;, 5383247;, 5502304;, 5511646;, 5537235;, 5547715;, 5562887;, 5607995;, A_55_P2146398
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