Expression Atlas results for ENSMUSG00000022407

    Adsl Mus musculus adenylosuccinate lyase
Orthologs ADSL (Bos taurus), ENSBTAG00000008477 (Bos taurus), ENSCING00000000418, ENSCSAVG00000007729 (Ciona savignyi), adsl (Danio rerio), ADSL (Equus caballus), ADSL (Homo sapiens), ADSL (Gallus gallus), ADSL (Macaca mulatta), Adsl (Rattus norvegicus), ADSL (Sus scrofa), adsl (Xenopus tropicalis), CG3590 (Drosophila melanogaster), R06C7.5 (Caenorhabditis elegans), ADE13 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Gene Ontology response to hypoxia, catalytic activity, N6-(1,2-dicarboxyethyl)AMP AMP-lyase (fumarate-forming) activity, mitochondrion, cytosol, purine nucleotide metabolic process, AMP biosynthetic process, 'de novo' IMP biosynthetic process, response to nutrient, metabolic process, aerobic respiration, purine ribonucleotide biosynthetic process, ribonucleoside monophosphate biosynthetic process, response to muscle activity, response to starvation, 'de novo' AMP biosynthetic process, protein tetramerization, (S)-2-(5-amino-1-(5-phospho-D-ribosyl)imidazole-4-carboxamido)succinate AMP-lyase (fumarate-forming) activity
InterPro Fumarate lyase family (family), Adenylosuccinate lyase (family), L-Aspartase-like (domain), Adenylosuccinate lyase C-terminal (domain), Fumarate lyase, N-terminal (domain)
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000022407
Entrez 11564
UniProt E9PZI0, E9Q0A0, E9Q242, E9Q3T7, P54822
EMAGE MGI:103202
MGI adenylosuccinate lyase
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 10425461, 1418372_at, 4338375, 4341161, 4357904, 4368083, 4389710, 4436294, 4523028, 4592452, 4669595, 4691792, 4703094, 4714158, 4720113, 4801860, 4814393, 4816589, 4906300, 4912498, 4946628, 4968662, 4970123, 5024346, 5041483, 5197576, 5307499, 5371986, 5398116, 5415240, 5472037, 5576977, 5601075, 98999_at, A_51_P269320, Msa.4213.0_s_at
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