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    Otx2 Mus musculus orthodenticle homolog 2
Synonyms E130306E05Rik
Orthologs OTX2 (Bos taurus), OTX2 (Canis familiaris), CI-OTX (Ciona intestinalis), CS-OTX (Ciona savignyi), otx2 (Danio rerio), OTX2 (Equus caballus), OTX2 (Homo sapiens), OTX2 (Gallus gallus), OTX2 (Macaca mulatta), Otx2 (Rattus norvegicus), Otx2 (Rattus norvegicus), OTX2 (Sus scrofa), otx2 (Xenopus tropicalis), crx (Xenopus tropicalis), FBgn0004102 (Drosophila melanogaster)
Gene Ontology RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding, nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity involved in positive regulation of transcription, cell fate specification, molecular function, DNA binding, sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity, protein binding, cellular component, intracellular, cell, nucleus, cytoplasm, regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter, protein complex assembly, axon guidance, central nervous system development, endoderm development, biological process, embryo development, organ morphogenesis, anterior/posterior pattern specification, dorsal/ventral pattern formation, metencephalon development, cell differentiation, neuron differentiation, growth cone, forebrain development, midbrain development, somite rostral/caudal axis specification, inner ear morphogenesis, eye photoreceptor cell fate commitment, organelle, protein complex, sequence-specific DNA binding, cell fate commitment, positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter, protein heterodimerization activity, anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis, neuron fate commitment, neuron fate determination, diencephalon morphogenesis, anatomical structure development, primitive streak formation
InterPro Homeobox domain (domain), Transcription factor Otx2 (family), Transcription factor Otx (family), Homeodomain-like (domain), Transcription factor Otx, C-terminal (domain)
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000021848
Entrez 18424
UniProt D3YUN4, D3YZ94, D3Z4G2, D3Z581, D3Z7L5, Q8R0B5, Q8VD35
MGI orthodenticle homolog 2
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 10419356, 1425926_a_at, 4323041, 4357608, 4382742, 4404170, 4644873, 4671934, 4687217, 4690068, 4725880, 4851360, 5013522, 5068625, 5165612, 5551016, A_52_P49080, A_55_P1978571, A_55_P2049052
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