Expression Atlas results for ENSMUSG00000006764

    Tph2 Mus musculus tryptophan hydroxylase 2
Orthologs TPH2 (Bos taurus), TPH2 (Canis familiaris), ENSCING00000003462 (Ciona intestinalis), ENSCSAVG00000001796 (Ciona savignyi), tph2 (Danio rerio), TPH2 (Equus caballus), TPH2 (Homo sapiens), TPH2 (Gallus gallus), TPH2 (Macaca mulatta), Tph2 (Rattus norvegicus), TPH2 (Sus scrofa), TPH2 (Xenopus tropicalis), Trh (Drosophila melanogaster), tph-1 (Caenorhabditis elegans)
Gene Ontology tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activity, iron ion binding, serotonin biosynthetic process from tryptophan, circadian rhythm, metabolic process, response to activity, amino acid binding, oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen, reduced pteridine as one donor, and incorporation of one atom of oxygen, response to nutrient levels, serotonin biosynthetic process, neuron projection, response to estrogen, response to glucocorticoid, response to calcium ion, oxidation-reduction process, cellular response to lithium ion
InterPro ACT domain (domain), Tryptophan 5-monooxygenase (family), Tyrosine 3-monooxygenase-like (family), Aromatic amino acid hydroxylase, C-terminal (domain)
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000006764
Entrez 216343
UniProt Q8CGV2
EMAGE MGI:2651811
MGI tryptophan hydroxylase 2
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 10372443, 134635_at, 1435314_at, 4349811, 4354377, 4517403, 4522587, 4655360, 4681742, 4843069, 4948016, 5086140, 5260341, 5305760, 5441490, 5560900, 5579484, 5584562, A_52_P673043, A_55_P2162712
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