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    ATP13A2 Homo sapiens ATPase type 13A2
Synonyms CLN12, HSA9947, PARK9
Orthologs ATP13A2 (Bos taurus), ATP13A2 (Canis familiaris), ENSCING00000002536, ENSCSAVG00000005059 (Ciona savignyi), atp13a2 (Danio rerio), ATP13A2 (Equus caballus), ATP13A2 (Gallus gallus), ATP13A2 (Macaca mulatta), Atp13a2 (Mus musculus), Atp13a2 (Rattus norvegicus), ENSSSCG00000025105 (Sus scrofa), ENSSSCG00000025713 (Sus scrofa), atp13a2 (Xenopus tropicalis), FBgn0052000 (Drosophila melanogaster), catp-6 (Caenorhabditis elegans), catp-5 (Caenorhabditis elegans), catp-7 (Caenorhabditis elegans), YPK9 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Gene Ontology nucleotide binding, molecular function, protein binding, ATP binding, cellular component, lysosome, lysosomal membrane, vacuole, ATP catabolic process, transport, cation transport, biological process, cell death, catabolic process, integral component of membrane, ATPase activity, cation-transporting ATPase activity, transmembrane transporter activity, cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process, nucleobase-containing compound catabolic process, ion binding, organelle, small molecule metabolic process, metal ion binding, transmembrane transport, cellular response to manganese ion, cation transmembrane transport
InterPro Cation-transporting P-type ATPase (family), Cation-transporting P-type ATPase, subfamily V (family), P-type ATPase, A domain (domain), HAD-like domain (domain), P-type ATPase, cytoplasmic domain N (domain)
Ensembl Gene ENSG00000159363
Entrez 23400
UniProt H0Y8I1, H0Y953, H0Y9K4, H0YAI7, Q8N4D4, Q9NQ11
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 218608_at, 2398737, 2398738, 2398739, 2398740, 2398741, 2398742, 2398743, 2398745, 2398746, 2398747, 2398748, 2398749, 2398750, 2398751, 2398752, 2398753, 2398754, 2398755, 2398756, 2398758, 2398759, 2398760, 2398761, 2398762, 2398763, 2398764, 2398765, 2398766, 2398768, 2398769, 2398770, 2398771, 2398772, 2398773, 2398774, 2398777, 2398778, 2398780, 2398781, 2398782, 2398783, 2398784, 2398788, 7912898, 90148_at, A_23_P12423, A_24_P131222, A_33_P3393806, g13435128_3p_at
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