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    ANXA1 Homo sapiens annexin A1
Synonyms ANX1, LPC1
Orthologs ANXA1 (Bos taurus), ANXA1 (Canis familiaris), anxa1c (Danio rerio), anxa1b (Danio rerio), anxa1a (Danio rerio), ANXA1 (4 of 4) (Danio rerio), ANXA1 (Equus caballus), ANXA1 (Gallus gallus), ANXA1 (Macaca mulatta), Anxa1 (Mus musculus), Anxa1 (Rattus norvegicus), ANXA1 (Sus scrofa), anxa1 (Xenopus tropicalis), AnnX (Drosophila melanogaster)
Gene Ontology DNA strand renaturation, cornified envelope, neutrophil homeostasis, single-stranded DNA binding, single-stranded RNA binding, helicase activity, phospholipase inhibitor activity, receptor binding, structural molecule activity, calcium ion binding, protein binding, phospholipid binding, calcium-dependent phospholipid binding, extracellular region, extracellular space, nucleus, cytoplasm, plasma membrane, cilium, ATP catabolic process, cellular component movement, inflammatory response, signal transduction, cell surface receptor signaling pathway, response to hormone, cell surface, response to X-ray, response to organic cyclic compound, basolateral plasma membrane, peptide cross-linking, phospholipase A2 inhibitor activity, insulin secretion, keratinocyte differentiation, protein binding, bridging, prostate gland development, endocrine pancreas development, positive regulation of vesicle fusion, positive regulation of prostaglandin biosynthetic process, response to corticosteroid, mitochondrial membrane, response to estradiol, DNA duplex unwinding, positive regulation of neutrophil apoptotic process, double-stranded DNA-dependent ATPase activity, DNA rewinding, annealing helicase activity, gliogenesis, regulation of cell proliferation, sarcolemma, response to drug, mast cell granule, protein homodimerization activity, positive regulation of apoptotic process, negative regulation of apoptotic process, negative regulation of catalytic activity, protein complex, response to peptide hormone, alpha-beta T cell differentiation, calcium-dependent protein binding, arachidonic acid secretion, negative regulation of protein secretion, response to glucocorticoid, estrous cycle phase, extracellular vesicular exosome, cellular response to hydrogen peroxide, hepatocyte differentiation, prolactin secretion, response to interleukin-1, cellular response to glucocorticoid stimulus, neutrophil clearance, positive regulation of G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle, negative regulation of phospholipase A2 activity, negative regulation of interleukin-8 secretion
InterPro Annexin (family), Annexin, type I (family), Annexin repeat (repeat)
Ensembl Gene ENSG00000135046
Entrez 301
UniProt P04083, Q05BR2, Q5T3N0, Q5T3N1, Q5TZZ9
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 201012_at, 3174821, 3174824, 3174829, 3174830, 3174831, 3174832, 3174833, 3174834, 3174835, 3174836, 3174838, 3174840, 3174842, 3174845, 3174847, 3174848, 3174850, 3174851, 3174857, 37403_at, 8155849, A_23_P94501, X05908_at, g4502100_3p_s_at
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