Expression Atlas results for ENSG00000100473

    COCH Homo sapiens cochlin
Synonyms COCH-5B2, DFNA31, DFNA9
Orthologs COCH (Bos taurus), COCH (Canis familiaris), ENSCING00000007176 (Ciona intestinalis), coch (Danio rerio), COCH (Equus caballus), COCH (Gallus gallus), COCH (Macaca mulatta), Coch (Mus musculus), ENSSSCG00000022679 (Sus scrofa), coch (Xenopus tropicalis), mup-4 (Caenorhabditis elegans)
Gene Ontology protein binding, extracellular region, proteinaceous extracellular matrix, sensory perception of sound, regulation of cell shape, defense response to bacterium, positive regulation of innate immune response, extracellular vesicular exosome
InterPro von Willebrand factor, type A (domain), LCCL domain (domain)
Ensembl Gene ENSG00000100473
Entrez 1690
UniProt E7EN67, G3V4C4, G3V5G6, G3V5V4, G3V5X3, H0YJJ0, O43405, Q96IU6
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 1554241_at, 1554242_a_at, 205229_s_at, 34190_at, 3531164, 3531165, 3531166, 3531167, 3531168, 3531169, 3531170, 3531171, 3531172, 3531173, 3531174, 3531175, 3531176, 3531177, 3531178, 3531179, 3531180, 3531181, 3531184, 3531185, 3531186, 3531187, 3531188, 3531189, 3531190, 3531194, 3531195, 7973797, A_24_P184799, A_24_P184803, Hs.21016.0.S1_3p_a_at, Hs2.21016.2.S1_3p_at, Hs2.21016.2.S1_3p_s_at
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