Expression Atlas results for AT5G35750

    AHK2 Arabidopsis thaliana histidine kinase 2
Synonyms HK2
Gene Ontology phosphorelay sensor kinase activity, phosphorelay response regulator activity, phosphorelay signal transduction system, protein histidine kinase activity, signal transducer activity, osmosensor activity, protein binding, ATP binding, plasma membrane, regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, response to osmotic stress, signal transduction, multicellular organismal development, response to water deprivation, response to toxic substance, response to salt stress, cytokinin-activated signaling pathway, response to abscisic acid, cytokinin receptor activity, regulation of flower development, regulation of seed germination, phloem or xylem histogenesis, regulation of chlorophyll catabolic process, membrane, integral component of membrane, kinase activity, phosphorylation, transferase activity, transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups, kinase binding, signal transduction by phosphorylation, regulation of anthocyanin metabolic process, negative regulation of iron ion transport, intracellular signal transduction, identical protein binding, protein histidine kinase binding, regulation of meristem development, regulation of shoot system development, cellular response to cold, cellular response to abscisic acid stimulus, secondary growth
InterPro Signal transduction response regulator, receiver domain (domain), Histidine kinase-like ATPase, ATP-binding domain (domain), Signal transduction histidine kinase EnvZ-like, dimerisation/phosphoacceptor domain (domain), Signal transduction histidine kinase-related protein, C-terminal (domain), Signal transduction histidine kinase, core (domain), CHASE (domain), Signal transduction histidine kinase, homodimeric domain (domain), CheY-like superfamily (domain)
Ensembl Gene AT5G35750
Entrez 833552
UniProt Q9C5U2
Gene Biotype protein_coding
Design Element 249693_at
    Baseline Expression Results in tissues
c Expression Level cut-off: 0.5
    Differential Expression 36 results
Showing 36 results cutoffs: adjusted p-value 0.05    log2-fold change 1.0