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KAlignmentViewer ('kav') is a Qt interface for the display and browsing of multiple sequence alignments. The software should compile and run on Linux computers having the KDE 3.* desktop system (most modern distributions), as well as on Mac OSX and Windows computers equipped with Qt 3.* libraries and configuration tools and a C++-compiler. 'kav' supports several different alignment formats through the 'readseq' input/output filters.



To download and install 'kav':

  • get the tgz-file from the download site
Generic installation instructions can be found in the INSTALL file. The following commands install and run the program on a standard user-mode Linux computer. The compilation step may require some additional tools.
  • tar xvzf kav_*.tgz
  • cd kav
  • ./configure --prefix=$HOME
  • make
  • make install
  • ~/bin/kav
Installation instructions for Red Hat Linux 9 can be found here.

The software is licenced under the GNU General Public License.

© 2004 Ari Loytynoja

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