Goldman Group - Job/Training Opportunities


In common with many other bioinformatics groups, the members of the Goldman group at the EBI come from a variety of scientific backgrounds. To let you know a little about the range of skills which can lead to successful work in bioinformatics, the bottom of this page includes brief CVs of current group members.

Positions available

Short term post-doctoral research positions in the Goldman group at the EBI
One or more post-doctoral fellowships are available to permit researchers with established molecular phylogenetics projects to work with Nick Goldman's group at the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute for periods of approx. 3-9 months.
For further details of the work already undertaken in the group, see We are happy to consider applicants working on phylogenetic theory, or on applications with a strong theoretical component. We are particularly interested in ideas exploiting next generation sequencing data.
Anyone interested in this possibility is encouraged to contact Nick Goldman directly, at, including a brief CV, a description of the research areas they are interested in, and proposals for projects they will develop that both draw on the strengths of the Goldman group and contribute to its development.

Brief CVs of current group members.

Nick Goldman
First degree in Mathematics; brief job in statistics consultancy followed by PhD and post-doctoral research (MRC-NIMR, Mill Hill, London and University of Cambridge) in molecular phylogenetics; research group leader at EBI in molecular phylogenetics and bioinformatics since 2002.

Christophe Dessimoz
First degree in Biology, PhD in Computer Science, both at ETH Zurich; in between, half-year stints at Northwestern University (Evanston, USA), Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), and at Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand). Interested all along in the forces that shape genes, genomes, and species, using computational and statistical methods.

Kevin Gori
First degree in Biochemistry; Master's degree in Computational Biology; currently doing PhD research on phylogenetic inference from multi-locus data. Interested in the effect of mixed gene histories on species tree reconstruction.

Greg Jordan
First degree in Biochemistry; held an undergraduate lab position working on pseudogene identification and analysis; interested in combining new data and the latest methods to help understand the mutational and selective forces shaping eukaryotic noncoding DNA.

Hazel Marsden
First degree in Mathematics; now a software engineer with background in process control and air traffic control. Implementing base calling algorithms for next-generation sequencing.

Tim Massingham
First degree in Mathematics; (Postgraduate) Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics, specialising in statistics, followed by PhD in the statistical modelling of protein sequence evolution; post-doctoral research in using evolutionary methods to analyse the effects of natural selection on biological sequences.

Sarah Parks
First degree in Mathematics; MPhil in Computational Biology with masters thesis in statistical genetics; interested in statistical modelling of sequence evolution and theoretical phylogenetics.

Botond Sipos
First degree in Biology, thesis on insect molecular phylogentics; Master's degree in Cell Biology and Molecular Biotechnology; PhD in molecular evolution; interested in novel computational methods for short-read sequencing and statistical phylogenetics.

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