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   Description Length (bp) Sequence Project Proteins
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species 'Rehmannia glutinosa' phytoplasma 
1 'Rehmannia glutinosa' phytoplasma plasmid pPARG1 4,371 FJ905104 FJ905104   7 fasta UniProt
species Acaryochloris marina 
2a Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB1 374,161 CP000838 CP000838 PRJNA12997 380 fasta UniProt
2b Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB2 356,087 CP000839 CP000839 404 fasta UniProt
2c Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB3 273,121 CP000840 CP000840 352 fasta UniProt
2d Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB4 226,680 CP000841 CP000841 273 fasta UniProt
2e Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB5 177,162 CP000842 CP000842 222 fasta UniProt
2f Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB6 172,728 CP000843 CP000843 183 fasta UniProt
2g Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB7 155,110 CP000844 CP000844 172 fasta UniProt
2h Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB8 120,693 CP000845 CP000845 115 fasta UniProt
2i Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 plasmid pREB9 2,133 CP000846 CP000846 4 fasta UniProt
species Acetobacter aceti 
3 Acetobacter aceti pAC5 5,123 AF110140 AF110140   2 fasta UniProt
species Acetobacter estunensis 
4 Acetobacter estunensis plasmid pGP2 2,797 FN597255 FN597255   3 fasta UniProt
species Acetobacter pasteurianus 
5a Acetobacter pasteurianus pGR7 plasmid, strain CCM 3610 2,446 AM922326 AM922326   3 fasta UniProt
5b Acetobacter pasteurianus plasmid pAP12875 1,440 U20550 U20550   2 fasta UniProt
6a Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B plasmid Apa386Bp1 194,780 HF677571 HF677571 PRJEB1172 n/a
6b Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B plasmid Apa386Bp2 18,169 HF677572 HF677572 n/a
6c Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B plasmid Apa386Bp3 15,601 HF677573 HF677573 n/a
6d Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B plasmid Apa386Bp4 11,105 HF677574 HF677574 n/a
6e Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B plasmid Apa386Bp5 9,914 HF677575 HF677575 n/a
6f Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B plasmid Apa386Bp6 6,548 HF677576 HF677576 n/a
6g Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B plasmid Apa386Bp7 3,851 HF677577 HF677577 n/a
7a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01 plasmid pAPA01-011 191,799 AP011122 AP011122 PRJDA31129 165 fasta UniProt
7b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01 plasmid pAPA01-020 182,940 AP011123 AP011123 164 fasta UniProt
7c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01 plasmid pAPA01-030 49,961 AP011124 AP011124 59 fasta UniProt
7d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01 plasmid pAPA01-040 3,204 AP011125 AP011125 3 fasta UniProt
7e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01 plasmid pAPA01-050 3,035 AP011126 AP011126 2 fasta UniProt
7f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01 plasmid pAPA01-060 1,815 AP011127 AP011127 2 fasta UniProt
8a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C plasmid pAPA42C_011 191,799 AP011164 AP011164 PRJDA31141 165 fasta UniProt
8b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C plasmid pAPA42C_020 182,940 AP011165 AP011165 164 fasta UniProt
8c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C plasmid pAPA42C_030 49,961 AP011166 AP011166 59 fasta UniProt
8d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C plasmid pAPA42C_040 3,204 AP011167 AP011167 3 fasta UniProt
8e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C plasmid pAPA42C_050 3,035 AP011168 AP011168 2 fasta UniProt
8f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C plasmid pAPA42C_060 1,815 AP011169 AP011169 2 fasta UniProt
9a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 plasmid pAPA03-010 191,427 AP011129 AP011129 PRJDA31131 164 fasta UniProt
9b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 plasmid pAPA03-020 182,940 AP011130 AP011130 164 fasta UniProt
9c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 plasmid pAPA03-030 49,961 AP011131 AP011131 59 fasta UniProt
9d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 plasmid pAPA03-040 3,204 AP011132 AP011132 3 fasta UniProt
9e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 plasmid pAPA03-050 3,035 AP011133 AP011133 2 fasta UniProt
9f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 plasmid pAPA03-060 1,815 AP011134 AP011134 2 fasta UniProt
10a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 plasmid pAPA07-010 191,427 AP011136 AP011136 PRJDA31133 164 fasta UniProt
10b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 plasmid pAPA07-020 182,940 AP011137 AP011137 164 fasta UniProt
10c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 plasmid pAPA07-030 49,961 AP011138 AP011138 59 fasta UniProt
10d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 plasmid pAPA07-040 3,204 AP011139 AP011139 3 fasta UniProt
10e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 plasmid pAPA07-050 3,035 AP011140 AP011140 2 fasta UniProt
10f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 plasmid pAPA07-060 1,815 AP011141 AP011141 2 fasta UniProt
11a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 plasmid pAPA12-014 191,411 AP011171 AP011171 PRJNA32203 164 fasta UniProt
11b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 plasmid pAPA12-020 182,940 AP011172 AP011172 164 fasta UniProt
11c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 plasmid pAPA12-030 49,961 AP011173 AP011173 59 fasta UniProt
11d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 plasmid pAPA12-040 3,204 AP011174 AP011174 3 fasta UniProt
11e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 plasmid pAPA12-050 3,035 AP011175 AP011175 2 fasta UniProt
11f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 plasmid pAPA12-060 1,815 AP011176 AP011176 2 fasta UniProt
12a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 plasmid pAPA22-010 191,427 AP011143 AP011143 PRJDA31135 164 fasta UniProt
12b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 plasmid pAPA22-020 182,940 AP011144 AP011144 164 fasta UniProt
12c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 plasmid pAPA22-030 49,961 AP011145 AP011145 59 fasta UniProt
12d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 plasmid pAPA22-040 3,204 AP011146 AP011146 3 fasta UniProt
12e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 plasmid pAPA22-050 3,035 AP011147 AP011147 2 fasta UniProt
12f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 plasmid pAPA22-060 1,815 AP011148 AP011148 2 fasta UniProt
13a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 plasmid pAPA26-013 191,419 AP011150 AP011150 PRJDA31137 164 fasta UniProt
13b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 plasmid pAPA26-020 182,940 AP011151 AP011151 164 fasta UniProt
13c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 plasmid pAPA26-030 49,961 AP011152 AP011152 59 fasta UniProt
13d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 plasmid pAPA26-040 3,204 AP011153 AP011153 3 fasta UniProt
13e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 plasmid pAPA26-050 3,035 AP011154 AP011154 2 fasta UniProt
13f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 plasmid pAPA26-060 1,815 AP011155 AP011155 2 fasta UniProt
14a Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 plasmid pAPA32-012 191,443 AP011157 AP011157 PRJDA31139 164 fasta UniProt
14b Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 plasmid pAPA32-020 182,940 AP011158 AP011158 164 fasta UniProt
14c Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 plasmid pAPA32-030 49,961 AP011159 AP011159 59 fasta UniProt
14d Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 plasmid pAPA32-040 3,204 AP011160 AP011160 3 fasta UniProt
14e Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 plasmid pAPA32-050 3,035 AP011161 AP011161 2 fasta UniProt
14f Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 plasmid pAPA32-060 1,815 AP011162 AP011162 2 fasta UniProt
species Achromobacter denitrificans 
15 Achromobacter denitrificans strain EST4002 plasmid pEST4011 76,958 AY540995 AY540995   61 fasta UniProt
species Achromobacter xylosoxidans 
16 Achromobacter xylosoxidans plasmid pA81 98,192 AJ515144 AJ515144   98 fasta UniProt
17a Achromobacter xylosoxidans A8 plasmid pA81 98,156 CP002288 CP002288 PRJNA48393 101 fasta UniProt
17b Achromobacter xylosoxidans A8 plasmid pA82 247,895 CP002289 CP002289 252 fasta UniProt
species Acidianus ambivalens 
18 Acidianus ambivalens plasmid pDL10 7,598 AJ225333 AJ225333   10 fasta UniProt
species Acidianus hospitalis 
19 Acidianus hospitalis strain W1 plasmid pAH1 28,649 EU881703 EU881703   39 fasta UniProt
species Acidiphilium cryptum 
20a Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY01 203,589 CP000689 CP000689 PRJNA15753 160 fasta UniProt
20b Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY02 187,422 CP000690 CP000690 169 fasta UniProt
20c Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY03 88,953 CP000691 CP000691 77 fasta UniProt
20d Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY04 37,415 CP000692 CP000692 32 fasta UniProt
20e Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY05 37,155 CP000693 CP000693 28 fasta UniProt
20f Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY06 8,781 CP000694 CP000694 9 fasta UniProt
20g Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY07 5,629 CP000695 CP000695 5 fasta UniProt
20h Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 plasmid pACRY08 4,909 CP000696 CP000696 5 fasta UniProt
species Acidiphilium multivorum 
21 Acidiphilium multivorum strain JCM8867 plasmid pAM5 5,161 DQ499634 DQ499634   5 fasta UniProt
species Acidithiobacillus caldus 
22a Acidithiobacillus caldus plasmid pTC-F14 replicon 14,155 AF325537 AF325537   16 fasta UniProt
22b Acidithiobacillus caldus plasmid pTcM1 65,158 EU421841 EU421841   44 fasta UniProt
species Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans 
23a Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans plasmid pTF4.1 4,104 X96982 X96982   2 fasta UniProt
23b Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans plasmid pTF5 19,792 U73041 U73041   13 fasta UniProt
species Acidovorax sp. JS42 
24a Acidovorax sp. JS42 plasmid pAOVO01 72,689 CP000540 CP000540 PRJNA15685 84 fasta UniProt
24b Acidovorax sp. JS42 plasmid pAOVO02 63,609 CP000541 CP000541 64 fasta UniProt
species Acinetobacter baumannii 
25a Acinetobacter baumannii plasmid pABIR 29,823 EU294228 EU294228   26 fasta UniProt
25b Acinetobacter baumannii plasmid pABVA01 strain VA-566/00 8,963 FM210331 FM210331   8 fasta UniProt
25c Acinetobacter baumannii plasmid pMAC 9,540 AY541809 AY541809   11 fasta UniProt
25d Acinetobacter baumannii plasmid pMMA2 10,679 GQ377752 GQ377752   9 fasta UniProt
25e Acinetobacter baumannii strain CU2 plasmid pMMCU2 10,270 GQ476987 GQ476987   7 fasta UniProt
25f Acinetobacter baumannii str. AYE plasmid p1ABAYE 5,644 CU459137 CU459137 PRJNA28921 7 fasta UniProt
25g Acinetobacter baumannii str. AYE plasmid p2ABAYE 9,661 CU459138 CU459138 11 fasta UniProt
25h Acinetobacter baumannii str. AYE plasmid p3ABAYE 94,413 CU459140 CU459140 82 fasta UniProt
25i Acinetobacter baumannii str. AYE plasmid p4ABAYE 2,726 CU459139 CU459139 5 fasta UniProt
26 Acinetobacter baumannii 107m plasmid p1ABIBUN 8,731 HG380023 HG380023 PRJEB4505 n/a
27 Acinetobacter baumannii AB0057 plasmid pAB0057 8,729 CP001183 CP001183 PRJNA21111 11 fasta UniProt
28a Acinetobacter baumannii ACICU plasmid pACICU1 28,279 CP000864 CP000864 PRJNA17827 23 fasta UniProt
28b Acinetobacter baumannii ACICU plasmid pACICU2 64,366 CP000865 CP000865 64 fasta UniProt
29a Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978 plasmid pAB1 13,408 CP000522 CP000522 PRJNA17477 11 fasta UniProt
29b Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978 plasmid pAB2 11,302 CP000523 CP000523 5 fasta UniProt
30a Acinetobacter baumannii SDF plasmid p1ABSDF 6,106 CU468231 CU468231 PRJNA13001 8 fasta UniProt
30b Acinetobacter baumannii SDF plasmid p2ABSDF 25,014 CU468232 CU468232 30 fasta UniProt
30c Acinetobacter baumannii SDF plasmid p3ABSDF 24,922 CU468233 CU468233 24 fasta UniProt
species Acinetobacter calcoaceticus 
31 Acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain Acal H12O-07 plasmid pMMCU1 8,771 GQ342610 GQ342610   6 fasta UniProt
species Acinetobacter sp. EB104 
32 Acinetobacter sp. EB104 plasmid pAC450 4,379 AJ311718 AJ311718   4 fasta UniProt
species Acinetobacter sp. SUN 
33 Acinetobacter sp. SUN resistance plasmid pRAY 6,076 AF003958 AF003958   10 fasta UniProt
species Acinetobacter venetianus 
34a Acinetobacter venetianus plasmid pAV1 10,820 DQ278485 DQ278485   11 fasta UniProt
34b Acinetobacter venetianus plasmid pAV2 15,135 DQ278486 DQ278486   15 fasta UniProt
species Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae 
35a Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid p9555 5,673 AY359464 AY359464   9 fasta UniProt
35b Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid p9956 5,674 AY362554 AY362554   5 fasta UniProt
35c Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid p11745 5,486 DQ176855 DQ176855   4 fasta UniProt
35d Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid p12494 14,393 DQ517426 DQ517426   10 fasta UniProt
35e Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid pARD3079 4,065 AM748707 AM748707   7 fasta UniProt
35f Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid pHB0503 15,079 EU715370 EU715370   16 fasta UniProt
35g Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid pKMA2425 3,156 AJ830714 AJ830714   4 fasta UniProt
35h Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid pMS260 8,124 AB109805 AB109805   10 fasta UniProt
35i Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid pPSAS1522 4,244 AJ877041 AJ877041   6 fasta UniProt
35j Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae plasmid pTYM1 4,242 AF303375 AF303375   2 fasta UniProt
36a Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 7 str. AP76 plasmid ABB7_B 4,236 CP001093 CP001093 PRJNA29909 4 fasta UniProt
36b Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 7 str. AP76 plasmid APP7_A 5,685 CP001094 CP001094 5 fasta UniProt
36c Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 7 str. AP76 plasmid APP7_C 3,533 CP001092 CP001092 2 fasta UniProt
species Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum 
37a Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum plasmid pIMD50 8,751 AJ830711 AJ830711   10 fasta UniProt
37b Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum plasmid pKMA5 9,549 AM748705 AM748705   10 fasta UniProt
37c Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum plasmid pKMA202 13,425 AM748706 AM748706   14 fasta UniProt
37d Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum plasmid pKMA505 8,632 AJ830710 AJ830710   12 fasta UniProt
37e Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum plasmid pKMA757 4,556 AJ830713 AJ830713   6 fasta UniProt
37f Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum plasmid pKMA1467 11,115 AJ830712 AJ830712   11 fasta UniProt
species Aeromonas bestiarum 
38 Aeromonas bestiarum plasmid pAb5S9 24,716 EF495198 EF495198   20 fasta UniProt
species Aeromonas caviae 
39 Aeromonas caviae plasmid pFBAOT6 84,749 CR376602 CR376602   91 fasta UniProt
species Aeromonas dhakensis 
40 Aeromonas dhakensis AAK1 plasmid pAAk1 4,161 AP012343 AP012343 PRJDB70 3 fasta UniProt
species Aeromonas hydrophila 
41a Aeromonas hydrophila plasmid pAH3680 3,680 DQ402049 DQ402049   2 fasta UniProt
41b Aeromonas hydrophila plasmid pBRST7.6 7,621 EU925817 EU925817   6 fasta UniProt
41c Aeromonas hydrophila plasmid pRA1 143,963 FJ705807 FJ705807   155 fasta UniProt
41d Aeromonas hydrophila plasmid pRA3 45,909 DQ401103 DQ401103   49 fasta UniProt
species Aeromonas salmonicida 
42 Aeromonas salmonicida plasmid pRAS3.2 11,823 AY043299 AY043299   7 fasta UniProt
43a Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida plasmid pAsal1 6,371 AJ508382 AJ508382   4 fasta UniProt
43b Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida plasmid pAsal2 5,424 AJ508383 AJ508383   7 fasta UniProt
43c Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida plasmid pAsal3 5,249 AJ508384 AJ508384   6 fasta UniProt
43d Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida plasmid pAsal5 18,536 AM258965 AM258965   13 fasta UniProt
43e Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida plasmid pRAS3.1 11,851 AY043298 AY043298   7 fasta UniProt
44a Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 plasmid 4 166,749 CP000645 CP000645 PRJNA16723 171 fasta UniProt
44b Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 plasmid 5 155,098 CP000646 CP000646 149 fasta UniProt
44c Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 plasmid pAsa1 5,424 AY301063 AY301063 8 fasta UniProt
44d Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 plasmid pAsa2 5,247 AY301064 AY301064 7 fasta UniProt
44e Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 plasmid pAsa3 5,616 AY301065 AY301065 9 fasta UniProt
species Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans 
45 Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans plasmid pVT745 25,407 AF302424 AF302424   36 fasta UniProt
46a Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D11S-1 plasmid S25 31,045 GQ866234 GQ866234 PRJNA40107 43 fasta UniProt
46b Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D11S-1 plasmid S57 23,886 GQ866235 GQ866235 42 fasta UniProt
species Agrobacterium fabrum 
47a Agrobacterium fabrum str. C58 (Cereon) plasmid AT 542,868 AE007872 AE007872 PRJNA283 540 fasta UniProt
47b Agrobacterium fabrum str. C58 (Cereon) plasmid Ti 214,233 AE007871 AE007871 197 fasta UniProt
species Agrobacterium rhizogenes 
48a Agrobacterium rhizogenes plasmid pRi1724 217,594 AP002086 AP002086   172 fasta UniProt
48b Agrobacterium rhizogenes plasmid pRi2659 185,462 EU186381 EU186381   146 fasta UniProt
species Agrobacterium tumefaciens 
49a Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 plasmid pAgK84 44,420 CP000632 CP000632 PRJNA13402 35 fasta UniProt
49b Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 plasmid pAtK84b 184,668 CP000630 CP000630 176 fasta UniProt
49c Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 plasmid pAtK84c 388,169 CP000631 CP000631 364 fasta UniProt
50a Agrobacterium tumefaciens octopine-type Ti plasmid 194,140 AF242881 AF242881   157 fasta UniProt
50b Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid pAgK84 44,420 AY442931 AY442931   36 fasta UniProt
50c Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid pTi-SAKURA 206,479 AB016260 AB016260   195 fasta UniProt
50d Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid pTiC58 8,288 AF126445 AF126445   5 fasta UniProt
50e Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti plasmid pTiBo542 244,978 DQ058764 DQ058764   219 fasta UniProt
species Agrobacterium vitis 
51a Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pAtS4a 78,730 CP000639 CP000639 PRJNA13372 80 fasta UniProt
51b Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pAtS4b 130,435 CP000635 CP000635 107 fasta UniProt
51c Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pAtS4c 211,620 CP000636 CP000636 172 fasta UniProt
51d Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pAtS4e 631,775 CP000638 CP000638 528 fasta UniProt
51e Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pTiS4 258,824 CP000637 CP000637 196 fasta UniProt
species Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius 
52a Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius subsp. acidocaldarius DSM 446 plasmid pAACI01 91,726 CP001728 CP001728 PRJNA29405 98 fasta UniProt
52b Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius subsp. acidocaldarius DSM 446 plasmid pAACI02 87,298 CP001729 CP001729 92 fasta UniProt
52c Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius subsp. acidocaldarius DSM 446 plasmid pAACI03 7,907 CP001730 CP001730 6 fasta UniProt
species Aliivibrio fischeri 
53 Aliivibrio fischeri plasmid pES213 5,501 AY465897 AY465897   9 fasta UniProt
54 Vibrio fischeri ES114 plasmid pES100 45,849 CP000022 CP000022 PRJNA12986 57 fasta UniProt
55 Vibrio fischeri MJ11 plasmid pMJ100 179,459 CP001134 CP001134 PRJNA19393 195 fasta UniProt
species Aliivibrio salmonicida 
56a Aliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238 plasmid pVSAL43 4,327 FM178384 FM178384 PRJEA30703 3 fasta UniProt
56b Aliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238 plasmid pVSAL54 5,360 FM178383 FM178383 3 fasta UniProt
56c Aliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238 plasmid pVSAL320 30,807 FM178382 FM178382 29 fasta UniProt
56d Aliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238 plasmid pVSAL840 83,540 FM178381 FM178381 72 fasta UniProt
species Allochromatium vinosum 
57a Allochromatium vinosum DSM 180 plasmid pALVIN01 102,242 CP001897 CP001897 PRJNA32547 119 fasta UniProt
57b Allochromatium vinosum DSM 180 plasmid pALVIN02 39,929 CP001898 CP001898 48 fasta UniProt
species alpha proteobacterium endosymbiont of Amoeba proteus 
58 Alpha proteobacterium endosymbiont of Amoeba proteus plasmid pAP3.9 3,869 EU727537 EU727537   3 fasta UniProt
species Ammonifex degensii 
59 Ammonifex degensii KC4 plasmid pADEG01 27,830 CP001786 CP001786 PRJNA12390 28 fasta UniProt
species Amycolatopsis benzoatilytica 
60 Amycolatopsis benzoatilytica strain DSM 43387 plasmid pA387 30,157 EF375609 EF375609   16 fasta UniProt
species Amycolatopsis mediterranei 
61 Amycolatopsis mediterranei plasmid pMEA100 23,290 EU149765 EU149765   27 fasta UniProt
species Anabaena variabilis 
62a Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413 plasmid A 366,354 CP000119 CP000119 PRJNA10642 340 fasta UniProt
62b Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413 plasmid B 35,762 CP000120 CP000120 31 fasta UniProt
62c Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413 plasmid C 300,758 CP000121 CP000121 243 fasta UniProt
species Anaerococcus prevotii 
63 Anaerococcus prevotii DSM 20548 plasmid pAPRE01 115,566 CP001709 CP001709 PRJNA29533 104 fasta UniProt
species Aquifex aeolicus 
64 Aquifex aeolicus VF5 plasmid ece1 39,456 AE000667 AE000667 PRJNA215 31 fasta UniProt
species Archaeoglobus profundus 
65 Archaeoglobus profundus strain AV18 plasmid pGS5 2,802 FJ707368 FJ707368   4 fasta UniProt
66 Archaeoglobus profundus DSM 5631 plasmid pArcpr01 2,801 CP001858 CP001858 PRJNA32583 4 fasta UniProt
species archaeon enrichment culture clone 1(2010) 
67 Archaeon enrichment culture clone 1(2010) plasmid hyperthermophilic archaeal plasmid 1 33,795 GU722198 GU722198   59 fasta UniProt
species Arcobacter butzleri 
68 Arcobacter butzleri strain NCTC12481 plasmid 1,920 EU707943 EU707943   1 fasta UniProt
species Arcobacter sp. L 
69 Arcobacter sp. L plasmid pABL 1,989 AP012049 AP012049 PRJDA61721 3 fasta UniProt
species Aromatoleum aromaticum 
70a Aromatoleum aromaticum EbN1 plasmid 1 207,355 CR555307 CR555307 PRJNA13242 273 fasta UniProt
70b Aromatoleum aromaticum EbN1 plasmid 2 223,670 CR555308 CR555308 186 fasta UniProt
species Arthrobacter arilaitensis 
71a Arthrobacter arilaitensis RE117, plasmid pRE117-1 50,407 FQ311475 FQ311475 PRJEA50353 46 fasta UniProt
71b Arthrobacter arilaitensis RE117, plasmid pRE117-2 8,528 FQ311476 FQ311476 13 fasta UniProt
species Arthrobacter aurescens 
72a Arthrobacter aurescens TC1 plasmid TC1 328,237 CP000475 CP000475 PRJNA12512 289 fasta UniProt
72b Arthrobacter aurescens TC1 plasmid TC2 300,725 CP000476 CP000476 254 fasta UniProt
species Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus 
73a Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus A6 plasmid pACHL01 426,858 CP001342 CP001342 PRJNA20011 554 fasta UniProt
73b Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus A6 plasmid pACHL02 158,475 CP001343 CP001343 150 fasta UniProt
species Arthrobacter sp. AK-1 
74 Arthrobacter sp. AK-1 plasmid pSI-1 99,213 EF495211 EF495211   97 fasta UniProt
species Arthrobacter sp. Chr15 
75 Arthrobacter sp. Chr15 plasmid pChr15 49,633 EF495212 EF495212   63 fasta UniProt
species Arthrobacter sp. FB24 
76a Arthrobacter sp. FB24 plasmid 1 159,538 CP000455 CP000455 PRJNA12640 158 fasta UniProt
76b Arthrobacter sp. FB24 plasmid 2 115,507 CP000456 CP000456 108 fasta UniProt
76c Arthrobacter sp. FB24 plasmid 3 96,488 CP000457 CP000457 94 fasta UniProt
species Arthrobacter sp. Rue61a 
77 Arthrobacter sp. Rue61a plasmid pAL1 112,992 CP003205 CP003205 PRJNA78011 101 fasta UniProt
species Aster yellows phytoplasma 
78 Aster yellows phytoplasma plasmid 4,278 AB064396 AB064396   2 fasta UniProt
species Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma 
79a Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma AYWB plasmid pAYWB-I 3,972 CP000062 CP000062 PRJNA13478 5 fasta UniProt
79b Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma AYWB plasmid pAYWB-II 4,009 CP000063 CP000063 4 fasta UniProt
79c Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma AYWB plasmid pAYWB-III 5,104 CP000064 CP000064 7 fasta UniProt
79d Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma AYWB plasmid pAYWB-IV 4,316 CP000065 CP000065 6 fasta UniProt
species Asticcacaulis excentricus 
80a Asticcacaulis excentricus CB 48 plasmid pASTEX01 244,260 CP002397 CP002397 PRJNA32595 172 fasta UniProt
80b Asticcacaulis excentricus CB 48 plasmid pASTEX02 160,346 CP002398 CP002398 140 fasta UniProt
species Avibacterium paragallinarum 
81a Avibacterium paragallinarum plasmid p250 6,286 AY300023 AY300023   7 fasta UniProt
81b Avibacterium paragallinarum plasmid pYMH5 5,047 EF015636 EF015636   4 fasta UniProt
species Azoarcus sp. KH32C 
82 Azoarcus sp. KH32C plasmid pAZKH 737,589 AP012305 AP012305 PRJDB22 n/a
species Azospirillum brasilense 
83a Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 plasmid AZOBR_p1 1,766,028 HE577328 HE577328 PRJEA70627 n/a
83b Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 plasmid AZOBR_p2 912,449 HE577329 HE577329 n/a
83c Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 plasmid AZOBR_p3 778,798 HE577330 HE577330 n/a
83d Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 plasmid AZOBR_p4 690,334 HE577331 HE577331 n/a
83e Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 plasmid AZOBR_p5 191,828 HE577332 HE577332 n/a
83f Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 plasmid AZOBR_p6 167,364 HE577333 HE577333 n/a
species Azospirillum lipoferum 
84a Azospirillum lipoferum 4B plasmid AZO_p1 1,040,425 FQ311869 FQ311869 PRJEA50367 n/a
84b Azospirillum lipoferum 4B plasmid AZO_p2 750,123 FQ311870 FQ311870 n/a
84c Azospirillum lipoferum 4B plasmid AZO_p3 648,491 FQ311871 FQ311871 n/a
84d Azospirillum lipoferum 4B plasmid AZO_p4 645,253 FQ311872 FQ311872 n/a
84e Azospirillum lipoferum 4B plasmid AZO_p5 478,032 FQ311873 FQ311873 n/a
84f Azospirillum lipoferum 4B plasmid AZO_p6 295,744 FQ311874 FQ311874 230 fasta UniProt
85a Azospirillum sp. B510 plasmid pAB510a 1,455,109 AP010947 AP010947 PRJDA32551 1,119 fasta UniProt
85b Azospirillum sp. B510 plasmid pAB510b 723,779 AP010948 AP010948 603 fasta UniProt
85c Azospirillum sp. B510 plasmid pAB510c 681,723 AP010949 AP010949 526 fasta UniProt
85d Azospirillum sp. B510 plasmid pAB510d 628,837 AP010950 AP010950 518 fasta UniProt
85e Azospirillum sp. B510 plasmid pAB510e 537,299 AP010951 AP010951 414 fasta UniProt
85f Azospirillum sp. B510 plasmid pAB510f 261,596 AP010952 AP010952 185 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 
86 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens plasmid pBSG3 8,439 GU937616 GU937616   7 fasta UniProt
87 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum NAU-B3 plasmid pBamNAU-B3a 8,438 HG514500 HG514500 PRJEB4476 n/a
species Bacillus anthracis 
88a Bacillus anthracis plasmid pXO2 96,231 AF188935 AF188935   82 fasta UniProt
88b Bacillus anthracis virulence plasmid PX01 181,654 AF065404 AF065404   141 fasta UniProt
89a Bacillus anthracis str. 'Ames Ancestor' plasmid pXO1 181,677 AE017336 AE017336 PRJNA10784 178 fasta UniProt
89b Bacillus anthracis str. 'Ames Ancestor' plasmid pXO2 94,830 AE017335 AE017335 101 fasta UniProt
90a Bacillus anthracis str. A0248 plasmid pXO1 181,677 CP001599 CP001599 PRJNA33543 162 fasta UniProt
90b Bacillus anthracis str. A0248 plasmid pXO2 94,830 CP001597 CP001597 89 fasta UniProt
91a Bacillus anthracis str. A2012 plasmid pXO1 181,677 AE011190 AE011190 PRJNA299 196 fasta UniProt
91b Bacillus anthracis str. A2012 plasmid pXO2 94,829 AE011191 AE011191 103 fasta UniProt
92a Bacillus anthracis str. CDC 684 plasmid pX01 181,773 CP001216 CP001216 PRJNA31329 206 fasta UniProt
92b Bacillus anthracis str. CDC 684 plasmid pX02 94,875 CP001214 CP001214 117 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus bombysepticus 
93 Bacillus bombysepticus plasmid pBb 577,809 CP007513 CP007513 PRJNA242213 n/a
species Bacillus cereus 
94a Bacillus cereus plasmid pBC-Tim 8,983 AB083655 AB083655   6 fasta UniProt
94b Bacillus cereus strain AH187 plasmid pCER270 270,082 DQ889676 DQ889676   235 fasta UniProt
94c Bacillus cereus strain AH818 plasmid pPER272 272,145 DQ889678 DQ889678   264 fasta UniProt
94d Bacillus cereus strain AH820 plasmid pPER272 272,145 DQ889677 DQ889677   266 fasta UniProt
94e Bacillus cereus strain G9241 plasmid pBC210 209,385 DQ889679 DQ889679   n/a
94f Bacillus cereus strain G9241 plasmid pBCXO1 190,861 DQ889680 DQ889680   n/a
94g Bacillus cereus, Plasmid pBC16 4,630 U32369 U32369   5 fasta UniProt
95 Bacillus cereus 03BB102 plasmid p03BB102_179 179,680 CP001406 CP001406 PRJNA31307 208 fasta UniProt
96a Bacillus cereus AH187 plasmid pAH187_3 3,091 CP001181 CP001181 PRJNA17715 5 fasta UniProt
96b Bacillus cereus AH187 plasmid pAH187_12 12,481 CP001178 CP001178 22 fasta UniProt
96c Bacillus cereus AH187 plasmid pAH187_45 45,173 CP001180 CP001180 59 fasta UniProt
96d Bacillus cereus AH187 plasmid pAH187_270 270,082 CP001179 CP001179 273 fasta UniProt
97a Bacillus cereus AH820 plasmid pAH820_3 3,091 CP001284 CP001284 PRJNA17711 5 fasta UniProt
97b Bacillus cereus AH820 plasmid pAH820_10 10,915 CP001286 CP001286 11 fasta UniProt
97c Bacillus cereus AH820 plasmid pAH820_272 272,145 CP001285 CP001285 320 fasta UniProt
98 Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987 plasmid pBc10987 208,369 AE017195 AE017195 PRJNA74 241 fasta UniProt
99 Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 plasmid pBClin15 15,274 AE016878 AE016878 PRJNA384 21 fasta UniProt
100a Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI plasmid pBAslCI14 14,219 CP001749 CP001749 PRJNA36309 18 fasta UniProt
100b Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI plasmid pCI-XO1 181,907 CP001747 CP001747 210 fasta UniProt
100c Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI plasmid pCI-XO2 94,469 CP001748 CP001748 109 fasta UniProt
101a Bacillus cereus E33L plasmid pE33L5 5,108 CP000041 CP000041 PRJNA12468 5 fasta UniProt
101b Bacillus cereus E33L plasmid pE33L8 8,191 CP000043 CP000043 8 fasta UniProt
101c Bacillus cereus E33L plasmid pE33L9 9,150 CP000044 CP000044 10 fasta UniProt
101d Bacillus cereus E33L plasmid pE33L54 53,501 CP000042 CP000042 54 fasta UniProt
101e Bacillus cereus E33L plasmid pE33L466 466,370 CP000040 CP000040 428 fasta UniProt
102a Bacillus cereus G9842 plasmid pG9842_140 140,001 CP001188 CP001188 PRJNA17733 118 fasta UniProt
102b Bacillus cereus G9842 plasmid pG9842_209 209,488 CP001187 CP001187 251 fasta UniProt
103a Bacillus cereus H3081.97 plasmid pH308197_3 3,424 CP001171 CP001171 PRJNA19957 5 fasta UniProt
103b Bacillus cereus H3081.97 plasmid pH308197_10 10,077 CP001168 CP001168 12 fasta UniProt
103c Bacillus cereus H3081.97 plasmid pH308197_11 11,567 CP001167 CP001167 16 fasta UniProt
103d Bacillus cereus H3081.97 plasmid pH308197_29 29,189 CP001169 CP001169 40 fasta UniProt
103e Bacillus cereus H3081.97 plasmid pH308197_73 72,792 CP001170 CP001170 101 fasta UniProt
103f Bacillus cereus H3081.97 plasmid pH308197_258 258,484 CP001166 CP001166 257 fasta UniProt
104a Bacillus cereus Q1 plasmid pBc53 52,766 CP000229 CP000229 PRJNA16220 69 fasta UniProt
104b Bacillus cereus Q1 plasmid pBc239 239,246 CP000228 CP000228 219 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus coagulans 
105 Bacillus coagulans plasmid pMSR0 6,823 EF015591 EF015591   8 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus cytotoxicus 
106 Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 plasmid pBC9801 7,135 CP000765 CP000765 PRJNA13624 11 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus licheniformis (Description) 
107a Bacillus licheniformis plasmid pFL5 9,150 AJ577854 AJ577854   11 fasta UniProt
107b Bacillus licheniformis plasmid pFL7 7,853 AJ577855 AJ577855   8 fasta UniProt
107c Bacillus licheniformis, plasmid pBL63.1 3,649 AJ748844 AJ748844   2 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus megaterium 
108a Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 plasmid pBM100 5,428 CP001984 CP001984 PRJNA30165 8 fasta UniProt
108b Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 plasmid pBM200 9,098 CP001985 CP001985 13 fasta UniProt
108c Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 plasmid pBM300 26,587 CP001986 CP001986 38 fasta UniProt
108d Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 plasmid pBM400 53,865 CP001987 CP001987 60 fasta UniProt
108e Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 plasmid pBM500 66,985 CP001988 CP001988 94 fasta UniProt
108f Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 plasmid pBM600 99,694 CP001989 CP001989 109 fasta UniProt
108g Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 plasmid pBM700 164,406 CP001990 CP001990 173 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus methanolicus 
109 Bacillus methanolicus strain MGA3 plasmid pBM19 19,167 AY386314 AY386314   15 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus mycoides 
110a Bacillus mycoides cryptic plasmid pBMYdx 3,377 AJ272266 AJ272266   2 fasta UniProt
110b Bacillus mycoides plasmid pBMY1 3,476 AJ243967 AJ243967   1 fasta UniProt
110c Bacillus mycoides plasmid pDx14.2 14,218 AJ871638 AJ871638   14 fasta UniProt
110d Bacillus mycoides plasmid pSin9.7 9,698 AJ871637 AJ871637   7 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus pseudofirmus 
111a Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 plasmid pBpOF4-01 285,222 CP001879 CP001879 PRJNA28811 287 fasta UniProt
111b Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 plasmid pBpOF4-02 105,029 CP001880 CP001880 122 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus pumilus 
112a Bacillus pumilus plasmid pPL10 7,028 AF036712 AF036712   6 fasta UniProt
112b Bacillus pumilus plasmid pPL7065 7,607 AY230134 AY230134   6 fasta UniProt
112c Bacillus pumilus plasmid pPZZ84 6,817 GU144016 GU144016   7 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus sp. 
113 Bacillus sp. plasmid pTB913 4,525 X15670 X15670   4 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus sp. B-3 
114 Bacillus sp. B-3 plasmid pA01 3,325 AB040121 AB040121   2 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus sp. BS-01 
115 Bacillus sp. BS-01 plasmid pBS-01 16,492 GU591497 GU591497   4 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus sp. BS-02 
116 Bacillus sp. BS-02 plasmid pBS-02 16,543 HQ128580 HQ128580   7 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus sp. JAMB750 
117 Bacillus sp. JAMB750 plasmid pJAM1 4,892 AB125215 AB125215   n/a
species Bacillus subtilis 
118a Bacillus subtilis plasmid p1414 7,949 AF091592 AF091592   13 fasta UniProt
118b Bacillus subtilis plasmid pBS608 6,611 AY836798 AY836798   7 fasta UniProt
118c Bacillus subtilis plasmid pIM13 2,246 M13761 M13761   2 fasta UniProt
118d Bacillus subtilis plasmid pLS30 6,610 AB243053 AB243053   5 fasta UniProt
118e Bacillus subtilis plasmid pTA1015 5,807 U32379 U32379   5 fasta UniProt
118f Bacillus subtilis plasmid pTA1040 7,837 U32378 U32378   7 fasta UniProt
118g Bacillus subtilis plasmid pTA1060 8,737 U32380 U32380   8 fasta UniProt
118h Bacillus subtilis strain ATCC 15841 plasmid pPL1 6,704 DQ140187 DQ140187   5 fasta UniProt
119 Bacillus subtilis subsp. natto BEST195 plasmid pBEST195S 5,838 AP011542 AP011542 PRJDA38027 6 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus thuringiensis 
120a Bacillus thuringiensis DAN-involved plasmid 6,909 AY126018 AY126018   n/a
120b Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki plasmid HD-3a3b 2,058 S49203 S49203   1 fasta UniProt
120c Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pBMB67 67,159 DQ363750 DQ363750   73 fasta UniProt
120d Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pBMB9741 6,578 AF202532 AF202532   2 fasta UniProt
120e Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pFR12 12,095 EU362917 EU362917   11 fasta UniProt
120f Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pFR12.5 12,459 EU362918 EU362918   14 fasta UniProt
120g Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pGI3 11,365 Y11173 Y11173   11 fasta UniProt
120h Bacillus thuringiensis plasmid pTX14-3 7,649 X56204 X56204   2 fasta UniProt
120i Bacillus thuringiensis strain 4Q2 plasmid pTX14-2 6,829 AY138808 AY138808   3 fasta UniProt
120j Bacillus thuringiensis strain INTA-FR7-4 plasmid pFR55 55,712 EU362919 EU362919   69 fasta UniProt
120k Bacillus thuringiensis strain K1 plasmid pK1S1 5,475 EF406356 EF406356   7 fasta UniProt
121 Bacillus thuringiensis BMB171 plasmid pBMB171 312,963 CP001904 CP001904 PRJNA43631 271 fasta UniProt
122 Bacillus thuringiensis serovar darmstadiensis plasmid pBMBt1 6,700 AY822042 AY822042   3 fasta UniProt
123 Bacillus thuringiensis serovar entomocidus plasmid pUIBI-1 4,671 AF516904 AF516904   4 fasta UniProt
124a Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis plasmid pBtoxis 127,923 AL731825 AL731825   109 fasta UniProt
124b Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis plasmid pTX14-1 5,415 U67921 U67921   3 fasta UniProt
125 Bacillus thuringiensis serovar konkukian str. 97-27 plasmid pBT9727 77,112 CP000047 CP000047 PRJNA10877 80 fasta UniProt
126a Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki plasmid pAW63 71,777 DQ025752 DQ025752   75 fasta UniProt
126b Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki plasmid pBMB2062 2,062 AF050161 AF050161   2 fasta UniProt
126c Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki plasmid pBMB2062-HD1 2,062 HM991869 HM991869   n/a
127 Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki str. YBT-1520 plasmid pBMB7635 7,635 EU130936 EU130936   9 fasta UniProt
128 Bacillus thuringiensis serovar tenebrionis plasmid pBMB175 14,841 DQ364061 DQ364061   13 fasta UniProt
129 Bacillus thuringiensis serovar thuringiensis strain H1.1 plasmid pGI1 8,254 AY138809 AY138809   5 fasta UniProt
130 Bacillus thuringiensis str. Al Hakam, plasmid pALH1 55,939 CP000486 CP000486 PRJNA18255 62 fasta UniProt
species Bacillus weihenstephanensis 
131a Bacillus weihenstephanensis KBAB4 plasmid pBWB401 417,054 CP000904 CP000904 PRJNA13623 286 fasta UniProt
131b Bacillus weihenstephanensis KBAB4 plasmid pBWB402 75,107 CP000905 CP000905 63 fasta UniProt
131c Bacillus weihenstephanensis KBAB4 plasmid pBWB403 64,977 CP000906 CP000906 75 fasta UniProt
131d Bacillus weihenstephanensis KBAB4 plasmid pBWB404 52,830 CP000907 CP000907 71 fasta UniProt
species bacterium enrichment culture clone 1(2010) 
132 Bacterium enrichment culture clone 1(2010) plasmid hyperthermophilic bacterial plasmid 1 2,099 GU722199 GU722199   6 fasta UniProt
species bacterium enrichment culture clone 2a(2010) 
133 Bacterium enrichment culture clone 2a(2010) plasmid hyperthermophilic bacterial plasmid 2a 4,780 GU722200 GU722200   7 fasta UniProt
species bacterium enrichment culture clone 2b(2010) 
134 Bacterium enrichment culture clone 2b(2010) plasmid hyperthermophilic bacterial plasmid 2b 5,370 GU722201 GU722201   10 fasta UniProt
species Bacteroides fragilis 
135a Bacteroides fragilis plasmid pBFP35 5,594 DQ859906 DQ859906   8 fasta UniProt
135b Bacteroides fragilis plasmid pBFUK1 DNA strain: GAI92082 12,817 AB646744 AB646744   16 fasta UniProt
135c Bacteroides fragilis strain IB143 plasmid pBI143 2,747 U30316 U30316   2 fasta UniProt
136 Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343 plasmid pBF9343 36,560 CR626928 CR626928 PRJNA46 47 fasta UniProt
137 Bacteroides fragilis YCH46 plasmid pBFY46 33,716 AP006842 AP006842 PRJNA13067 47 fasta UniProt
species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 
138 Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron VPI-5482 plasmid p5483 33,038 AY171301 AY171301 PRJNA399 38 fasta UniProt
species Bacteroides uniformis 
139 Bacteroides uniformis insertion sequence NBU1 10,276 AF238307 AF238307   11 fasta UniProt
species Bartonella grahamii 
140a Bartonella grahamii cryptic plasmid pBGR2 2,723 AJ439506 AJ439506   2 fasta UniProt
140b Bartonella grahamii cryptic plasmid pBRG1 2,725 AJ422079 AJ422079   2 fasta UniProt
141 Bartonella grahamii as4aup plasmid pBGR3 28,192 CP001563 CP001563 PRJNA34873 31 fasta UniProt
species Bartonella sp. TT0105 
142 Bartonella sp. TT0105 plasmid pTT0105 28,653 GU173851 GU173851   n/a
species Bartonella tribocorum 
143a Bartonella tribocorum plasmid pKM19s 3,321 EU595645 EU595645   3 fasta UniProt
143b Bartonella tribocorum plasmid BM1374166 strain BM1374166 21,776 HG969193 HG969193 PRJEB5999 n/a
144 Bartonella tribocorum CIP 105476 plasmid PlasmidBtr 23,343 AM260524 AM260524 PRJNA28109 18 fasta UniProt
species Beet leafhopper transmitted virescence phytoplasma 
145a Beet leafhopper transmitted virescence phytoplasma plasmid pBLTVA-1 10,785 AY423627 AY423627   11 fasta UniProt
145b Beet leafhopper transmitted virescence phytoplasma plasmid pBLTVA-2 2,587 AY423628 AY423628   2 fasta UniProt
species Beijerinckia indica 
146a Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039 plasmid pBIND01 181,736 CP001017 CP001017 PRJNA20841 176 fasta UniProt
146b Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039 plasmid pBIND02 66,727 CP001018 CP001018 39 fasta UniProt
species Bibersteinia trehalosi 
147 Bibersteinia trehalosi plasmid pCCK13698 14,969 AM183225 AM183225   16 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium asteroides 
148 Bifidobacterium asteroides plasmid pCIBAO89 2,111 EU030683 EU030683   1 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium bifidum 
149 Bifidobacterium bifidum plasmid pB80 4,898 DQ305402 DQ305402   3 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium breve 
150a Bifidobacterium breve plasmid pB21a 5,206 DQ497626 DQ497626   5 fasta UniProt
150b Bifidobacterium breve plasmid pCIBb1 5,750 AF085719 AF085719   3 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium catenulatum 
151 Bifidobacterium catenulatum plasmid pBC1 2,540 DQ011664 DQ011664   3 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium longum 
152a Bifidobacterium longum plasmid p6043A 4,896 DQ458910 DQ458910   3 fasta UniProt
152b Bifidobacterium longum plasmid p6043B 3,680 DQ458911 DQ458911   2 fasta UniProt
152c Bifidobacterium longum plasmid pB44 3,624 AY066026 AY066026   2 fasta UniProt
152d Bifidobacterium longum plasmid pMG1 3,682 AY210701 AY210701   2 fasta UniProt
152e Bifidobacterium longum plasmid pTB6 3,624 AB187597 AB187597   4 fasta UniProt
152f Bifidobacterium longum strain FI10564 plasmid pFI2576 2,197 DQ452864 DQ452864   4 fasta UniProt
152g Bifidobacterium longum strain RW041 plasmid PNAC2 3,684 AY112723 AY112723   3 fasta UniProt
152h Bifidobacterium longum strain RW041 plasmid pNAC3 10,224 AY112722 AY112722   8 fasta UniProt
152i Bifidobacterium longum strain RW048 plasmid pNAC1 3,538 AY112724 AY112724   4 fasta UniProt
153a Bifidobacterium longum DJO10A plasmid pDOJH10L 10,073 AF538868 AF538868 PRJNA18773 10 fasta UniProt
153b Bifidobacterium longum DJO10A plasmid pDOJH10S 3,661 AF538869 AF538869 3 fasta UniProt
154 Bifidobacterium longum NCC2705 plasmid pBLO1 3,626 AF540971 AF540971 PRJNA328 2 fasta UniProt
155a Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum plasmid pKJ36 3,625 AF139129 AF139129   3 fasta UniProt
155b Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum plasmid pKJ50 4,960 U76614 U76614   3 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum 
156 Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum plasmid p4M 4,488 AF359574 AF359574   2 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium pseudolongum 
157 Bifidobacterium pseudolongum subsp. globosum plasmid pASV479 4,815 DQ103758 DQ103758   6 fasta UniProt
species Bifidobacterium sp. A24 
158 Bifidobacterium sp. A24 plasmid pBIFA24 4,892 DQ286581 DQ286581   3 fasta UniProt
species Birmingham IncP-alpha plasmid 
159 TPA: Birmingham IncP-alpha plasmid, isolate RK2 60,096 BN000925 BN000925   74 fasta UniProt
species Blattabacterium sp. (Periplaneta americana) 
160 Blattabacterium sp. (Periplaneta americana) str. BPLAN plasmid pBPLAN 3,448 CP001430 CP001430 PRJNA32975 4 fasta UniProt
species Bordetella pertussis (Description) 
161 Bordetella pertussis plasmid pBP136 41,268 AB237782 AB237782   46 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia afzelii 
162a Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid cp26 26,535 CP001250 CP001250 PRJNA19841 27 fasta UniProt
162b Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid cp32-1 31,475 CP001243 CP001243 45 fasta UniProt
162c Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid cp32-3 31,017 CP001237 CP001237 42 fasta UniProt
162d Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid cp32-4 30,810 CP001240 CP001240 41 fasta UniProt
162e Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid cp32-5 31,157 CP001248 CP001248 44 fasta UniProt
162f Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp17 26,020 CP001239 CP001239 30 fasta UniProt
162g Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp28-1 28,763 CP001238 CP001238 34 fasta UniProt
162h Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp28-2 32,041 CP001244 CP001244 48 fasta UniProt
162i Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp28-3 23,261 CP001241 CP001241 23 fasta UniProt
162j Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp28-4 30,270 CP001249 CP001249 31 fasta UniProt
162k Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp28-7 33,405 CP001242 CP001242 37 fasta UniProt
162l Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp32-10 31,266 CP001245 CP001245 42 fasta UniProt
162m Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp38 33,534 CP001246 CP001246 30 fasta UniProt
162n Borrelia afzelii ACA-1 plasmid lp54 60,749 CP001247 CP001247 76 fasta UniProt
163a Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid cp27 26,533 CP000402 CP000402 PRJNA17057 28 fasta UniProt
163b Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid cp30 30,017 CP000400 CP000400 43 fasta UniProt
163c Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp25 24,794 CP000403 CP000403 29 fasta UniProt
163d Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp28 28,533 CP000401 CP000401 34 fasta UniProt
163e Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp31 fragment a 8,579 CP000404 CP000404 14 fasta UniProt
163f Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp31 fragment b 15,403 CP000405 CP000405 24 fasta UniProt
163g Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp31 fragment c 6,847 CP000406 CP000406 10 fasta UniProt
163h Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp32 32,368 CP000399 CP000399 55 fasta UniProt
163i Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp34 34,273 CP000398 CP000398 36 fasta UniProt
163j Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp60 59,958 CP000396 CP000396 75 fasta UniProt
163k Borrelia afzelii PKo plasmid lp60-2 59,804 CP000397 CP000397 59 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia bavariensis 
164a Borrelia garinii PBi plasmid cp26 27,108 CP000014 CP000014 PRJNA12554 26 fasta UniProt
164b Borrelia garinii PBi plasmid lp54 55,560 CP000015 CP000015 70 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia burgdorferi 
165a Borrelia burgdorferi circular plasmid cp18-2 21,170 AF169008 AF169008   31 fasta UniProt
165b Borrelia burgdorferi Ip21 circular plasmid 8,303 U03641 U03641   11 fasta UniProt
165c Borrelia burgdorferi linear plasmid lp16 16,933 U43414 U43414   14 fasta UniProt
166a Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp26 26,525 CP001422 CP001422 PRJNA28633 27 fasta UniProt
166b Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-1 30,327 CP001414 CP001414 41 fasta UniProt
166c Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-3-8 61,062 CP001418 CP001418 71 fasta UniProt
166d Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-4 30,375 CP001411 CP001411 44 fasta UniProt
166e Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-5 30,884 CP001415 CP001415 43 fasta UniProt
166f Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-6 30,755 CP001427 CP001427 43 fasta UniProt
166g Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-7 29,673 CP001416 CP001416 41 fasta UniProt
166h Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-9 22,471 CP001424 CP001424 33 fasta UniProt
166i Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_cp32-11 30,260 CP001426 CP001426 41 fasta UniProt
166j Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp17 16,600 CP001413 CP001413 24 fasta UniProt
166k Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp28-1 30,663 CP001423 CP001423 36 fasta UniProt
166l Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp28-2 28,984 CP001420 CP001420 35 fasta UniProt
166m Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp28-3 28,645 CP001417 CP001417 34 fasta UniProt
166n Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp28-4 26,992 CP001428 CP001428 38 fasta UniProt
166o Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp28-5 26,776 CP001412 CP001412 23 fasta UniProt
166p Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp36 36,826 CP001425 CP001425 50 fasta UniProt
166q Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp38 39,007 CP001419 CP001419 56 fasta UniProt
166r Borrelia burgdorferi 64b plasmid 64b_lp54 53,263 CP001421 CP001421 68 fasta UniProt
167a Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp26 26,522 CP001375 CP001375 PRJNA21003 29 fasta UniProt
167b Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp32-1 30,016 CP001381 CP001381 42 fasta UniProt
167c Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp32-2-7 30,101 CP001373 CP001373 43 fasta UniProt
167d Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp32-3 12,870 CP001378 CP001378 21 fasta UniProt
167e Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp32-5 17,016 CP001376 CP001376 25 fasta UniProt
167f Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp32-10 30,324 CP001379 CP001379 44 fasta UniProt
167g Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp32-12 27,704 CP001372 CP001372 38 fasta UniProt
167h Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_cp32-13 30,117 CP001371 CP001371 42 fasta UniProt
167i Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_lp17 18,115 CP001382 CP001382 32 fasta UniProt
167j Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_lp28-4 29,630 CP001380 CP001380 42 fasta UniProt
167k Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_lp36 28,128 CP001374 CP001374 32 fasta UniProt
167l Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_lp38 27,763 CP001377 CP001377 36 fasta UniProt
167m Borrelia burgdorferi 72a plasmid 72a_lp54 53,686 CP001370 CP001370 69 fasta UniProt
168a Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_cp9 8,696 CP001501 CP001501 PRJNA20999 11 fasta UniProt
168b Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_cp26 26,507 CP001493 CP001493 27 fasta UniProt
168c Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_cp32-5 29,459 CP001496 CP001496 42 fasta UniProt
168d Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_cp32-6 30,816 CP001499 CP001499 44 fasta UniProt
168e Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_cp32-7 30,433 CP001492 CP001492 43 fasta UniProt
168f Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_cp32-10 30,162 CP001498 CP001498 45 fasta UniProt
168g Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_cp32-11 30,648 CP001491 CP001491 42 fasta UniProt
168h Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_lp17 18,110 CP001497 CP001497 29 fasta UniProt
168i Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_lp28-3 26,181 CP001502 CP001502 30 fasta UniProt
168j Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_lp28-4 28,038 CP001490 CP001490 37 fasta UniProt
168k Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_lp36 28,234 CP001494 CP001494 33 fasta UniProt
168l Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_lp54 53,756 CP001500 CP001500 72 fasta UniProt
168m Borrelia burgdorferi 94a plasmid 94a_lp56 21,082 CP001495 CP001495 34 fasta UniProt
169a Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp9 8,692 CP001533 CP001533 PRJNA21001 9 fasta UniProt
169b Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp26 26,526 CP001535 CP001535 27 fasta UniProt
169c Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp32-4 30,171 CP001538 CP001538 42 fasta UniProt
169d Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp32-5 17,070 CP001536 CP001536 26 fasta UniProt
169e Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp32-6 30,611 CP001528 CP001528 43 fasta UniProt
169f Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp32-7-9 60,942 CP001526 CP001526 81 fasta UniProt
169g Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp32-8 30,858 CP001525 CP001525 43 fasta UniProt
169h Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp32-10 30,341 CP001534 CP001534 45 fasta UniProt
169i Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_cp32-13 30,117 CP001543 CP001543 42 fasta UniProt
169j Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp17 18,209 CP001527 CP001527 20 fasta UniProt
169k Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp25 24,765 CP001532 CP001532 20 fasta UniProt
169l Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp28-3 28,746 CP001540 CP001540 27 fasta UniProt
169m Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp28-4 29,802 CP001541 CP001541 29 fasta UniProt
169n Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp28-5 27,336 CP001529 CP001529 20 fasta UniProt
169o Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp28-6 29,233 CP001531 CP001531 35 fasta UniProt
169p Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp32-3 17,205 CP001530 CP001530 31 fasta UniProt
169q Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp36 27,241 CP001537 CP001537 29 fasta UniProt
169r Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp38 27,759 CP001539 CP001539 30 fasta UniProt
169s Borrelia burgdorferi 118a plasmid 118a_lp54 54,027 CP001542 CP001542 66 fasta UniProt
170a Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp26 26,522 CP001271 CP001271 PRJNA19835 27 fasta UniProt
170b Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-1 14,883 CP001261 CP001261 19 fasta UniProt
170c Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-3 30,280 CP001264 CP001264 42 fasta UniProt
170d Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-4 30,300 CP001263 CP001263 44 fasta UniProt
170e Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-6 30,293 CP001259 CP001259 41 fasta UniProt
170f Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-7 21,329 CP001268 CP001268 29 fasta UniProt
170g Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-8 30,946 CP001269 CP001269 42 fasta UniProt
170h Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-11 30,439 CP001270 CP001270 41 fasta UniProt
170i Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_cp32-12 30,652 CP001266 CP001266 43 fasta UniProt
170j Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp17 17,849 CP001258 CP001258 17 fasta UniProt
170k Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp25 24,910 CP001265 CP001265 20 fasta UniProt
170l Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp28-1 24,159 CP001273 CP001273 22 fasta UniProt
170m Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp28-3 28,770 CP001256 CP001256 25 fasta UniProt
170n Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp28-4 29,501 CP001272 CP001272 29 fasta UniProt
170o Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp28-5 27,342 CP001274 CP001274 21 fasta UniProt
170p Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp28-6 26,705 CP001262 CP001262 32 fasta UniProt
170q Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp36 23,638 CP001260 CP001260 26 fasta UniProt
170r Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp38 30,302 CP001267 CP001267 39 fasta UniProt
170s Borrelia burgdorferi 156a plasmid 156a_lp54 53,885 CP001257 CP001257 66 fasta UniProt
171 Borrelia burgdorferi 297 plasmid 297_lp54 48,220 CP001653 CP001653 PRJNA29361 57 fasta UniProt
172a Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_cp26 26,537 CP001550 CP001550 PRJNA28621 28 fasta UniProt
172b Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_cp32-4 30,617 CP001556 CP001556 42 fasta UniProt
172c Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_cp32-5 22,534 CP001546 CP001546 34 fasta UniProt
172d Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_cp32-7 29,694 CP001558 CP001558 41 fasta UniProt
172e Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_cp32-9 30,414 CP001549 CP001549 47 fasta UniProt
172f Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_cp32-12 27,704 CP001545 CP001545 38 fasta UniProt
172g Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp17 17,032 CP001551 CP001551 17 fasta UniProt
172h Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp25 24,093 CP001553 CP001553 24 fasta UniProt
172i Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp28-2 29,870 CP001559 CP001559 36 fasta UniProt
172j Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp28-3 31,052 CP001547 CP001547 27 fasta UniProt
172k Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp28-4 29,469 CP001552 CP001552 30 fasta UniProt
172l Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp28-6 30,159 CP001555 CP001555 34 fasta UniProt
172m Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp36 34,551 CP001557 CP001557 31 fasta UniProt
172n Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp38 38,696 CP001548 CP001548 49 fasta UniProt
172o Borrelia burgdorferi 29805 plasmid 29805_lp54 53,849 CP001554 CP001554 69 fasta UniProt
173a Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp9 9,386 AE000791 AE000791 PRJNA3 8 fasta UniProt
173b Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp26 26,498 AE000792 AE000792 24 fasta UniProt
173c Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp32-1 30,750 AE001575 AE001575 41 fasta UniProt
173d Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp32-3 30,223 AE001576 AE001576 39 fasta UniProt
173e Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp32-4 30,299 AE001577 AE001577 40 fasta UniProt
173f Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp32-6 29,838 AE001578 AE001578 40 fasta UniProt
173g Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp32-7 30,800 AE001579 AE001579 40 fasta UniProt
173h Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp32-8 30,885 AE001580 AE001580 40 fasta UniProt
173i Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid cp32-9 30,651 AE001581 AE001581 32 fasta UniProt
173j Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp5 5,228 AE001583 AE001583 6 fasta UniProt
173k Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp17 16,821 AE000793 AE000793 15 fasta UniProt
173l Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp21 18,777 AE001582 AE001582 10 fasta UniProt
173m Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp25 24,177 AE000785 AE000785 9 fasta UniProt
173n Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp28-1 28,155 AE000794 AE000794 16 fasta UniProt
173o Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp28-2 29,766 AE000786 AE000786 29 fasta UniProt
173p Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp28-3 28,601 AE000784 AE000784 19 fasta UniProt
173q Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp28-4 27,323 AE000789 AE000789 19 fasta UniProt
173r Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp36 36,849 AE000788 AE000788 28 fasta UniProt
173s Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp38 38,829 AE000787 AE000787 28 fasta UniProt
173t Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp54 53,657 AE000790 AE000790 54 fasta UniProt
173u Borrelia burgdorferi B31 plasmid lp56 52,971 AE001584 AE001584 50 fasta UniProt
174a Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_cp26 26,523 CP001568 CP001568 PRJNA19837 26 fasta UniProt
174b Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_cp32-5 30,186 CP001572 CP001572 41 fasta UniProt
174c Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_cp32-9 30,597 CP001570 CP001570 45 fasta UniProt
174d Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_cp32-12 31,433 CP001565 CP001565 45 fasta UniProt
174e Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_lp17 17,287 CP001564 CP001564 17 fasta UniProt
174f Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_lp28-1 28,200 CP001566 CP001566 32 fasta UniProt
174g Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_lp28-3 17,941 CP001573 CP001573 16 fasta UniProt
174h Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_lp28-4 28,812 CP001569 CP001569 28 fasta UniProt
174i Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_lp36 36,936 CP001567 CP001567 43 fasta UniProt
174j Borrelia burgdorferi Bol26 plasmid Bol26_lp54 53,655 CP001571 CP001571 65 fasta UniProt
175a Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2A plasmid CA-11.2A_cp26 26,511 CP001484 CP001484 PRJNA28629 28 fasta UniProt
175b Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_cp32-1 30,408 CP001479 CP001479 43 fasta UniProt
175c Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_cp32-3 29,762 CP001483 CP001483 41 fasta UniProt
175d Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_cp32-5 29,912 CP001475 CP001475 42 fasta UniProt
175e Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_cp32-10 30,290 CP001477 CP001477 44 fasta UniProt
175f Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_cp32-13 30,088 CP001478 CP001478 41 fasta UniProt
175g Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_lp17 18,181 CP001481 CP001481 30 fasta UniProt
175h Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_lp28-3 25,799 CP001482 CP001482 28 fasta UniProt
175i Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_lp36-28-4 54,623 CP001480 CP001480 81 fasta UniProt
175j Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_lp38 27,775 CP001476 CP001476 40 fasta UniProt
175k Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_lp54 54,021 CP001473 CP001473 71 fasta UniProt
175l Borrelia burgdorferi CA-11.2a plasmid CA-11.2A_lp56 29,418 CP001474 CP001474 32 fasta UniProt
176 Borrelia burgdorferi JD1 plasmid JD1_lp54 52,916 CP001652 CP001652 PRJNA29359 63 fasta UniProt
177 Borrelia burgdorferi N40 plasmid N40_lp54 53,786 CP001651 CP001651 PRJNA29357 64 fasta UniProt
178a Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp9-3 8,706 CP001460 CP001460 PRJNA28627 10 fasta UniProt
178b Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp26 26,506 CP001446 CP001446 27 fasta UniProt
178c Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp32-1 30,026 CP001445 CP001445 42 fasta UniProt
178d Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp32-4 13,540 CP001444 CP001444 19 fasta UniProt
178e Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp32-5 18,338 CP001453 CP001453 26 fasta UniProt
178f Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp32-6 30,017 CP001450 CP001450 42 fasta UniProt
178g Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp32-7 30,052 CP001457 CP001457 45 fasta UniProt
178h Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp32-10 29,756 CP001449 CP001449 42 fasta UniProt
178i Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_cp32-11 30,772 CP001451 CP001451 43 fasta UniProt
178j Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp5 5,252 CP001462 CP001462 6 fasta UniProt
178k Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp17 15,386 CP001461 CP001461 19 fasta UniProt
178l Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp25 24,661 CP001459 CP001459 36 fasta UniProt
178m Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp28-1 26,634 CP001456 CP001456 32 fasta UniProt
178n Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp28-3 27,543 CP001452 CP001452 38 fasta UniProt
178o Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp28-4 28,237 CP001454 CP001454 37 fasta UniProt
178p Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp28-6 29,782 CP001455 CP001455 35 fasta UniProt
178q Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp36 30,134 CP001448 CP001448 44 fasta UniProt
178r Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp38 38,893 CP001458 CP001458 61 fasta UniProt
178s Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp54 53,783 CP001447 CP001447 69 fasta UniProt
178t Borrelia burgdorferi WI91-23 plasmid WI91-23_lp56 27,581 CP001443 CP001443 34 fasta UniProt
179a Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_cp26 26,514 CP001212 CP001212 PRJNA19839 25 fasta UniProt
179b Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_cp32-1 30,330 CP001206 CP001206 36 fasta UniProt
179c Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_cp32-3+10 48,168 CP001202 CP001202 60 fasta UniProt
179d Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_cp32-4 30,964 CP001208 CP001208 40 fasta UniProt
179e Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_cp32-9 30,467 CP001211 CP001211 35 fasta UniProt
179f Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_cp32-12 29,806 CP001200 CP001200 39 fasta UniProt
179g Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp17 17,266 CP001204 CP001204 14 fasta UniProt
179h Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp25 24,326 CP001198 CP001198 17 fasta UniProt
179i Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp28-1 23,422 CP001210 CP001210 13 fasta UniProt
179j Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp28-2 29,758 CP001209 CP001209 31 fasta UniProt
179k Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp28-3 28,414 CP001203 CP001203 22 fasta UniProt
179l Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp28-4 28,885 CP001207 CP001207 21 fasta UniProt
179m Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp36 36,852 CP001201 CP001201 23 fasta UniProt
179n Borrelia burgdorferi ZS7 plasmid ZS7_lp54 53,615 CP001199 CP001199 55 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia duttonii 
180 Borrelia duttonii plasmid DNA strain Ly 44,010 AB073701 AB073701   24 fasta UniProt
181a Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl15 15,049 CP000978 CP000978 PRJNA18231 13 fasta UniProt
181b Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl26 26,917 CP000982 CP000982 34 fasta UniProt
181c Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl27 27,476 CP000983 CP000983 35 fasta UniProt
181d Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl28 28,343 CP000984 CP000984 36 fasta UniProt
181e Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl31 31,021 CP000991 CP000991 20 fasta UniProt
181f Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl32 31,663 CP000992 CP000992 22 fasta UniProt
181g Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl35 35,286 CP000985 CP000985 19 fasta UniProt
181h Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl40 40,353 CP000987 CP000987 18 fasta UniProt
181i Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl42 42,153 CP000989 CP000989 19 fasta UniProt
181j Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl70 66,407 CP000990 CP000990 45 fasta UniProt
181k Borrelia duttonii Ly plasmid pl165 163,884 CP000979 CP000979 134 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia garinii 
182a Borrelia garinii BgVir plasmid cp26 27,111 CP003201 CP003201 PRJNA72847 32 fasta UniProt
182b Borrelia garinii BgVir plasmid lp54 61,166 CP003202 CP003202 92 fasta UniProt
183a Borrelia garinii Far04 plasmid Far04_cp26 26,994 CP001319 CP001319 PRJNA29573 27 fasta UniProt
183b Borrelia garinii Far04 plasmid Far04_lp17 22,433 CP001315 CP001315 24 fasta UniProt
183c Borrelia garinii Far04 plasmid Far04_lp25 25,791 CP001317 CP001317 32 fasta UniProt
183d Borrelia garinii Far04 plasmid Far04_lp28-1 27,689 CP001316 CP001316 47 fasta UniProt
183e Borrelia garinii Far04 plasmid Far04_lp32-10 41,906 CP001320 CP001320 84 fasta UniProt
183f Borrelia garinii Far04 plasmid Far04_lp36 35,446 CP001314 CP001314 54 fasta UniProt
183g Borrelia garinii Far04 plasmid Far04_lp54 58,069 CP001318 CP001318 79 fasta UniProt
184a Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_cp26 27,040 CP001305 CP001305 PRJNA28625 29 fasta UniProt
184b Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_cp32-5 29,694 CP001303 CP001303 43 fasta UniProt
184c Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_cp32-10 34,837 CP001306 CP001306 75 fasta UniProt
184d Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp17 20,872 CP001309 CP001309 27 fasta UniProt
184e Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp25 32,543 CP001301 CP001301 53 fasta UniProt
184f Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp28-1 38,262 CP001310 CP001310 44 fasta UniProt
184g Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp28-3 17,609 CP001307 CP001307 21 fasta UniProt
184h Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp28-4 40,280 CP001304 CP001304 69 fasta UniProt
184i Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp28-7 27,006 CP001311 CP001311 35 fasta UniProt
184j Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp36 36,709 CP001302 CP001302 53 fasta UniProt
184k Borrelia garinii PBr plasmid PBr_lp54 56,869 CP001308 CP001308 75 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia hermsii 
185a Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 983 2,625 CP000281 CP000281 PRJNA29637 1 fasta UniProt
185b Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1025rc 8,914 CP000274 CP000274 6 fasta UniProt
185c Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1029 15,901 CP000279 CP000279 6 fasta UniProt
185d Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1034rc 14,756 CP000275 CP000275 3 fasta UniProt
185e Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1046T 12,025 CP000273 CP000273 4 fasta UniProt
185f Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1047L 21,928 CP000276 CP000276 9 fasta UniProt
185g Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1047R 16,853 CP000277 CP000277 7 fasta UniProt
185h Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1050 23,848 CP000278 CP000278 13 fasta UniProt
185i Borrelia hermsii HS1 plasmid fragment 1051L 21,706 CP000280 CP000280 4 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia recurrentis 
186a Borrelia recurrentis A1 plasmid pl6 6,131 CP001000 CP001000 PRJNA18233 3 fasta UniProt
186b Borrelia recurrentis A1 plasmid pl23 22,945 CP000995 CP000995 17 fasta UniProt
186c Borrelia recurrentis A1 plasmid pl33 33,213 CP000996 CP000996 17 fasta UniProt
186d Borrelia recurrentis A1 plasmid pl35 35,315 CP000997 CP000997 15 fasta UniProt
186e Borrelia recurrentis A1 plasmid pl37 36,869 CP000998 CP000998 19 fasta UniProt
186f Borrelia recurrentis A1 plasmid pl53 52,772 CP000999 CP000999 28 fasta UniProt
186g Borrelia recurrentis A1 plasmid pl124 123,937 CP000994 CP000994 91 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia sp. SV1 
187a Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_cp26 26,496 CP001522 CP001522 PRJNA28631 27 fasta UniProt
187b Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_cp32-3 30,053 CP001517 CP001517 41 fasta UniProt
187c Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_cp32-4 29,457 CP001520 CP001520 48 fasta UniProt
187d Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_cp32-7 29,578 CP001521 CP001521 42 fasta UniProt
187e Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_lp17 20,219 CP001519 CP001519 20 fasta UniProt
187f Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_lp28-2 21,708 CP001518 CP001518 33 fasta UniProt
187g Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_lp28-4 36,518 CP001523 CP001523 39 fasta UniProt
187h Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_lp32-12 52,543 CP001516 CP001516 71 fasta UniProt
187i Borrelia sp. SV1 plasmid SV1_lp54 83,377 CP001524 CP001524 117 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia spielmanii 
188a Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_cp26 26,217 CP001467 CP001467 PRJNA28635 29 fasta UniProt
188b Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_lp17 25,308 CP001468 CP001468 30 fasta UniProt
188c Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_lp28-3 28,035 CP001471 CP001471 45 fasta UniProt
188d Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_lp28-4 30,185 CP001470 CP001470 47 fasta UniProt
188e Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_lp28-8 24,828 CP001465 CP001465 33 fasta UniProt
188f Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_lp36 29,429 CP001466 CP001466 40 fasta UniProt
188g Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_lp38 20,932 CP001464 CP001464 35 fasta UniProt
188h Borrelia spielmanii A14S plasmid A14S_lp54 56,055 CP001469 CP001469 70 fasta UniProt
species Borrelia valaisiana 
189a Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_cp9 9,474 CP001438 CP001438 PRJNA19843 12 fasta UniProt
189b Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_cp26 26,875 CP001432 CP001432 28 fasta UniProt
189c Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_cp32-2-7 27,367 CP001434 CP001434 41 fasta UniProt
189d Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_cp32-5 23,419 CP001441 CP001441 42 fasta UniProt
189e Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_cp32-10 27,732 CP001435 CP001435 38 fasta UniProt
189f Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_lp17 20,024 CP001439 CP001439 26 fasta UniProt
189g Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_lp25 32,795 CP001437 CP001437 61 fasta UniProt
189h Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_lp28-3 81,995 CP001440 CP001440 142 fasta UniProt
189i Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_lp28-8 18,022 CP001442 CP001442 19 fasta UniProt
189j Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_lp36 23,914 CP001436 CP001436 38 fasta UniProt
189k Borrelia valaisiana VS116 plasmid VS116_lp54 53,953 CP001433 CP001433 70 fasta UniProt
species Brachyspira hyodysenteriae 
190 Brachyspira hyodysenteriae WA1 plasmid pBHWA1 35,940 CP001360 CP001360 PRJNA31263 31 fasta UniProt
species Bradyrhizobium sp. BTAi1 
191 Bradyrhizobium sp. BTAi1 plasmid pBBta01 228,826 CP000495 CP000495 PRJNA16137 223 fasta UniProt
species Brevibacillus borstelensis 
192 Brevibacillus borstelensis plasmid pHT926 1,786 D43692 D43692   2 fasta UniProt
species Brevibacterium linens 
193 Brevibacterium linens plasmid LIM 7,610 AY004211 AY004211   3 fasta UniProt
species broad-host-range plasmids 
194 Plasmid pCU1 from Escherichia coli 2,053 M18262 M18262   4 fasta UniProt
195 Plasmid pETHIS-1 4,273 AF012911 AF012911   3 fasta UniProt
196 Plasmid pRJF2 from Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens 2,970 L31578 L31578   2 fasta UniProt
197 Plasmid pRL765 7,631 U55819 U55819   4 fasta UniProt
198 Plasmid pRL1063a 8,939 U55385 U55385   6 fasta UniProt
199 Plasmid pUB110, from Staphylococcus aureus 4,545 M37273 M37273   4 fasta UniProt
200 Plasmid Rts1 from Escherichia coli 1,855 K00053 K00053   1 fasta UniProt
species Buchnera aphidicola 
201a Buchnera aphidicola plasmid pBPS1 2,308 AJ404864 AJ404864   2 fasta UniProt
201b Buchnera aphidicola plasmid pleu-BTg 6,521 AY546103 AY546103   5 fasta UniProt
201c Buchnera aphidicola plasmid pLeu-Dn 7,768 AF041837 AF041837   7 fasta UniProt
202 Buchnera aphidicola (Schizaphis graminum) plasmid pLeu-Sg 7,967 AF041836 AF041836   7 fasta UniProt
203 Buchnera aphidicola BCc, strain BCce plasmid pLeu-BCc 6,054 AY438025 AY438025 PRJNA16372 5 fasta UniProt
204a Buchnera aphidicola str. APS (Acyrthosiphon pisum) plasmid pLeu 7,786 AP001071 AP001071 PRJNA245 7 fasta UniProt
204b Buchnera aphidicola str. APS (Acyrthosiphon pisum) plasmid pTrp 7,258 AP001070 AP001070 2 fasta UniProt
205 Buchnera aphidicola str. Bp (Baizongia pistaciae) plasmid pBBp1 2,399 AF492591 AF492591 PRJNA256 3 fasta UniProt
206 Buchnera aphidicola str. W106 (Myzus persicae) plasmid pLeu 7,802 CP002700 CP002700 PRJNA66103 7 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia ambifaria 
207 Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD plasmid 1 43,581 CP000443 CP000443 PRJNA13490 45 fasta UniProt
208 Burkholderia ambifaria MC40-6 plasmid pBMC401 301,592 CP001028 CP001028 PRJNA17411 273 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia cenocepacia 
209 Burkholderia cenocepacia HI2424 plasmid 1 164,857 CP000461 CP000461 PRJNA13918 156 fasta UniProt
210 Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315 plasmid pBCJ2315 92,661 AM747723 AM747723 PRJNA339 93 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia cepacia 
211 Burkholderia cepacia plasmid PPC1 1,641 X61927 X61927   1 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia glumae 
212a Burkholderia glumae strain BGR1 plasmid pBGF2 23,156 DQ996270 DQ996270   16 fasta UniProt
212b Burkholderia glumae strain BGR1 plasmid pBGF3 25,454 DQ996271 DQ996271   8 fasta UniProt
213a Burkholderia glumae BGR1 plasmid bglu_1p 133,591 CP001505 CP001505 PRJNA33901 94 fasta UniProt
213b Burkholderia glumae BGR1 plasmid bglu_2p 141,792 CP001506 CP001506 97 fasta UniProt
213c Burkholderia glumae BGR1 plasmid bglu_3p 141,067 CP001507 CP001507 105 fasta UniProt
213d Burkholderia glumae BGR1 plasmid bglu_4p 134,346 CP001508 CP001508 102 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia multivorans 
214a Burkholderia multivorans ATCC 17616 plasmid pTGL1 167,422 AP009388 AP009388 PRJDA19401 130 fasta UniProt
214b Burkholderia multivorans ATCC 17616 plasmid pBMUL01 167,422 CP000871 CP000871 PRJNA17407 137 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia phymatum 
215a Burkholderia phymatum STM815 plasmid pBPHY01 1,904,893 CP001045 CP001045 PRJNA17409 1,626 fasta UniProt
215b Burkholderia phymatum STM815 plasmid pBPHY02 595,108 CP001046 CP001046 435 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia phytofirmans 
216 Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN plasmid pBPHYT01 121,122 CP001054 CP001054 PRJNA17463 167 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia sp. CCGE1002 
217 Burkholderia sp. CCGE1002 plasmid pBC201 489,136 CP002016 CP002016 PRJNA37719 398 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia sp. RPE64 
218a Burkholderia sp. RPE64 plasmid p1 1,275,199 AP013061 AP013061 PRJDB1103 n/a
218b Burkholderia sp. RPE64 plasmid p2 309,692 AP013062 AP013062 94 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia sp. RPE67 
219a Burkholderia sp. RPE67 plasmid p1 1,438,033 AP014579 AP014579 PRJDB1660 n/a
219b Burkholderia sp. RPE67 plasmid p2 495,745 AP014580 AP014580 n/a
219c Burkholderia sp. RPE67 plasmid p3 194,177 AP014581 AP014581 n/a
species Burkholderia sp. YI23 
220a Burkholderia sp. YI23 plasmid byi_1p 1,951,047 CP003090 CP003090 PRJNA74517 1,636 fasta UniProt
220b Burkholderia sp. YI23 plasmid byi_2p 356,263 CP003091 CP003091 390 fasta UniProt
220c Burkholderia sp. YI23 plasmid byi_3p 115,232 CP003092 CP003092 91 fasta UniProt
species Burkholderia vietnamiensis 
221a Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 plasmid pBVIE01 397,868 CP000617 CP000617 PRJNA10696 391 fasta UniProt
221b Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 plasmid pBVIE02 265,616 CP000618 CP000618 257 fasta UniProt
221c Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 plasmid pBVIE03 226,679 CP000619 CP000619 247 fasta UniProt
221d Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 plasmid pBVIE04 107,231 CP000620 CP000620 106 fasta UniProt
221e Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 plasmid pBVIE05 88,096 CP000621 CP000621 111 fasta UniProt
species Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens 
222 Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens plasmid pOM1 2,804 L31579 L31579   2 fasta UniProt
species Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus 
223a Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus B316 plasmid pCY186 186,325 CP001813 CP001813 PRJNA29153 198 fasta UniProt
223b Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus B316 plasmid pCY360 361,399 CP001812 CP001812 423 fasta UniProt
species Caedibacter taeniospiralis 
224 Caedibacter taeniospiralis plasmid pKAP298 49,112 AY422720 AY422720   56 fasta UniProt
species Caldicellulosiruptor bescii 
225a Caldicellulosiruptor bescii DSM 6725 plasmid pATHE01 8,291 CP001394 CP001394 PRJNA29407 8 fasta UniProt
225b Caldicellulosiruptor bescii DSM 6725 plasmid pATHE02 3,653 CP001395 CP001395 4 fasta UniProt
species Campylobacter coli 
226a Campylobacter coli plasmid p3384 3,316 AY948116 AY948116   3 fasta UniProt
226b Campylobacter coli plasmid p3386 2,426 AY948117 AY948117   3 fasta UniProt
226c Campylobacter coli plasmid pCC31 44,707 AY394560 AY394560   50 fasta UniProt
227a Campylobacter coli RM2228 plasmid pCC2228-1 1,307 DQ518170 DQ518170   1 fasta UniProt
227b Campylobacter coli RM2228 plasmid pCC2228-2 3,303 DQ518171 DQ518171   3 fasta UniProt
227c Campylobacter coli RM2228 plasmid pCC2228-3 4,276 DQ518172 DQ518172   3 fasta UniProt
species Campylobacter concisus 
228a Campylobacter concisus 13826 plasmid pCCON16 16,457 CP000794 CP000794 PRJNA17159 23 fasta UniProt
228b Campylobacter concisus 13826 plasmid pCCON31 30,949 CP000793 CP000793 33 fasta UniProt
species Campylobacter fetus 
229 Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis plasmid pCFV108 3,724 EF050075 EF050075   4 fasta UniProt
species Campylobacter hominis 
230 Campylobacter hominis ATCC BAA-381 plasmid pCH4 3,678 CP000775 CP000775 PRJNA20083 5 fasta UniProt
species Campylobacter jejuni 
231a Campylobacter jejuni plasmid pCJ01 3,212 AF301164 AF301164   4 fasta UniProt
231b Campylobacter jejuni plasmid pCJ419 4,013 AY256846 AY256846   4 fasta UniProt
231c Campylobacter jejuni plasmid pCJ1170 4,381 DQ518173 DQ518173   3 fasta UniProt
231d Campylobacter jejuni plasmid pTet 45,205 AY394561 AY394561   49 fasta UniProt
231e Campylobacter jejuni strain 81-176 plasmid pTet 45,210 AY714214 AY714214   44 fasta UniProt
232a Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 81-176 virulence plasmid pVir 37,468 AF226280 AF226280   52 fasta UniProt
232b Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 81-176 plasmid pTet, partial 45,025 CP000549 CP000549 PRJNA16135 52 fasta UniProt
232c Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 81-176 plasmid pVir 37,473 CP000550 CP000550 53 fasta UniProt
233 Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni IA3902 plasmid pVir 37,174 CP001877 CP001877 PRJNA28907 53 fasta UniProt
species Campylobacter lari 
234a Campylobacter lari plasmid pCL300 3,634 AB211496 AB211496   4 fasta UniProt
234b Campylobacter lari plasmid pUPTC237 3,828 AB256957 AB256957   4 fasta UniProt
235 Campylobacter lari RM2100 megaplasmid pCL2100 46,201 CP000933 CP000933 PRJNA12517 41 fasta UniProt
species Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis 
236a Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis clade IIA str. UW-1 plasmid pAph01 167,595 CP001716 CP001716 PRJNA29435 154 fasta UniProt
236b Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis clade IIA str. UW-1 plasmid pAph02 42,325 CP001717 CP001717 40 fasta UniProt
236c Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis clade IIA str. UW-1 plasmid pAph03 37,695 CP001718 CP001718 40 fasta UniProt
species Candidatus Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae 
237a Candidatus Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae genomovar. CFP2 plasmid pCFPG1 37,560 AP010657 AP010657 PRJDA29025 37 fasta UniProt
237b Candidatus Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae genomovar. CFP2 plasmid pCFPG2 37,111 AP010658 AP010658 28 fasta UniProt
237c Candidatus Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae genomovar. CFP2 plasmid pCFPG3 31,893 AP010659 AP010659 25 fasta UniProt
237d Candidatus Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae genomovar. CFP2 plasmid pCFPG4 4,149 AP010660 AP010660 4 fasta UniProt
species Candidatus Hamiltonella defensa 
238 Candidatus Hamiltonella defensa 5AT (Acyrthosiphon pisum) plasmid pHD5AT 59,032 CP001278 CP001278 PRJNA31259 55 fasta UniProt
species Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense 
239a Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense plasmid pCPa 3,773 DQ119295 DQ119295   4 fasta UniProt
239b Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense plasmid pPAPh2 3,607 DQ318776 DQ318776   4 fasta UniProt
239c Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense plasmid pPASb11 3,635 DQ318777 DQ318777   4 fasta UniProt
species Candidatus Rickettsia amblyommii 
240a Candidatus Rickettsia amblyommii strain AaR/SC plasmid pRAM18 18,344 GU322808 GU322808   16 fasta UniProt
240b Candidatus Rickettsia amblyommii strain AaR/SC plasmid pRAM23 22,852 GU322807 GU322807   12 fasta UniProt
species Candidatus Riesia pediculicola 
241 Candidatus Riesia pediculicola USDA plasmid pPAN 7,737 CP001086 CP001086 PRJNA29065 10 fasta UniProt
species Capnocytophaga canimorsus 
242 Capnocytophaga canimorsus plasmid pCC7 4,579 EU741249 EU741249   4 fasta UniProt
species Cardinium endosymbiont of Encarsia pergandiella 
243 Cardinium endosymbiont cEper1 of Encarsia pergandiella plasmid pCher 57,800 HE983996 HE983996 PRJEA66421 n/a
species Caulobacter sp. K31 
244a Caulobacter sp. K31 plasmid pCAUL01 233,649 CP000928 CP000928 PRJNA16306 212 fasta UniProt
244b Caulobacter sp. K31 plasmid pCAUL02 177,878 CP000929 CP000929 165 fasta UniProt
species Chelativorans sp. BNC1 
245a Chelativorans sp. BNC1 plasmid 1 343,931 CP000389 CP000389 PRJNA10690 311 fasta UniProt
245b Chelativorans sp. BNC1 plasmid 2 131,247 CP000391 CP000391 113 fasta UniProt
245c Chelativorans sp. BNC1 plasmid 3 47,561 CP000392 CP000392 49 fasta UniProt
species Chlamydia muridarum (Description) 
246 Chlamydia muridarum str. Nigg plasmid pMoPn 7,501 AE002162 AE002162 PRJNA229 8 fasta UniProt
species Chlamydia pneumoniae 
247 Chlamydophila pneumoniae LPCoLN plasmid 7,530 CP001714 CP001714 PRJNA17947 8 fasta UniProt
species Chlamydia psittaci 
248 Chlamydia psittaci plasmid pCpA1 7,553 X62475 X62475   9 fasta UniProt
species Chlamydia trachomatis 
249a Chlamydia trachomatis cryptic plasmid pLGV440 7,500 X06707 X06707   8 fasta UniProt
249b Chlamydia trachomatis Plasmid pCHL1 7,502 J03321 J03321   8 fasta UniProt
249c Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pL2 7,499 AM886278 AM886278   9 fasta UniProt
249d Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pUCH-1 7,500 AM886279 AM886279   8 fasta UniProt
249e Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pCTB, strain B/TZ1A828/OT, serovar B 7,502 FM865437 FM865437 PRJEA32367 8 fasta UniProt
249f Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pJALI, strain Jali20, serovar B 7,506 FM865438 FM865438 PRJEA32369 8 fasta UniProt
249g Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pSW2, strain Sweden2, serovar E 7,169 FM865439 FM865439 PRJEA32371 7 fasta UniProt
249h Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pSW3, strain Sweden3, serovar E 7,502 FM865440 FM865440 PRJEA71079 8 fasta UniProt
249i Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pSW4, strain Sweden4, serovar F 7,493 FM865441 FM865441 PRJEA71085 8 fasta UniProt
249j Chlamydia trachomatis plasmid pSW5, strain Sweden5, serovar F 7,471 FM865442 FM865442 PRJEA71087 8 fasta UniProt
250 Chlamydia trachomatis A/HAR-13 plasmid pCTA 7,510 CP000052 CP000052 PRJNA13885 8 fasta UniProt
251 Chlamydia trachomatis D-EC plasmid pCTDEC1 7,493 CP002053 CP002053 PRJNA48087 8 fasta UniProt
252 Chlamydia trachomatis D-LC plasmid pCTDLC1 7,493 CP002055 CP002055 PRJNA48089 8 fasta UniProt
253 Chlamydia trachomatis IU824 plasmid pIU824 7,502 HF562299 HF562299 PRJEB223 n/a
254 Chlamydia trachomatis IU888 plasmid pIU888 7,502 HF562301 HF562301 PRJEB627 n/a
species Chlamydophila caviae 
255 Chlamydophila caviae GPIC plasmid pCpGP1 7,966 AE015926 AE015926 PRJNA228 7 fasta UniProt
species Chlamydophila felis 
256 Chlamydophila felis Fe/C-56 plasmid pCfe1 7,552 AP006862 AP006862 PRJNA370 8 fasta UniProt
species Chlorobium limicola 
257 Chlorobium limicola strain DSM 249 endogenous plasmid pCL1 14,636 U77780 U77780   6 fasta UniProt
species Citrobacter freundii 
258 Citrobacter freundii plasmid pCTX-M3 89,468 AF550415 AF550415   105 fasta UniProt
species Citrobacter koseri 
259a Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895 plasmid pCKO2 5,601 CP000824 CP000824 PRJNA12716 13 fasta UniProt
259b Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895 plasmid pCKO3 9,294 CP000823 CP000823 15 fasta UniProt
species Citrobacter rodentium 
260 Citrobacter rodentium strain DBS100 plasmid pCRP3 3,172 AF311902 AF311902   6 fasta UniProt
261a Citrobacter rodentium ICC168 plasmid pCROD1 54,449 FN543503 FN543503 PRJEA34685 55 fasta UniProt
261b Citrobacter rodentium ICC168 plasmid pCROD2 39,265 FN543504 FN543504 54 fasta UniProt
261c Citrobacter rodentium ICC168 plasmid pCROD3 3,910 FN543505 FN543505 3 fasta UniProt
species Clavibacter michiganensis 
262a Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis NCPPB 382, plasmid pCM1 27,357 AM711865 AM711865 PRJNA19643 28 fasta UniProt
262b Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis NCPPB 382, plasmid pCM2 69,989 AM711866 AM711866 67 fasta UniProt
263a Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus plasmid pCS1 50,350 AM849035 AM849035 PRJNA184 64 fasta UniProt
263b Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus plasmid pCSL1 94,791 AM849036 AM849036 109 fasta UniProt
species Clostridium acetobutylicum 
264 Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824 megaplasmid pSOL1 192,000 AE001438 AE001438 PRJNA77 176 fasta UniProt
265 Clostridium acetobutylicum EA 2018 plasmid 191,996 CP002119 CP002119 PRJNA50455 176 fasta UniProt
species Clostridium botulinum 
266a Clostridium botulinum plasmid pC2C203U28 106,981 AP010934 AP010934   122 fasta UniProt
266b Clostridium botulinum plasmid pMI06 DNA strain: Miyagi2006 21,001 AB910391 AB910391   n/a
266c Clostridium botulinum plasmid pMI06-01 DNA strain: Miyagi2006-01 21,001 AB910519 AB910519   n/a
266d Clostridium botulinum plasmid pTO08 DNA strain: Tochigi2008 21,001 AB910520 AB910520   n/a
267 Clostridium botulinum A3 str. Loch Maree plasmid pCLK 266,785 CP000963 CP000963 PRJNA28507 329 fasta UniProt
268 Clostridium botulinum A str. ATCC 3502 plasmid pBOT3502 16,344 AM412318 AM412318 PRJNA193 18 fasta UniProt
269 Clostridium botulinum B1 str. Okra plasmid pCLD 148,780 CP000940 CP000940 PRJNA28505 194 fasta UniProt
270a Clostridium botulinum B str. Eklund 17B (NRP) 47,689 FR745876 FR745876 PRJEA60761 n/a
270b Clostridium botulinum B str. Eklund 17B (NRP) 47,642 CP001057 CP001057 PRJNA28857 50 fasta UniProt
271a Clostridium botulinum Ba4 str. 657 plasmid pCLJ 270,022 CP001081 CP001081 PRJNA29077 306 fasta UniProt
271b Clostridium botulinum Ba4 str. 657 plasmid pCLJ2 9,953 CP001082 CP001082 6 fasta UniProt
272a Clostridium botulinum D str. 1873 plasmid pCLG1 107,690 CP001659 CP001659 PRJNA33173 124 fasta UniProt
272b Clostridium botulinum D str. 1873 plasmid pCLG2 54,152 CP001660 CP001660 48 fasta UniProt
273 Clostridium botulinum F str. 230613 plasmid pCBF 17,531 CP002012 CP002012 PRJNA47575 25 fasta UniProt
274 Clostridium botulinum F str. Langeland plasmid pCLI 17,531 CP000729 CP000729 PRJNA19519 24 fasta UniProt
species Clostridium butyricum 
275 Clostridium butyricum plasmid pCBM588 DNA, complete sequence, strain: MIYAIRI 588 8,060 AB365348 AB365348   9 fasta UniProt
species Clostridium carboxidivorans 
276 Clostridium carboxidivorans P7 plasmid p19 19,899 HM590571 HM590571   n/a
species Clostridium kluyveri 
277 Clostridium kluyveri DSM 555 plasmid pCKL555A 59,182 CP000674 CP000674 PRJNA19065 75 fasta UniProt
278 Clostridium kluyveri NBRC 12016 plasmid pCKL1 59,182 AP009050 AP009050 PRJDA33271 55 fasta UniProt
species Clostridium perfringens 
279a Clostridium perfringens F4969 plasmid pCPF4969 70,480 AB236336 AB236336   60 fasta UniProt
279b Clostridium perfringens F5603 plasmid pCPF5603 75,268 AB236337 AB236337   73 fasta UniProt
279c Clostridium perfringens plasmid pBCNF5603 36,695 AB189671 AB189671   36 fasta UniProt
279d Clostridium perfringens plasmid pCP8533etx 64,753 AB444205 AB444205   63 fasta UniProt
279e Clostridium perfringens plasmid pIP404 10,206 M32882 M32882   10 fasta UniProt
279f Clostridium perfringens strain CW92 plasmid pCW3 47,263 DQ366035 DQ366035   51 fasta UniProt
280a Clostridium perfringens SM101 plasmid pSM101A 12,397 CP000313 CP000313 PRJNA12521 10 fasta UniProt
280b Clostridium perfringens SM101 plasmid pSM101B 12,206 CP000314 CP000314 10 fasta UniProt
281 Clostridium perfringens str. 13 plasmid pCP13 54,310 AP003515 AP003515 PRJNA79 62 fasta UniProt
species Clostridium sp. MCF-1 
282 Clostridium sp. MCF-1 indigenous plasmid 2,450 U59416 U59416   1 fasta UniProt
species Clostridium tetani 
283 Clostridium tetani 12124569, plasmid p12124569 58,369 HG530136 HG530136 PRJEB4542 n/a
284 Clostridium tetani E88 plasmid pE88 74,082 AF528097 AF528097 PRJNA81 59 fasta UniProt
species Collimonas fungivorans 
285 Collimonas fungivorans plasmid pTer331 40,457 EU315244 EU315244 PRJNA16085 44 fasta UniProt
species Comamonadaceae bacterium B1 
286 Comamonadaceae bacterium B1 plasmid pSMB1 16,368 AP014570 AP014570 PRJDB1608 n/a
species Comamonas testosteroni 
287 Comamonas testosteroni PtL5 cryptic plasmid pPT1 15,398 AF076997 AF076997   n/a
288 Comamonas testosteroni CNB-1, plasmid pCNB 91,181 EF079106 EF079106   92 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium aurimucosum 
289 Corynebacterium aurimucosum plasmid pET44827 29,037 FM164414 FM164414 PRJNA37279 20 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium callunae 
290 Corynebacterium callunae cryptic plasmid pCC1 4,109 AJ308231 AJ308231   1 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium casei 
291 Corynebacterium casei plasmid pCASE1 2,461 AB444587 AB444587   3 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium diphtheriae 
292a Corynebacterium diphtheriae plasmid pNG2 15,100 AF492560 AF492560   16 fasta UniProt
292b Corynebacterium diphtheriae plasmid pNGA2 4,191 AY061891 AY061891   3 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium efficiens 
293a Corynebacterium efficiens YS-314 plasmid pCE2 23,743 AP005225 AP005225 PRJNA305 15 fasta UniProt
293b Corynebacterium efficiens Ys-314 plasmid pCE3 48,672 AP005226 AP005226 41 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium glutamicum (Description) 
294a Corynebacterium glutamicum 227 plasmid pXZ608 5,949 AF479770 AF479770   1 fasta UniProt
294b Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13869 native 4.45 kb plasmid 4,457 X03987 X03987   n/a
294c Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pAG3 4,603 AY172684 AY172684   6 fasta UniProt
294d Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pAM330 DNA 4,448 D00038 D00038   2 fasta UniProt
294e Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pBl1 4,447 AF092037 AF092037   1 fasta UniProt
294f Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pCG2 6,758 AY172685 AY172685   6 fasta UniProt
294g Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pCGR2 24,235 AB525231 AB525231   20 fasta UniProt
294h Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pGA2 19,218 AY172687 AY172687   15 fasta UniProt
294i Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pSR1 3,054 Z22927 Z22927   2 fasta UniProt
294j Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pTET3 27,856 AJ420072 AJ420072   25 fasta UniProt
294k Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pXZ10142 2,444 X72691 X72691   5 fasta UniProt
294l Corynebacterium glutamicum plasmid pXZ10145.1 4,885 U85507 U85507   6 fasta UniProt
294m Corynebacterium glutamicum strain 22243 R-plasmid pAG1 19,751 AF121000 AF121000   19 fasta UniProt
294n Corynebacterium glutamicum strain ATCC31830 R-plasmid pCG4 29,371 AF164956 AF164956   31 fasta UniProt
295 Corynebacterium glutamicum R plasmid pCGR1 49,120 AP009045 AP009045 PRJDA19193 28 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium jeikeium 
296a Corynebacterium jeikeium plasmid pA501 19,934 AY266269 AY266269   22 fasta UniProt
296b Corynebacterium jeikeium plasmid pA505 11,946 AY263990 AY263990   11 fasta UniProt
296c Corynebacterium jeikeium plasmid pB85766 14,875 AF486522 AF486522   16 fasta UniProt
296d Corynebacterium jeikeium plasmid pCJ84 7,580 AY048596 AY048596   8 fasta UniProt
296e Corynebacterium jeikeium plasmid pK43 7,617 AF364477 AF364477   9 fasta UniProt
296f Corynebacterium jeikeium plasmid pK64 10,904 AY079086 AY079086   15 fasta UniProt
297 Corynebacterium jeikeium K411 plasmid pKW4 14,323 AF401314 AF401314 PRJNA13967 16 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium renale 
298a Corynebacterium renale plasmid pCR1 1,488 X99132 X99132   1 fasta UniProt
298b Corynebacterium renale plasmid pCR2 3,195 EF488047 EF488047   n/a
species Corynebacterium resistens 
299 Corynebacterium resistens plasmid pJA144188 28,312 FN825254 FN825254   19 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium sp. L2-79-05 
300a Corynebacterium sp. L2-79-05 plasmid pLEW279a 34,606 DQ390458 DQ390458   42 fasta UniProt
300b Corynebacterium sp. L2-79-05 plasmid pLEW279b 29,854 DQ390457 DQ390457   27 fasta UniProt
species Corynebacterium striatum 
301 Corynebacterium striatum R-plasmid pTP10 51,409 AF024666 AF024666   36 fasta UniProt
species Coxiella burnetii 
302a Coxiella burnetii plasmid QpH1 37,329 X75356 X75356   37 fasta UniProt
302b Coxiella burnetii strain R1140 plasmid QpDV 32,601 AF131076 AF131076   34 fasta UniProt
303 Coxiella burnetii 'MSU Goat Q177' plasmid QpRS 39,281 CP000914 CP000914 PRJNA17747 6 fasta UniProt
304 Coxiella burnetii CbuK_Q154 plasmid pQpRS_K_Q154 39,280 CP001021 CP001021 PRJNA19139 42 fasta UniProt
305 Coxiella burnetii Dugway 5J108-111 plasmid pQpDG 54,179 CP000735 CP000735 PRJNA16721 52 fasta UniProt
306 Coxiella burnetii RSA 331 plasmid QpH1 37,317 CP000889 CP000889 PRJNA16791 45 fasta UniProt
307 Coxiella burnetii RSA 493 plasmid pQpH1 37,393 AE016829 AE016829 PRJNA41 34 fasta UniProt
species Cronobacter sakazakii 
308a Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC BAA-894 plasmid pESA2 31,208 CP000784 CP000784 PRJNA12720 38 fasta UniProt
308b Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC BAA-894 plasmid pESA3 131,196 CP000785 CP000785 127 fasta UniProt
species Cronobacter turicensis 
309a Cronobacter turicensis z3032 plasmid pCTU1 138,339 FN543094 FN543094 PRJEA39965 136 fasta UniProt
309b Cronobacter turicensis z3032 plasmid pCTU2 22,448 FN543095 FN543095 32 fasta UniProt
309c Cronobacter turicensis z3032 plasmid pCTU3 53,842 FN543096 FN543096 74 fasta UniProt
species Cupriavidus metallidurans 
310a Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 plasmid pMOL28 171,461 X90708 X90708   114 fasta UniProt
310b Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 plasmid pMOL30 233,755 X71400 X71400   177 fasta UniProt
310c Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 plasmid pMOL28 171,459 CP000355 CP000355 PRJNA250 156 fasta UniProt
310d Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 plasmid pMOL30 233,720 CP000354 CP000354 199 fasta UniProt
species Cupriavidus necator 
311a Cupriavidus necator N-1 plasmid pBB1 1,499,175 CP002879 CP002879 PRJNA67893 1,359 fasta UniProt
311b Cupriavidus necator N-1 plasmid pBB2 424,140 CP002880 CP002880 383 fasta UniProt
312 Ralstonia eutropha H16 452,156 AY305378 AY305378 PRJNA13603 414 fasta UniProt
species Cupriavidus pinatubonensis 
313a Ralstonia eutropha JMP134 megaplasmid 634,917 CP000092 CP000092 PRJNA10646 511 fasta UniProt
313b Ralstonia eutropha JMP134 plasmid 1 87,688 CP000093 CP000093 88 fasta UniProt
313c Ralstonia eutropha JMP134 plasmid pJP4 87,688 AY365053 AY365053   87 fasta UniProt
species Cupriavidus taiwanensis 
314a Cupriavidus taiwanensis plasmid pTJ86-1 2,221 DQ459356 DQ459356   1 fasta UniProt
314b Cupriavidus taiwanensis plasmid pTJ86-2 2,229 DQ459357 DQ459357   1 fasta UniProt
314c Cupriavidus taiwanensis str. LMG19424 plasmid pRALTA 557,200 CU633751 CU633751 PRJNA15733 467 fasta UniProt
species Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142 
315a Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142 plasmid A 39,620 CP000808 CP000808 PRJNA20319 38 fasta UniProt
315b Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142 plasmid B 31,856 CP000809 CP000809 25 fasta UniProt
315c Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142 plasmid C 14,685 CP000810 CP000810 19 fasta UniProt
315d Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142 plasmid D 10,244 CP000811 CP000811 11 fasta UniProt
species Cyanothece sp. PCC 7424 
316a Cyanothece sp. PCC 7424 plasmid pP742401 328,635 CP001292 CP001292 PRJNA20479 228 fasta UniProt
316b Cyanothece sp. PCC 7424 plasmid pP742402 197,705 CP001293 CP001293 173 fasta UniProt
316c Cyanothece sp. PCC 7424 plasmid pP742403 29,239 CP001294 CP001294 26 fasta UniProt
316d Cyanothece sp. PCC 7424 plasmid pP742404 22,636 CP001295 CP001295 19 fasta UniProt
316e Cyanothece sp. PCC 7424 plasmid pP742405 18,083 CP001296 CP001296 16 fasta UniProt
316f Cyanothece sp. PCC 7424 plasmid pP742406 15,219 CP001297 CP001297 11 fasta UniProt
species Cyanothece sp. PCC 7425 
317a Cyanothece sp. PCC 7425 plasmid pP742501 196,837 CP001345 CP001345 PRJNA28337 159 fasta UniProt
317b Cyanothece sp. PCC 7425 plasmid pP742502 179,973 CP001346 CP001346 162 fasta UniProt
317c Cyanothece sp. PCC 7425 plasmid pP742503 34,726 CP001347 CP001347 29 fasta UniProt
species Cyanothece sp. PCC 7822 
318a Cyanothece sp. PCC 7822 plasmid Cy782201 879,545 CP002199 CP002199 PRJNA28535 545 fasta UniProt
318b Cyanothece sp. PCC 7822 plasmid Cy782202 473,846 CP002200 CP002200 363 fasta UniProt
318c Cyanothece sp. PCC 7822 plasmid Cy782203 291,993 CP002201 CP002201 233 fasta UniProt
318d Cyanothece sp. PCC 7822 plasmid Cy782204 47,550 CP002202 CP002202 28 fasta UniProt
318e Cyanothece sp. PCC 7822 plasmid Cy782205 43,617 CP002203 CP002203 33 fasta UniProt
318f Cyanothece sp. PCC 7822 plasmid Cy782206 13,777 CP002204 CP002204 13 fasta UniProt
species Cyanothece sp. PCC 8801 
319a Cyanothece sp. PCC 8801 plasmid pP880101 50,894 CP001288 CP001288 PRJNA20503 47 fasta UniProt
319b Cyanothece sp. PCC 8801 plasmid pP880102 40,786 CP001289 CP001289 42 fasta UniProt
319c Cyanothece sp. PCC 8801 plasmid pP880103 16,601 CP001290 CP001290 11 fasta UniProt
species Cyanothece sp. PCC 8802 
320a Cyanothece sp. PCC 8802 plasmid pP880201 75,678 CP001702 CP001702 PRJNA28339 58 fasta UniProt
320b Cyanothece sp. PCC 8802 plasmid pP880202 23,870 CP001703 CP001703 24 fasta UniProt
320c Cyanothece sp. PCC 8802 plasmid pP880203 22,723 CP001704 CP001704 29 fasta UniProt
320d Cyanothece sp. PCC 8802 plasmid pP880204 11,263 CP001705 CP001705 13 fasta UniProt
species Cylindrospermum sp. A1345 
321a Cylindrospermum sp. A1345 plasmid pCYLM01 2,175 EF221636 EF221636   2 fasta UniProt
321b Cylindrospermum sp. A1345 plasmid pCYLM02 4,359 EF452232 EF452232   6 fasta UniProt
species Deferribacter desulfuricans 
322 Deferribacter desulfuricans SSM1 plasmid megaplasmid pDF308 308,544 AP011530 AP011530 PRJDA37285 225 fasta UniProt
species Deinococcus deserti 
323a Deinococcus deserti VCD115 plasmid 1 324,711 CP001115 CP001115 PRJNA16691 263 fasta UniProt
323b Deinococcus deserti VCD115 plasmid 2 314,317 CP001116 CP001116 249 fasta UniProt
323c Deinococcus deserti VCD115 plasmid 3 396,459 CP001117 CP001117 349 fasta UniProt
species Deinococcus geothermalis 
324a Deinococcus geothermalis DSM 11300 plasmid 1 574,127 CP000358 CP000358 PRJNA13423 505 fasta UniProt
324b Deinococcus geothermalis DSM 11300 plasmid pDGEO02 205,686 CP000856 CP000856 195 fasta UniProt
species Deinococcus radiodurans (Description) 
325a Deinococcus radiodurans R1 megaplasmid MP1 177,466 AE001826 AE001826 PRJNA65 129 fasta UniProt
325b Deinococcus radiodurans R1 plasmid CP1 45,704 AE001827 AE001827 35 fasta UniProt
species Deinococcus radiopugnans 
326 Deinococcus radiopugnans plasmid pUE30 2,467 AB473550 AB473550   2 fasta UniProt
species Delftia acidovorans 
327 Delftia acidovorans plasmid pUO1 67,066 AB063332 AB063332   68 fasta UniProt
species Desulfobacterium autotrophicum 
328 Desulfobacterium autotrophicum HRM2 plasmid pHRM2a 68,709 CP001088 CP001088 PRJNA20931 70 fasta UniProt
species Desulfohalobium retbaense 
329 Desulfohalobium retbaense DSM 5692 plasmid pDRET01 45,263 CP001735 CP001735 PRJNA29199 47 fasta UniProt
species Desulfomonile tiedjei 
330 Desulfomonile tiedjei DSM 6799 plasmid pDESTI.01 26,923 CP003361 CP003361 PRJNA43133 25 fasta UniProt
species Desulfotalea psychrophila 
331a Desulfotalea psychrophila LSv54 large plasmid 121,587 CR522871 CR522871 PRJNA12751 101 fasta UniProt
331b Desulfotalea psychrophila LSv54 small plasmid 14,664 CR522872 CR522872 17 fasta UniProt
species Desulfovibrio hydrothermalis 
332 Desulfovibrio hydrothermalis AM13 = DSM 14728 plasmid DESAM_p 5,328 FO203523 FO203523 PRJEB582 n/a
species Desulfovibrio magneticus 
333a Desulfovibrio magneticus RS-1 plasmid pDMC1 58,704 AP010905 AP010905 PRJDA32105 63 fasta UniProt
333b Desulfovibrio magneticus RS-1 plasmid pDMC2 8,867 AP010906 AP010906 10 fasta UniProt
species Desulfovibrio vulgaris 
334 Desulfovibrio vulgaris DP4 plasmid pDVUL01 198,504 CP000528 CP000528 PRJNA17227 150 fasta UniProt
335 Desulfovibrio vulgaris RCH1 plasmid pDEVAL01 202,305 CP002298 CP002298 PRJNA32603 154 fasta UniProt
336 Desulfovibrio vulgaris str. Hildenborough plasmid pDV 202,301 AE017286 AE017286 PRJNA51 152 fasta UniProt
species Dichelobacter nodosus 
337 Dichelobacter nodosus plasmid DN1 5,112 Y19120 Y19120   7 fasta UniProt
species Dictyostelium discoideum (Description) 
338 Dictyostelium discoideum plasmid Ddp5 14,955 AF000580 AF000580   6 fasta UniProt
species Dictyostelium firmibasis 
339 Dictyostelium firmibasis plasmid Dfp1 5,015 AF076279 AF076279   1 fasta UniProt
species Dictyostelium giganteum 
340 Dictyostelium giganteum plasmid Dgp1 4,481 U94491 U94491   1 fasta UniProt
species Dinoroseobacter shibae 
341a Dinoroseobacter shibae DFL 12 = DSM 16493 plasmid pDSHI01 190,506 CP000831 CP000831 PRJNA17417 193 fasta UniProt
341b Dinoroseobacter shibae DFL 12 = DSM 16493 plasmid pDSHI02 152,970 CP000832 CP000832 137 fasta UniProt
341c Dinoroseobacter shibae DFL 12 = DSM 16493 plasmid pDSHI03 126,304 CP000833 CP000833 135 fasta UniProt
341d Dinoroseobacter shibae DFL 12 = DSM 16493 plasmid pDSHI04 86,208 CP000834 CP000834 68 fasta UniProt
341e Dinoroseobacter shibae DFL 12 = DSM 16493 plasmid pDSHI05 72,296 CP000835 CP000835 73 fasta UniProt
species Edwardsiella ictaluri 
342a Edwardsiella ictaluri plasmid pEI1 4,807 AF244083 AF244083   5 fasta UniProt
342b Edwardsiella ictaluri plasmid pEI2 5,643 AF244084 AF244084   2 fasta UniProt
species Edwardsiella tarda 
343 Edwardsiella tarda EIB202 plasmid pEIB202 43,703 CP001136 CP001136 PRJNA28539 53 fasta UniProt
344 Edwardsiella tarda FL6-60 plasmid pFL6-60 44,194 CP002155 CP002155 PRJNA45969 62 fasta UniProt
species Eikenella corrodens 
345 Eikenella corrodens plasmid pMU1 8,696 AB193120 AB193120   7 fasta UniProt
species endophytic bacterium LOB-07 
346 Endophytic bacterium LOB-07 plasmid pLK39 4,029 GQ353340 GQ353340   5 fasta UniProt
species Enterobacter aerogenes 
347 Enterobacter aerogenes plasmid R751 53,423 U67194 U67194   65 fasta UniProt
species Enterobacter cloacae 
348a Enterobacter cloacae plasmid pCHE-A 7,560 EU266532 EU266532   6 fasta UniProt
348b Enterobacter cloacae plasmid pEC01 5,002 AB117929 AB117929   5 fasta UniProt
348c Enterobacter cloacae plasmid pEC-IMP 318,782 EU855787 EU855787   297 fasta UniProt
348d Enterobacter cloacae plasmid pEC-IMPQ 324,503 EU855788 EU855788   298 fasta UniProt
348e Enterobacter cloacae plasmid pUL3AT containing class 3 integron In3-5, isolate LIM73 9,005 HE616889 HE616889   6 fasta UniProt
349a Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 plasmid pECL_A 199,562 CP001919 CP001919 PRJNA45793 269 fasta UniProt
349b Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 plasmid pECL_B 84,653 CP001920 CP001920 124 fasta UniProt
species Enterobacter sp. 638 
350 Enterobacter sp. 638 plasmid pENTE01 157,749 CP000654 CP000654 PRJNA17461 123 fasta UniProt
species Enterobacter sp. RFL1396 
351 Enterobacter sp. RFL1396 plasmid pEsp1396 5,622 AF527822 AF527822   5 fasta UniProt
species Enterococcus faecalis 
352a Enterococcus faecalis DS16 transposon Tn916 18,032 U09422 U09422   24 fasta UniProt
352b Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pAMalpha1 9,759 AF503772 AF503772   9 fasta UniProt
352c Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pCF10 67,673 AY855841 AY855841   58 fasta UniProt
352d Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pEF1071 9,328 AF164559 AF164559   9 fasta UniProt
352e Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pMG2200 106,527 AB374546 AB374546   114 fasta UniProt
352f Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pRE25 50,237 X92945 X92945   55 fasta UniProt
352g Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pWZ1668 48,365 GQ484956 GQ484956   40 fasta UniProt
352h Enterococcus faecalis strain DS5 plasmid pAMbeta1 27,815 GU128949 GU128949   32 fasta UniProt
352i Enterococcus faecalis strain E99 plasmid pBEE99 80,600 GU046453 GU046453   89 fasta UniProt
352j Enterococcus faecalis strain EF-01 plasmid pEF-01 32,388 CP002208 CP002208   28 fasta UniProt
352k Enterococcus faecalis plasmid pAM373 36,804 AE002565 AE002565 PRJNA16044 49 fasta UniProt
353a Enterococcus faecalis V583 plasmid pTEF1 66,320 AE016833 AE016833 PRJNA70 67 fasta UniProt
353b Enterococcus faecalis V583 plasmid pTEF2 57,660 AE016831 AE016831 62 fasta UniProt
353c Enterococcus faecalis V583 plasmid pTEF3 17,963 AE016832 AE016832 18 fasta UniProt
species Enterococcus faecium 
354a Enterococcus faecium plasmid pCIZ2 7,383 DQ832184 DQ832184   10 fasta UniProt
354b Enterococcus faecium plasmid pEF1 21,344 DQ198088 DQ198088   34 fasta UniProt
354c Enterococcus faecium plasmid pHT beta 52,890 AB183714 AB183714   61 fasta UniProt
354d Enterococcus faecium plasmid pIP816 34,616 AM932524 AM932524   28 fasta UniProt
354e Enterococcus faecium plasmid pJB01 2,235 AY425961 AY425961   2 fasta UniProt
354f Enterococcus faecium plasmid pJS33 3,175 EU370687 EU370687   3 fasta UniProt
354g Enterococcus faecium plasmid pJS42 4,147 EU370688 EU370688   2 fasta UniProt
354h Enterococcus faecium plasmid pMG1 65,029 AB206333 AB206333   71 fasta UniProt
354i Enterococcus faecium plasmid pRI1 6,038 EU327398 EU327398   8 fasta UniProt
354j Enterococcus faecium plasmid pRUM 24,873 AF507977 AF507977   31 fasta UniProt
354k Enterococcus faecium plasmid pVEF1 39,626 AM296544 AM296544   41 fasta UniProt
354l Enterococcus faecium plasmid pVEF2 39,714 AM410096 AM410096   39 fasta UniProt
354m Enterococcus faecium plasmid pVEF3 63,135 AM931300 AM931300   63 fasta UniProt
354n Enterococcus faecium plasmid p5753cA 21,806 GQ900435 GQ900435 PRJNA37835 27 fasta UniProt
species Erwinia amylovora 
355a Erwinia amylovora plasmid pEA1.7 1,711 AY123046 AY123046   5 fasta UniProt
355b Erwinia amylovora plasmid pEA2.8 2,825 AY123047 AY123047   4 fasta UniProt
355c Erwinia amylovora plasmid pEA29 28,185 AF264948 AF264948   21 fasta UniProt
355d Erwinia amylovora strain LebB66 plasmid pEL60 60,145 AY422214 AY422214   68 fasta UniProt
355e Erwinia amylovora strain UTRJ2 plasmid pEU30 30,314 AY422215 AY422215   25 fasta UniProt
356a Erwinia amylovora ATCC 49946 plasmid 1 28,243 FN666576 FN666576 PRJEA43757 41 fasta UniProt
356b Erwinia amylovora ATCC 49946 plasmid 2 71,487 FN666577 FN666577 87 fasta UniProt
357 Erwinia amylovora CFBP1430 plasmid pEA29 28,259 FN434114 FN434114 PRJNA46805 29 fasta UniProt
species Erwinia billingiae 
358a Erwinia billingiae strain Eb661 complete plasmid pEB102 102,323 FP236826 FP236826 PRJEA34781 114 fasta UniProt
358b Erwinia billingiae strain Eb661 complete plasmid pEB170 169,778 FP236830 FP236830 220 fasta UniProt
species Erwinia pyrifoliae 
359a Erwinia pyrifoliae strain Ep1/96 plasmid pEP36 35,904 AY123045 AY123045   32 fasta UniProt
359b Erwinia pyrifoliae strain Ep1/96 complete plasmid pEp2.6 2,590 FP928999 FP928999 PRJEA34779 6 fasta UniProt
359c Erwinia pyrifoliae strain Ep1/96 complete plasmid pEp03 3,070 FP236827 FP236827 4 fasta UniProt
359d Erwinia pyrifoliae strain Ep1/96 complete plasmid pEp05 4,955 FP236828 FP236828 5 fasta UniProt
359e Erwinia pyrifoliae strain Ep1/96 complete plasmid pEp36 35,909 FP236829 FP236829 37 fasta UniProt
360a Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163 plasmid pEP2.6 2,610 FN392236 FN392236 PRJEA37877 1 fasta UniProt
360b Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163 plasmid pEP3 3,070 FN392237 FN392237 4 fasta UniProt
360c Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163 plasmid pEp5 4,960 FN392239 FN392239 7 fasta UniProt
360d Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163 plasmid pEP36 35,901 FN392238 FN392238 40 fasta UniProt
species Erwinia sp. Ejp617 
361a Erwinia sp. Ejp617 plasmid pJE01 30,866 CP002125 CP002125 PRJNA51141 34 fasta UniProt
361b Erwinia sp. Ejp617 plasmid pJE02 5,296 CP002126 CP002126 6 fasta UniProt
361c Erwinia sp. Ejp617 plasmid pJE03 6,417 CP002127 CP002127 17 fasta UniProt
361d Erwinia sp. Ejp617 plasmid pJE04 3,237 CP002128 CP002128 9 fasta UniProt
361e Erwinia sp. Ejp617 plasmid pJE05 2,691 CP002129 CP002129 6 fasta UniProt
species Erwinia sp. Ejp 556 
362 Erwinia sp. Ejp 556 plasmid pEJ30 29,593 AY255829 AY255829   22 fasta UniProt
species Erwinia tasmaniensis 
363a Erwinia tasmaniensis strain ET1/99 complete plasmid pET09 9,299 CU468128 CU468128 PRJEA20585 7 fasta UniProt
363b Erwinia tasmaniensis strain ET1/99 complete plasmid pET35 35,494 CU468130 CU468130 42 fasta UniProt
363c Erwinia tasmaniensis strain ET1/99 complete plasmid pET45 44,694 CU468132 CU468132 46 fasta UniProt
363d Erwinia tasmaniensis strain ET1/99 complete plasmid pET46 46,159 CU468133 CU468133 39 fasta UniProt
363e Erwinia tasmaniensis strain ET1/99 complete plasmid pET49 48,751 CU468131 CU468131 61 fasta UniProt
species Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae 
364 Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae plasmid pAP1 1,987 AF028735 AF028735   1 fasta UniProt
species Escherichia coli 
365a Escherichia coli 5989 plasmid 55989p 72,482 CU928159 CU928159   103 fasta UniProt
365b Escherichia coli bacteriocinogenic plasmid CloDF13 9,957 X04466 X04466   8 fasta UniProt
365c Escherichia coli cryptic plasmid pRK2 5,360 AY639886 AY639886   6 fasta UniProt
365d Escherichia coli ED1a plasmid pECOED 119,594 CU928147 CU928147   137 fasta UniProt
365e Escherichia coli invasion plasmid pIS2 6,349 AY167049 AY167049   n/a
365f Escherichia coli O157:H- plasmid pSFO157 121,239 AF401292 AF401292   95 fasta UniProt
365g Escherichia coli plasmid ColE1 6,646 J01566 J01566   23 fasta UniProt
365h Escherichia coli plasmid MccC7-H22 32,014 EF536825 EF536825   34 fasta UniProt
365i Escherichia coli plasmid NR1 94,289 DQ364638 DQ364638   121 fasta UniProt
365j Escherichia coli plasmid p1658/97 125,491 AF550679 AF550679   136 fasta UniProt
365k Escherichia coli plasmid p9123 6,222 AY360321 AY360321   7 fasta UniProt
365l Escherichia coli plasmid p9705 3,172 AB040037 AB040037   1 fasta UniProt
365m Escherichia coli plasmid pAPEC-O2-ColV 184,501 AY545598 AY545598   205 fasta UniProt
365n Escherichia coli plasmid pAPEC-O2-R 101,375 AY214164 AY214164   117 fasta UniProt
365o Escherichia coli plasmid pC15-1a 92,353 AY458016 AY458016   97 fasta UniProt
365p Escherichia coli plasmid pCM959 4,012 K00826 K00826   5 fasta UniProt
365q Escherichia coli plasmid pCol-let 5,847 AF197335 AF197335   1 fasta UniProt
365r Escherichia coli plasmid pColE1-H22 5,159 AY913943 AY913943   3 fasta UniProt
365s Escherichia coli plasmid pColE8 6,751 FJ985252 FJ985252   3 fasta UniProt
365t Escherichia coli plasmid pColG 4,715 DQ286390 DQ286390   3 fasta UniProt
365u Escherichia coli plasmid pColK-K235 8,318 AY929248 AY929248   7 fasta UniProt
365v Escherichia coli plasmid pCoo 98,396 CR942285 CR942285   94 fasta UniProt
365w Escherichia coli plasmid pCss165Kan DNA, strain: 4266 delta cssB::Km 165,311 AB702969 AB702969   212 fasta UniProt
365x Escherichia coli plasmid pCT strain C159/11 93,629 FN868832 FN868832   100 fasta UniProt
365y Escherichia coli plasmid pEC14-9 3,071 GQ374157 GQ374157   1 fasta UniProt
365z Escherichia coli plasmid pEC14_114 114,222 GQ398086 GQ398086   117 fasta UniProt
365A Escherichia coli plasmid pECO29 DNA 3,895 AJ001708 AJ001708   2 fasta UniProt
365B Escherichia coli plasmid pEC_B24 73,801 GU371926 GU371926   53 fasta UniProt
365C Escherichia coli plasmid pEC_Bactec 92,970 GU371927 GU371927   31 fasta UniProt
365D Escherichia coli plasmid pEC_L8 118,525 GU371928 GU371928   114 fasta UniProt
365E Escherichia coli plasmid pEC_L46 144,871 GU371929 GU371929   124 fasta UniProt
365F Escherichia coli plasmid pFL129 6,464 AY608912 AY608912   4 fasta UniProt
365G Escherichia coli plasmid pIGAL1 8,145 AY424310 AY424310   3 fasta UniProt
365H Escherichia coli plasmid pIGJC156 5,146 EU090225 EU090225   3 fasta UniProt
365I Escherichia coli plasmid pIGMS5 6,750 DQ916145 DQ916145   5 fasta UniProt
365J Escherichia coli plasmid pIGRW12 4,995 EF088686 EF088686   6 fasta UniProt
365K Escherichia coli plasmid pIGWZ12 4,072 DQ311641 DQ311641   2 fasta UniProt
365L Escherichia coli plasmid pIP1206 168,113 AM886293 AM886293   165 fasta UniProt
365M Escherichia coli plasmid pJD884 7,639 A24782 A24782   n/a
365N Escherichia coli plasmid pKL1 1,549 U81610 U81610   1 fasta UniProt
365O Escherichia coli plasmid pLAB135 91 X55795 X55795   n/a
365P Escherichia coli plasmid pLAB446 93 X55796 X55796   n/a
365Q Escherichia coli plasmid pLG13 6,293 AF251289 AF251289   7 fasta UniProt
365R Escherichia coli plasmid pLMO226 2,004 U10186 U10186   2 fasta UniProt
365S Escherichia coli plasmid pMAR7 101,558 DQ388534 DQ388534   99 fasta UniProt
365T Escherichia coli plasmid pMG828-1 1,902 DQ995351 DQ995351   1 fasta UniProt
365U Escherichia coli plasmid pMG828-2 4,091 DQ995352 DQ995352   2 fasta UniProt
365V Escherichia coli plasmid pMG828-3 5,219 DQ995353 DQ995353   8 fasta UniProt
365W Escherichia coli plasmid pMG828-4 7,462 DQ995354 DQ995354   4 fasta UniProt
365X Escherichia coli plasmid pMG828-5 8,985 DQ995355 DQ995355   5 fasta UniProt
365Y Escherichia coli plasmid pMUR050 56,634 AY522431 AY522431   56 fasta UniProt
365Z Escherichia coli plasmid pO86A1 120,730 AB255435 AB255435   160 fasta UniProt
365[ Escherichia coli plasmid pO113 165,548 AY258503 AY258503   154 fasta UniProt
365\ Escherichia coli plasmid pOLA52 51,602 EU370913 EU370913   65 fasta UniProt
365] Escherichia coli plasmid pRAx 52,637 FJ705806 FJ705806   68 fasta UniProt
365^ Escherichia coli plasmid pSP70 3,306 EU675685 EU675685   1 fasta UniProt
365_ Escherichia coli plasmid pVI678 6,222 EF090911 EF090911   9 fasta UniProt
365` Escherichia coli plasmid pVM01 151,002 EU330199 EU330199   148 fasta UniProt
365a Escherichia coli plasmid R388 33,913 BR000038 BR000038   47 fasta UniProt
365b Escherichia coli plasmid R721 genomic DNA 75,582 AP002527 AP002527   94 fasta UniProt
365c Escherichia coli plasmid RSF1010 8,684 M28829 M28829   11 fasta UniProt
365d Escherichia coli S88 plasmid pECOS88 133,853 CU928146 CU928146   134 fasta UniProt
365e Escherichia coli str. O102-ST405 plasmid pETN48 165,657 FQ482074 FQ482074   n/a
365f Escherichia coli strain 7 plasmid IncQ-type pQ7 9,042 FJ696404 FJ696404   8 fasta UniProt
365g Escherichia coli strain 278B plasmid pEC278 4,669 AY589571 AY589571   4 fasta UniProt
365h Escherichia coli strain 517-2H1 plasmid pLEW517 63,946 DQ390454 DQ390454   71 fasta UniProt
365i Escherichia coli strain 690FNR plasmid pLEW517 65,288 DQ390455 DQ390455   n/a
365j Escherichia coli strain A plasmid pEK499 117,536 EU935739 EU935739   136 fasta UniProt
365k Escherichia coli strain AR060302 plasmid pAR060302 166,530 FJ621588 FJ621588   188 fasta UniProt
365l Escherichia coli strain C plasmid pEK204 93,732 EU935740 EU935740   95 fasta UniProt
365m Escherichia coli strain D plasmid pEK516 64,471 EU935738 EU935738   77 fasta UniProt
365n Escherichia coli strain E2348/69 plasmid p5217 5,217 EU580135 EU580135   6 fasta UniProt
365o Escherichia coli strain E2348/69 plasmid p6148 6,148 EU580136 EU580136   6 fasta UniProt
365p Escherichia coli strain GM31 plasmid ColA 6,720 M37402 M37402   8 fasta UniProt
365q Escherichia coli strain H4H plasmid peH4H 148,105 FJ621586 FJ621586   167 fasta UniProt
365r Escherichia coli strain H30 plasmid pO26-L 72,946 FJ449539 FJ449539   101 fasta UniProt
365s Escherichia coli strain H30 plasmid pO26-S1 1,549 EU999782 EU999782   1 fasta UniProt
365t Escherichia coli strain H30 plasmid pO26-Vir 168,100 FJ386569 FJ386569   189 fasta UniProt
365u Escherichia coli strain H30 serovar O26:H11 plasmid pO26-S3 4,073 FJ004637 FJ004637   3 fasta UniProt
365v Escherichia coli strain H30 serovar O26:H11 plasmid pO26-S4 6,758 FJ004638 FJ004638   5 fasta UniProt
365w Escherichia coli strain J plasmid ColE9-J 7,577 FJ573246 FJ573246   7 fasta UniProt
365x Escherichia coli strain MS2027 plasmid pMAS2027 42,644 FJ666132 FJ666132   58 fasta UniProt
365y Escherichia coli strain ST131 plasmid pKC394 53,207 HM138652 HM138652   53 fasta UniProt
365z Escherichia coli strain ZMF18 plasmid pPM18 2,330 GU214746 GU214746   1 fasta UniProt
365{ Escherichia coli UMN026 plasmid p1ESCUM 122,301 CU928148 CU928148   140 fasta UniProt
365| Escherichia coli UMN026 plasmid p2ESCUM 33,809 CU928149 CU928149   49 fasta UniProt
365} Escherichia coli HUSEC41 plasmid pHUSEC41-1 91,942 HE603110 HE603110 PRJEA73977 131 fasta UniProt
365~ Escherichia coli HUSEC41 plasmid pHUSEC41-2 73,564 HE603111 HE603111 140 fasta UniProt
365 Escherichia coli HUSEC41 plasmid pHUSEC41-3 7,930 HE603112 HE603112 15 fasta UniProt
365 Escherichia coli HUSEC41 plasmid pHUSEC41-4 5,153 HE603113 HE603113 9 fasta UniProt
366 Escherichia coli 042 plasmid p042 113,346 FN554767 FN554767 PRJEA40647 114 fasta UniProt
367a Escherichia coli 53638 plasmid p53638_75 75,089 CP001065 CP001065 PRJNA15639 93 fasta UniProt
367b Escherichia coli 53638 plasmid p53638_226 225,683 CP001064 CP001064 252 fasta UniProt
368 Escherichia coli ABU 83972 plasmid pABU 1,564 CP001833 CP001833 PRJNA38725 3 fasta UniProt
369a Escherichia coli APEC O1 plasmid pAPEC-O1-ColBM 174,241 DQ381420 DQ381420 PRJNA16718 192 fasta UniProt
369b Escherichia coli APEC O1 plasmid pAPEC-O1-R 241,387 DQ517526 DQ517526 222 fasta UniProt
370 Escherichia coli B171 68,817 AB024946 AB024946 PRJNA15630 78 fasta UniProt
371 Escherichia coli chi7122 plasmid pAPEC-1 103,275 CP000836 CP000836 PRJNA20733 162 fasta UniProt
372a Escherichia coli E24377A plasmid pETEC_5 5,033 CP000801 CP000801 PRJNA13960 3 fasta UniProt
372b Escherichia coli E24377A plasmid pETEC_6 6,199 CP000798 CP000798 5 fasta UniProt
372c Escherichia coli E24377A plasmid pETEC_35 34,367 CP000796 CP000796 29 fasta UniProt
372d Escherichia coli E24377A plasmid pETEC_73 70,609 CP000797 CP000797 68 fasta UniProt
372e Escherichia coli E24377A plasmid pETEC_74 74,224 CP000799 CP000799 61 fasta UniProt
372f Escherichia coli E24377A plasmid pETEC_80 79,237 CP000795 CP000795 66 fasta UniProt
373a Escherichia coli ETEC 1392/75 plasmid p62 6,222 FN822747 FN822747   7 fasta UniProt
373b Escherichia coli ETEC 1392/75 plasmid p75 7,497 FN822749 FN822749   8 fasta UniProt
373c Escherichia coli ETEC 1392/75 plasmid p557 55,709 FN822746 FN822746   51 fasta UniProt
373d Escherichia coli ETEC 1392/75 plasmid p746 74,575 FN822748 FN822748   74 fasta UniProt
373e Escherichia coli ETEC 1392/75 plasmid p1018 101,857 FN822745 FN822745   105 fasta UniProt
374a Escherichia coli ETEC H10407 plasmid pEntH10407 67,094 AP010910 AP010910   96 fasta UniProt
374b Escherichia coli ETEC H10407 plasmid p52 5,175 FN649415 FN649415 PRJEA42749 n/a
374c Escherichia coli ETEC H10407 plasmid p58 5,800 FN649416 FN649416 n/a
374d Escherichia coli ETEC H10407 plasmid p666 66,681 FN649417 FN649417 n/a
374e Escherichia coli ETEC H10407 plasmid p948 94,797 FN649418 FN649418 n/a
375 Escherichia coli K-12 99,159 AP001918 AP001918   106 fasta UniProt
376a Escherichia coli KO11FL plasmid pEKO1101 103,795 CP002517 CP002517 PRJNA33875 114 fasta UniProt
376b Escherichia coli KO11FL plasmid pEKO1102 5,360 CP002518 CP002518 6 fasta UniProt
377a Escherichia coli O25b:H4-ST131 str. EC958 plasmid pEC958 135,602 HG941719 HG941719 PRJEA61443 136 fasta UniProt
377b Escherichia coli O25b:H4-ST131 str. EC958 plasmid pEC958B 4,080 HG941720 HG941720 n/a
378a Escherichia coli O26:H11 str. 11368 plasmid pO26_1 85,167 AP010954 AP010954 PRJDA32509 58 fasta UniProt
378b Escherichia coli O26:H11 str. 11368 plasmid pO26_2 63,365 AP010955 AP010955 81 fasta UniProt
378c Escherichia coli O26:H11 str. 11368 plasmid pO26_3 5,686 AP010956 AP010956 6 fasta UniProt
378d Escherichia coli O26:H11 str. 11368 plasmid pO26_4 4,073 AP010957 AP010957 3 fasta UniProt
379 Escherichia coli O26:H- strain O6877 plasmid pO26-CRL 111,481 GQ259888 GQ259888   100 fasta UniProt
380 Escherichia coli O55:H7 str. CB9615 plasmid pO55 66,001 CP001847 CP001847 PRJNA42729 107 fasta UniProt
381 Escherichia coli O103:H2 str. 12009 plasmid pO103 75,546 AP010959 AP010959 PRJDA32511 61 fasta UniProt
382a Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128 plasmid pO111_1 204,604 AP010961 AP010961 PRJDA32513 212 fasta UniProt
382b Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128 plasmid pO111_2 97,897 AP010962 AP010962 119 fasta UniProt
382c Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128 plasmid pO111_3 77,690 AP010963 AP010963 66 fasta UniProt
382d Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128 plasmid pO111_4 8,140 AP010964 AP010964 10 fasta UniProt
382e Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128 plasmid pO111_5 6,673 AP010965 AP010965 10 fasta UniProt
383a Escherichia coli O127:H6 str. E2348/69 plasmid pE2348-2 6,147 FM180570 FM180570 PRJEA32571 8 fasta UniProt
383b Escherichia coli O127:H6 str. E2348/69 plasmid pMAR2 97,978 FM180569 FM180569 90 fasta UniProt
384a Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EC4115 plasmid pEC4115 37,452 CP001165 CP001165 PRJNA27739 53 fasta UniProt
384b Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EC4115 plasmid pO157 94,644 CP001163 CP001163 108 fasta UniProt
385 Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933, plasmid p0157 92,077 AF074613 AF074613 PRJNA259 102 fasta UniProt
386a Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai plasmid pO157 92,721 AB011549 AB011549 PRJNA226 84 fasta UniProt
386b Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai plasmid pOSAK1 3,306 AB011548 AB011548 3 fasta UniProt
387 Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. TW14359 plasmid pO157 94,601 CP001369 CP001369 PRJNA30045 110 fasta UniProt
388 Escherichia coli PMV-1 plasmid pHUSEC411like 98,864 HG428756 HG428756 PRJEB4437 n/a
389a Escherichia coli SE11 plasmid pSE11-1 100,021 AP009241 AP009241 PRJNA18057 123 fasta UniProt
389b Escherichia coli SE11 plasmid pSE11-2 91,158 AP009242 AP009242 112 fasta UniProt
389c Escherichia coli SE11 plasmid pSE11-3 60,555 AP009243 AP009243 66 fasta UniProt
389d Escherichia coli SE11 plasmid pSE11-4 6,929 AP009244 AP009244 10 fasta UniProt
389e Escherichia coli SE11 plasmid pSE11-5 5,366 AP009245 AP009245 7 fasta UniProt
389f Escherichia coli SE11 plasmid pSE11-6 4,082 AP009246 AP009246 3 fasta UniProt
390 Escherichia coli SE15 plasmid pECSF1 122,345 AP009379 AP009379 PRJDA19053 146 fasta UniProt
391a Escherichia coli SMS-3-5 plasmid pSMS35_3 3,565 CP000974 CP000974 PRJNA19469 3 fasta UniProt
391b Escherichia coli SMS-3-5 plasmid pSMS35_4 4,074 CP000973 CP000973 4 fasta UniProt
391c Escherichia coli SMS-3-5 plasmid pSMS35_8 8,909 CP000972 CP000972 10 fasta UniProt
391d Escherichia coli SMS-3-5 plasmid pSMS35_130 130,440 CP000971 CP000971 141 fasta UniProt
392 Escherichia coli UM146 plasmid pUM146 114,550 CP002168 CP002168 PRJNA50883 133 fasta UniProt
393 Escherichia coli UTI89 plasmid pUTI89 114,230 CP000244 CP000244 PRJNA16259 143 fasta UniProt
394 Escherichia coli Vir68 plasmid pVir68 138,362 CP001162 CP001162 PRJNA31349 118 fasta UniProt
species Escherichia fergusonii 
395 Escherichia fergusonii ATCC 35469T plasmid pEFER 55,150 CU928144 CU928144 PRJNA33369 57 fasta UniProt
species Escherichia sp. Sflu5 
396 Escherichia sp. Sflu5 cryptic plasmid pAK51 6,511 AM743197 AM743197   6 fasta UniProt
species Exiguobacterium arabatum 
397a Exiguobacterium arabatum plasmid pEspA 4,563 AM980831 AM980831   5 fasta UniProt
397b Exiguobacterium arabatum plasmid pEspB 38,945 AM980832 AM980832   42 fasta UniProt
species Exiguobacterium sibiricum 
398a Exiguobacterium sibiricum 255-15 plasmid pEXIG01 4,885 CP001023 CP001023 PRJNA10649 5 fasta UniProt
398b Exiguobacterium sibiricum 255-15 plasmid pEXIG02 1,765 CP001024 CP001024 3 fasta UniProt
species Finegoldia magna 
399 Finegoldia magna ATCC 29328 plasmid pFMC 189,163 AP008972 AP008972 PRJDA18981 182 fasta UniProt
species Flavobacterium branchiophilum 
400 Flavobacterium branchiophilum FL-15, plasmid 3,408 FQ859182 FQ859182 PRJNA67123 n/a
species Flavobacterium psychrophilum 
401 Flavobacterium psychrophilum strain D12 plasmid pCP1 3,407 AY277637 AY277637   4 fasta UniProt
species Flavobacterium sp. KI723T1 
402 Flavobacterium sp. KI723T1 plasmid pOAD2 45,519 D26094 D26094   4 fasta UniProt
species Flavobacterium sp. KP1 
403 Flavobacterium sp. KP1, plasmid pFL1 2,311 AB007196 AB007196   2 fasta UniProt
species Fluoribacter dumoffii 
404 Fluoribacter dumoffii plasmid pLD-TEX-KL 66,512 AB297474 AB297474   57 fasta UniProt
species Francisella philomiragia 
405 Francisella philomiragia plasmid pF242 3,936 EU850812 EU850812   3 fasta UniProt
406a Francisella philomiragia subsp. philomiragia ATCC 25017 plasmid pF243 5,072 EU850813 EU850813   6 fasta UniProt
406b Francisella philomiragia subsp. philomiragia ATCC 25017 plasmid pFPHI01 3,936 CP000938 CP000938 PRJNA27853 4 fasta UniProt
species Francisella tularensis 
407 Francisella tularensis plasmid pOM1 4,442 AF055345 AF055345   4 fasta UniProt
408 Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida plasmid pFNL10 3,990 AF121418 AF121418   6 fasta UniProt
species Frankia sp. CpI1 
409 Frankia sp. CpI1 plasmid pFQ12 22,437 AY027524 AY027524   20 fasta UniProt
species Fusobacterium nucleatum 
410a Fusobacterium nucleatum plasmid pFN1 5,887 AF159249 AF159249   7 fasta UniProt
410b Fusobacterium nucleatum plasmid pKH9 4,975 AF295336 AF295336   5 fasta UniProt
410c Fusobacterium nucleatum plasmid pPA52 6,281 AF022647 AF022647   4 fasta UniProt
411 Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. polymorphum ATCC 10953 plasmid pFN3 11,934 CP000710 CP000710 PRJNA17261 11 fasta UniProt
species gamma proteobacterium Hiromi1 
412a Gamma proteobacterium Hiromi1 plasmid pTBH10 10,497 AP012274 AP012274 PRJDA72157 n/a
412b Gamma proteobacterium Hiromi1 plasmid pTBH13 13,478 AP012275 AP012275 n/a
species Geobacillus kaustophilus 
413 Geobacillus kaustophilus HTA426 plasmid pHTA426 47,890 AP006520 AP006520 PRJNA13233 42 fasta UniProt
species Geobacillus sp. WCH70 
414a Geobacillus sp. WCH70 plasmid pWCH7001 33,899 CP001639 CP001639 PRJNA20805 31 fasta UniProt
414b Geobacillus sp. WCH70 plasmid pWCH7002 10,287 CP001640 CP001640 9 fasta UniProt
species Geobacillus stearothermophilus 
415a Geobacillus stearothermophilus plasmid pGS18 62,830 AM886060 AM886060   61 fasta UniProt
415b Geobacillus stearothermophilus plasmid pSTK1 1,883 D29989 D29989   3 fasta UniProt
species Geobacillus thermodenitrificans 
416 Geobacillus thermodenitrificans NG80-2 plasmid pLW1071 57,693 CP000558 CP000558 PRJNA18655 52 fasta UniProt
species Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius 
417a Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius C56-YS93 plasmid pGEOTH01 80,849 CP002836 CP002836 PRJNA40781 61 fasta UniProt
417b Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius C56-YS93 plasmid pGEOTH02 19,638 CP002837 CP002837 21 fasta UniProt
species Geobacter lovleyi 
418 Geobacter lovleyi SZ plasmid pGLOV01 77,113 CP001090 CP001090 PRJNA17423 79 fasta UniProt
species Geobacter metallireducens 
419 Geobacter metallireducens GS-15 plasmid 13,762 CP000149 CP000149 PRJNA177 17 fasta UniProt
species Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus 
420a Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus PA1 5 plasmid pGDIPal5I 38,818 AM889287 AM889287 PRJNA377 53 fasta UniProt
420b Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus PA1 5 plasmid pGDIPal5II 16,610 AM889286 AM889286 21 fasta UniProt
420c Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus PA1 5 pGDIA01 27,455 CP001190 CP001190 PRJNA21071 29 fasta UniProt
species Gluconobacter oxydans 
421a Gluconobacter oxydans DSM 3504 plasmid pGO128 4,340 AJ428837 AJ428837   3 fasta UniProt
421b Gluconobacter oxydans plasmid pAG5 5,648 AB086443 AB086443   1 fasta UniProt
422a Gluconobacter oxydans 621H plasmid pGOX1 163,186 CP000004 CP000004 PRJNA13325 162 fasta UniProt
422b Gluconobacter oxydans 621H plasmid pGOX2 26,568 CP000005 CP000005 29 fasta UniProt
422c Gluconobacter oxydans 621H plasmid pGOX3 14,547 CP000006 CP000006 18 fasta UniProt
422d Gluconobacter oxydans 621H plasmid pGOX4 13,223 CP000007 CP000007 16 fasta UniProt
422e Gluconobacter oxydans 621H plasmid pGOX5 2,687 CP000008 CP000008 4 fasta UniProt
species Gordonia bronchialis 
423 Gordonia bronchialis DSM 43247 plasmid pGBRO01 81,410 CP001803 CP001803 PRJNA29549 80 fasta UniProt
species Gordonia sp. KTR9 
424 Gordonia sp. KTR9 plasmid pGKT2 182,454 CP002112 CP002112 PRJNA50495 178 fasta UniProt
species Gordonia westfalica 
425 Gordonia westfalica strain DSM44215T plasmid pKB1 101,016 AJ576039 AJ576039   105 fasta UniProt
species Gracilaria chilensis 
426a Gracilaria chilensis plasmid Gch3937 3,937 AF034721 AF034721   5 fasta UniProt
426b Gracilaria chilensis plasmid Gch7220 7,220 AF034719 AF034719   15 fasta UniProt
species Gracilaria robusta 
427a Gracilaria robusta plasmid Gro4059 4,059 AF034717 AF034717   2 fasta UniProt
427b Gracilaria robusta plasmid Gro4970 4,970 AF034718 AF034718   7 fasta UniProt
species Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis 
428 Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis plasmid Gle4293 4,293 AF034720 AF034720   5 fasta UniProt
species Haemophilus ducreyi 
429 Haemophilus ducreyi strain ATCC 27722 plasmid pNAD1 5,568 AY434675 AY434675   8 fasta UniProt
species Haemophilus influenzae 
430 Haemophilus influenzae plasmid ICEhin1056 59,393 AJ627386 AJ627386   62 fasta UniProt
431a Haemophilus influenzae biotype aegyptius plasmid pF1947 32,628 AY647243 AY647243   34 fasta UniProt
431b Haemophilus influenzae biotype aegyptius plasmid pF3028 32,379 AF469177 AF469177   34 fasta UniProt
431c Haemophilus influenzae biotype aegyptius plasmid pF3031 32,433 AF447808 AF447808   33 fasta UniProt
species Haemophilus parasuis 
432a Haemophilus parasuis plasmid pHS-Rec 9,462 AY862436 AY862436   7 fasta UniProt
432b Haemophilus parasuis plasmid pHS-Tet 5,147 AY862435 AY862435   4 fasta UniProt
432c Haemophilus parasuis strain HN7061 plasmid pHN61 6,320 FJ947048 FJ947048   6 fasta UniProt
species Hafnia alvei 
433a Hafnia alvei plasmid pAlvA 5,113 AY271828 AY271828   7 fasta UniProt
433b Hafnia alvei plasmid pAlvB 5,216 AY271829 AY271829   7 fasta UniProt
species Halalkalicoccus jeotgali 
434a Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 plasmid 1 406,285 CP002063 CP002063 PRJNA49517 362 fasta UniProt
434b Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 plasmid 2 363,534 CP002064 CP002064 331 fasta UniProt
434c Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 plasmid 3 44,576 CP002065 CP002065 41 fasta UniProt
434d Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 plasmid 4 44,459 CP002066 CP002066 41 fasta UniProt
434e Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 plasmid 5 23,727 CP002067 CP002067 24 fasta UniProt
434f Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 plasmid 6 6,951 CP002068 CP002068 8 fasta UniProt
species Haloarcula marismortui 
435a Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 plasmid pNG100 33,303 AY596290 AY596290 PRJNA105 36 fasta UniProt
435b Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 plasmid pNG200 33,452 AY596291 AY596291 42 fasta UniProt
435c Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 plasmid pNG300 39,521 AY596292 AY596292 40 fasta UniProt
435d Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 plasmid pNG400 50,060 AY596293 AY596293 51 fasta UniProt
435e Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 plasmid pNG500 132,678 AY596294 AY596294 131 fasta UniProt
435f Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 plasmid pNG600 155,300 AY596295 AY596295 166 fasta UniProt
435g Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 plasmid pNG700 410,554 AY596296 AY596296 362 fasta UniProt
species Haloarcula sp. AS7094 
436 Haloarcula sp. AS7094 plasmid pSCM201 3,463 AY443099 AY443099   4 fasta UniProt
species Halobacterium salinarum 
437a Halobacterium salinarum immunity conferring plasmid pPHIHL 12,041 X65098 X65098   n/a
437b Halobacterium salinarum plasmid pHSB 1,736 X07128 X07128   1 fasta UniProt
438a Halobacterium salinarum R1 PHS4 40,894 AM774419 AM774419 PRJNA106 39 fasta UniProt
438b Halobacterium salinarum R1 plasmid PHS1 147,625 AM774416 AM774416 145 fasta UniProt
438c Halobacterium salinarum R1 plasmid PHS2 194,963 AM774417 AM774417 184 fasta UniProt
438d Halobacterium salinarum R1 plasmid PHS3 284,332 AM774418 AM774418 234 fasta UniProt
439a Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 plasmid pNRC100 191,346 AF016485 AF016485 PRJNA217 139 fasta UniProt
439b Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 plasmid pNRC200 365,425 AE004438 AE004438 324 fasta UniProt
species Halobacterium sp. GN101 
440 Halobacterium sp. GN101 plasmid pHGN1 1,765 X16460 X16460   1 fasta UniProt
species Haloferax volcanii 
441a Haloferax volcanii DS2 plasmid pHV2 6,354 J03014 J03014   4 fasta UniProt
441b Haloferax volcanii DS2 plasmid pHV1 85,092 CP001957 CP001957 PRJNA12524 76 fasta UniProt
441c Haloferax volcanii DS2 plasmid pHV2 6,359 CP001954 CP001954 5 fasta UniProt
441d Haloferax volcanii DS2 plasmid pHV3 437,906 CP001953 CP001953 377 fasta UniProt
441e Haloferax volcanii DS2 plasmid pHV4 635,786 CP001955 CP001955 598 fasta UniProt
species Halomicrobium mukohataei 
442 Halomicrobium mukohataei DSM 12286 plasmid pHmuk01 221,862 CP001689 CP001689 PRJNA27945 176 fasta UniProt
species halophilic archaeon DL31 
443a Halophilic archaeon DL31 2,913,689 CP002988 CP002988 PRJNA52855 2,801 fasta UniProt
443b Halophilic archaeon DL31 plasmid phalar01 705,810 CP002989 CP002989 591 fasta UniProt
443c Halophilic archaeon DL31 plasmid phalar02 23,659 CP002990 CP002990 31 fasta UniProt
species Halopiger xanaduensis 
444a Halopiger xanaduensis SH-6 plasmid pHALXA01 436,718 CP002840 CP002840 PRJNA56049 345 fasta UniProt
444b Halopiger xanaduensis SH-6 plasmid pHALXA02 181,778 CP002841 CP002841 189 fasta UniProt
444c Halopiger xanaduensis SH-6 plasmid pHALXA03 68,763 CP002842 CP002842 99 fasta UniProt
species Haloquadratum walsbyi 
445a Haloquadratum walsbyi C23 plasmid PL6A 6,129 FR746101 FR746101 PRJEA49335 6 fasta UniProt
445b Haloquadratum walsbyi C23 plasmid PL6B 6,056 FR746102 FR746102 6 fasta UniProt
445c Haloquadratum walsbyi C23 plasmid PL100 100,258 FR746100 FR746100 68 fasta UniProt
446 Haloquadratum walsbyi DSM 16790 plasmid PL47 46,867 AM180089 AM180089 PRJNA17185 37 fasta UniProt
species Halorhabdus tiamatea 
447 Halorhabdus tiamatea SARL4B plasmid pHTIA 330,369 HF571521 HF571521 PRJEB1233 271 fasta UniProt
species Halorubrum lacusprofundi 
448 Halorubrum lacusprofundi ATCC 49239 plasmid pHLAC01 431,338 CP001367 CP001367 PRJNA18455 353 fasta UniProt
species Halorubrum saccharovorum 
449 Halorubrum saccharovorum plasmid pZMX101 3,918 AF389188 AF389188   7 fasta UniProt
species Haloterrigena thermotolerans 
450 Haloterrigena thermotolerans strain H13 plasmid pSN 2,272 DQ400913 DQ400913   1 fasta UniProt
species Haloterrigena turkmenica 
451a Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR01 698,495 CP001861 CP001861 PRJNA30411 593 fasta UniProt
451b Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR02 413,648 CP001862 CP001862 329 fasta UniProt
451c Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR03 180,781 CP001863 CP001863 175 fasta UniProt
451d Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR04 171,943 CP001864 CP001864 159 fasta UniProt
451e Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR05 71,062 CP001865 CP001865 97 fasta UniProt
451f Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR06 15,815 CP001866 CP001866 21 fasta UniProt
species Helicobacter acinonychis 
452 Helicobacter acinonychis str. Sheeba plasmid pHac1 3,661 AM260523 AM260523 PRJNA17251 6 fasta UniProt
species Helicobacter bizzozeronii 
453 Helicobacter bizzozeronii CIII-1 plasmid pHbz1 52,076 FR871758 FR871758 PRJEA65019 n/a
species Helicobacter pylori 
454a Helicobacter pylori plasmid pAL202 12,120 AY584531 AY584531   15 fasta UniProt
454b Helicobacter pylori plasmid pAL226 9,897 DQ239897 DQ239897   13 fasta UniProt
454c Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHel4 10,970 AF469112 AF469112   15 fasta UniProt
454d Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHel5 18,291 AF469113 AF469113   15 fasta UniProt
454e Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHP51 3,955 AY267368 AY267368   2 fasta UniProt
454f Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHP69 9,153 DQ915941 DQ915941   11 fasta UniProt
454g Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHP489 1,222 AF027303 AF027303   1 fasta UniProt
454h Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHP666 8,108 DQ198799 DQ198799   9 fasta UniProt
454i Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHPM8 7,817 AF275307 AF275307   6 fasta UniProt
454j Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHPM180 3,506 U12689 U12689   2 fasta UniProt
454k Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHPM186 12,887 AF077006 AF077006   3 fasta UniProt
454l Helicobacter pylori plasmid pHPO100 3,520 AF056496 AF056496   2 fasta UniProt
454m Helicobacter pylori strain AL236 plasmid pAL236-2 1,448 HM125988 HM125988   1 fasta UniProt
454n Helicobacter pylori strain AL236 plasmid pAL236-5 1,216 HM125989 HM125989   1 fasta UniProt
454o Helicobacter pylori strain AL236 plasmid pAL236-11 3,148 HM125987 HM125987   2 fasta UniProt
455 Helicobacter pylori B8 6,032 FN665651 FN665651 PRJEA41831 9 fasta UniProt
456 Helicobacter pylori F30 plasmid pHPF30 9,129 AP011942 AP011942 PRJDA50591 5 fasta UniProt
457 Helicobacter pylori F32 plasmid pHPF32 2,637 AP011944 AP011944 PRJDA50593 1 fasta UniProt
458 Helicobacter pylori G27 plasmid pHPG27 10,031 CP001174 CP001174 PRJNA31341 11 fasta UniProt
459 Helicobacter pylori HPAG1 plasmid pHPAG1 9,370 CP000242 CP000242 PRJNA16183 8 fasta UniProt
460 Helicobacter pylori OK310 plasmid pHPOK310 4,158 AP012602 AP012602 PRJDB694 n/a
461 Helicobacter pylori P12 plasmid HPP12 10,225 CP001218 CP001218 PRJNA32291 10 fasta UniProt
462 Helicobacter pylori PeCan4 plasmid pHPPC4 8,712 CP002075 CP002075 PRJNA49027 8 fasta UniProt
463 Helicobacter pylori Sat464 plasmid pHPSAT464 7,228 CP002072 CP002072 PRJNA49453 5 fasta UniProt
464 Helicobacter pylori v225d plasmid pHPv225d 7,326 CP001583 CP001583 PRJNA36609 9 fasta UniProt
species Herpetosiphon aurantiacus 
465a Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 plasmid pHAU02 99,204 CP000877 CP000877 PRJNA16523 71 fasta UniProt
465b Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785plasmid pHAU01 339,639 CP000876 CP000876 229 fasta UniProt
species Hirschia baltica 
466 Hirschia baltica ATCC 49814 plasmid pHbal01 84,492 CP001679 CP001679 PRJNA33191 68 fasta UniProt
species Histophilus somni 
467 Haemophilus somnus 129PT plasmid pHS129 5,178 CP000019 CP000019 PRJNA322 6 fasta UniProt
468a Histophilus somni plasmid p9L 1,338 AF546882 AF546882   1 fasta UniProt
468b Histophilus somni small plasmid, isolate 57/98 1,065 AF318175 AF318175   1 fasta UniProt
species Ilyobacter polytropus 
469a Ilyobacter polytropus DSM 2926 plasmid pILYOP01 961,624 CP002282 CP002282 PRJNA32577 877 fasta UniProt
469b Ilyobacter polytropus DSM 2926 plasmid pILYOP02 124,226 CP002283 CP002283 109 fasta UniProt
species Jannaschia sp. CCS1 
470 Jannaschia sp. CCS1 plasmid1 86,072 CP000265 CP000265 PRJNA12733 71 fasta UniProt
species Ketogulonicigenium vulgare 
471a Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Y25 plasmid pYP1 268,675 CP002225 CP002225 PRJNA51787 249 fasta UniProt
471b Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Y25 plasmid pYP12 243,645 CP002226 CP002226 220 fasta UniProt
species Kineococcus radiotolerans 
472a Kineococcus radiotolerans SRS30216 = ATCC BAA-149 plasmid pKRAD01 182,572 CP000751 CP000751 PRJNA10689 184 fasta UniProt
472b Kineococcus radiotolerans SRS30216 = ATCC BAA-149 plasmid pKRAD02 12,917 CP000752 CP000752 17 fasta UniProt
species Klebsiella oxytoca 
473 Klebsiella oxytoca KOX105 plasmid pKOX105 54,641 HM126016 HM126016   68 fasta UniProt
species Klebsiella pneumoniae 
474a Klebsiella pneumoniae FC1 multiresistance plasmid pMET-1 41,723 EU383016 EU383016   38 fasta UniProt
474b Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pH205 8,197 EU331426 EU331426   6 fasta UniProt
474c Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pIGMS31 2,520 AY543072 AY543072   2 fasta UniProt
474d Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pIGMS32 9,294 DQ298019 DQ298019   7 fasta UniProt
474e Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pIGRK 2,348 AY543071 AY543071   2 fasta UniProt
474f Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pIP843 7,086 AY033516 AY033516   5 fasta UniProt
474g Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pJHCMW1 11,354 AF479774 AF479774   8 fasta UniProt
474h Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pKF3-70 70,057 FJ494913 FJ494913   94 fasta UniProt
474i Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pKlebB-k17/80 5,258 AF156893 AF156893   5 fasta UniProt
474j Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pKPN2 4,196 AF300473 AF300473   2 fasta UniProt
474k Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pKpQIL 113,637 GU595196 GU595196   121 fasta UniProt
474l Klebsiella pneumoniae plasmid pLVPK 219,385 AY378100 AY378100   251 fasta UniProt
474m Klebsiella pneumoniae strain 9 plasmid 9 70,655 FJ223607 FJ223607   81 fasta UniProt
474n Klebsiella pneumoniae strain 12 plasmid 12 75,617 FJ223605 FJ223605   92 fasta UniProt
474o Klebsiella pneumoniae strain 15 plasmid 15S 23,753 FJ223606 FJ223606   24 fasta UniProt
474p Klebsiella pneumoniae strain 0773 plasmid pCTXM360 68,018 EU938349 EU938349   76 fasta UniProt
474q Klebsiella pneumoniae strain 0773 plasmid pKpn114 4,211 EU932690 EU932690   5 fasta UniProt
474r Klebsiella pneumoniae strain C132-98 plasmid 8,187 FJ042668 FJ042668   7 fasta UniProt
474s Klebsiella pneumoniae strain KF3 plasmid pKF3-94 94,219 FJ876826 FJ876826   115 fasta UniProt
474t Klebsiella pneumoniae strain KF3 plasmid pKF3-140 147,416 FJ876827 FJ876827   190 fasta UniProt
474u Klebsiella pneumoniae strain KP048 plasmid pKP048 151,188 FJ628167 FJ628167   155 fasta UniProt
474v Klebsiella pneumoniae strain KP96 plasmid pKP96 67,850 EU195449 EU195449   62 fasta UniProt
474w Klebsiella pneumoniae strain NK29 plasmid pK29 269,674 EF382672 EF382672   306 fasta UniProt
474x Klebsiella pneumoniae strain NK245 plasmid pK245 98,264 DQ449578 DQ449578   82 fasta UniProt
474y Klebsiella pneumoniae strain NL194 plasmid pNL194 79,307 GU585907 GU585907   n/a
474z Klebsiella pneumoniae str. Kp52.145, plasmid I 95,087 FO834904 FO834904 PRJEB99 n/a
474A Klebsiella pneumoniae str. Kp52.145, plasmid II 121,703 FO834905 FO834905 n/a
474B Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. rhinoscleromatis strain SB3432, plasmid pKRH 113,685 FO203500 FO203500 PRJNA50357 n/a
475a Klebsiella pneumoniae 342 plasmid pKP91 91,096 CP000966 CP000966 PRJNA28471 112 fasta UniProt
475b Klebsiella pneumoniae 342 plasmid pKP187 187,922 CP000965 CP000965 229 fasta UniProt
476a Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578 plasmid pKPN3 175,879 CP000648 CP000648 PRJNA31 174 fasta UniProt
476b Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578 plasmid pKPN4 107,576 CP000649 CP000649 123 fasta UniProt
476c Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578 plasmid pKPN5 88,582 CP000650 CP000650 91 fasta UniProt
476d Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578 plasmid pKPN6 4,259 CP000651 CP000651 5 fasta UniProt
476e Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578 plasmid pKPN7 3,478 CP000652 CP000652 5 fasta UniProt
477 Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae NTUH-K2044, plasmid pK2044 224,152 AP006726 AP006726 PRJDA21069 276 fasta UniProt
species Klebsiella sp. KCL-2 
478 Klebsiella sp. KCL-2 plasmid pMGD2 3,564 AY033498 AY033498   2 fasta UniProt
species Kluyveromyces lactis (Description) 
479a Kluyveromyces lactis (killer strain) plasmid k1 8,874 X00762 X00762   4 fasta UniProt
479b Kluyveromyces lactis killer plasmid pGK12 13,457 X07776 X07776   10 fasta UniProt
479c Kluyveromyces lactis plasmid pGKL1 8,874 X01095 X01095   4 fasta UniProt
479d Kluyveromyces lactis plasmid pKD1 4,757 X03961 X03961   3 fasta UniProt
species Komagataeibacter europaeus 
480 Komagataeibacter europaeus plasmid pAEU601 3,818 Y17109 Y17109   5 fasta UniProt
species Lachancea fermentati 
481 Lachancea fermentati plasmid pSM1 FLP 5,416 M18275 M18275   4 fasta UniProt
species Lachancea waltii 
482 Lachancea waltii plasmid pKW1 5,619 X56553 X56553   4 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus acidipiscis 
483 Lactobacillus acidipiscis cryptic plasmid pLAC1 strain ACA-DC 1533 3,478 FN667595 FN667595   4 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus acidophilus 
484a Lactobacillus acidophilus plasmid pLA103 13,913 AB081463 AB081463   15 fasta UniProt
484b Lactobacillus acidophilus plasmid pLA106 2,862 D88438 D88438   3 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus brevis 
485 Lactobacillus brevis plasmid pRH45II 23,381 AB118106 AB118106   12 fasta UniProt
486a Lactobacillus brevis ATCC 367 plasmid 1 13,413 CP000417 CP000417 PRJNA404 11 fasta UniProt
486b Lactobacillus brevis ATCC 367 plasmid 2 35,595 CP000418 CP000418 22 fasta UniProt
487a Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-1 42,449 AP012168 AP012168 PRJDA64661 n/a
487b Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-2 35,388 AP012169 AP012169 n/a
487c Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-3 35,340 AP012170 AP012170 n/a
487d Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-4 25,335 AP012171 AP012171 n/a
487e Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-5 17,882 AP012172 AP012172 n/a
487f Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-6 11,627 AP012173 AP012173 n/a
487g Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-7 10,300 AP012174 AP012174 n/a
487h Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-8 8,556 AP012175 AP012175 n/a
487i Lactobacillus brevis KB290 plasmid pKB290-9 5,866 AP012176 AP012176 n/a
species Lactobacillus casei 
488a Lactobacillus casei plasmid pSMA23 3,497 DQ116709 DQ116709   2 fasta UniProt
488b Lactobacillus casei plasmid pYIT356 4,935 AB119526 AB119526   1 fasta UniProt
488c Lactobacillus casei strain TISTR1341 plasmid pRCEID3.2 3,250 HQ259051 HQ259051   5 fasta UniProt
488d Lactobacillus casei strain TISTR1341 plasmid pRCEID13.9 13,908 HQ259052 HQ259052   13 fasta UniProt
489 Lactobacillus casei ATCC 334 plasmid 1 29,061 CP000424 CP000424 PRJNA402 20 fasta UniProt
490 Lactobacillus casei str. Zhang plasmid plca36 36,487 CP000935 CP000935 PRJNA28537 44 fasta UniProt
491a Lactobacillus casei subsp. casei ATCC 393 plasmid pLBCZ-1 26,706 AP012545 AP012545 PRJDB480 n/a
491b Lactobacillus casei subsp. casei ATCC 393 plasmid pLBCZ-2 1,326 AP012546 AP012546 n/a
species Lactobacillus curvatus 
492 Lactobacillus curvatus plasmid pRC18 18,664 AF200347 AF200347   25 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus delbrueckii 
493 Lactobacillus delbrueckii plasmid pWS58 7,921 Z50864 Z50864   5 fasta UniProt
494a Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus plasmid pDOJ1 6,220 EF196093 EF196093   6 fasta UniProt
494b Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus plasmid pLBB1 6,127 AF236060 AF236060   4 fasta UniProt
495a Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis plasmid pJBL2 8,716 AJ421486 AJ421486   5 fasta UniProt
495b Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis plasmid pLL1212 8,713 AF109691 AF109691   7 fasta UniProt
495c Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis plasmid pN42 8,140 AJ421627 AJ421627   5 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus farciminis 
496 Lactobacillus farciminis strain KCTC3681 plasmid pLF24 2,396 EU429343 EU429343   1 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus fermentum 
497a Lactobacillus fermentum plasmid pKC5b 4,392 AF378372 AF378372   4 fasta UniProt
497b Lactobacillus fermentum plasmid pLME300 19,389 AJ488494 AJ488494   18 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus gasseri 
498 Lactobacillus gasseri plasmid pLgLA39 33,333 AB436615 AB436615   42 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus helveticus 
499a Lactobacillus helveticus plasmid pLH1 19,360 AJ222725 AJ222725   13 fasta UniProt
499b Lactobacillus helveticus strain R0052 plasmid pIR52-1 6,414 FJ851149 FJ851149   8 fasta UniProt
500 Lactobacillus helveticus subsp. jugurti plasmid pLJ1 3,292 J04240 J04240   1 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus johnsonii 
501a Lactobacillus johnsonii FI9785 plasmid p9785L 25,652 FN357112 FN357112 PRJEA36575 23 fasta UniProt
501b Lactobacillus johnsonii FI9785 plasmid p9785S 3,471 AY862141 AY862141 2 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus paracasei 
502 Lactobacillus paracasei plasmid pMA3 5,089 EU255257 EU255257   4 fasta UniProt
503a Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei plasmid pSJ2-8 14,442 FM246455 FM246455   15 fasta UniProt
503b Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei strain NFBC338 plasmid pCD01 19,882 AY662330 AY662330   23 fasta UniProt
503c Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei strain NFBC338 plasmid pCD02 8,554 AY662331 AY662331   9 fasta UniProt
504a Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei JCM 8130 plasmid pLBPC-1 11,154 AP012542 AP012542 PRJDB478 n/a
504b Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei JCM 8130 plasmid pLBPC-2 10,775 AP012543 AP012543 n/a
505 Lactobacillus paracasei TXW plasmid pTXW 3,178 GU380289 GU380289   4 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus pentosus 
506 Lactobacillus pentosus p1-4 plasmid strain F121-1 2,424 FN394966 FN394966   1 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus plantarum 
507a Lactobacillus plantarum L137 plasmid pLTK13 34,522 AB450918 AB450918   25 fasta UniProt
507b Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid p256 7,222 AJ628941 AJ628941   10 fasta UniProt
507c Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pA1 2,820 Z11717 Z11717   2 fasta UniProt
507d Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pC30il 2,140 J03319 J03319   1 fasta UniProt
507e Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pLD1 2,112 FJ755814 FJ755814   1 fasta UniProt
507f Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pLFE1 4,031 FJ374272 FJ374272   5 fasta UniProt
507g Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pLP2000 2,061 AY096004 AY096004   1 fasta UniProt
507h Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pLP2111 2,111 FJ375766 FJ375766   1 fasta UniProt
507i Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pLP9000 9,253 AY096005 AY096005   9 fasta UniProt
507j Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pLR1 2,066 EU881985 EU881985   2 fasta UniProt
507k Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pLTK2 2,295 AB024514 AB024514   1 fasta UniProt
507l Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pM4 3,320 EF690364 EF690364   3 fasta UniProt
507m Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pMD5057 10,877 AF440277 AF440277   9 fasta UniProt
507n Lactobacillus plantarum plasmid pPB1 2,899 AJ716330 AJ716330   4 fasta UniProt
507o Lactobacillus plantarum strain PC518 plasmid pLPI8 1,806 HQ116412 HQ116412   2 fasta UniProt
507p Lactobacillus plantarum strain S1 plasmid pLP2140 2,140 GU195642 GU195642   1 fasta UniProt
507q Lactobacillus plantarum strain XY3 plasmid pXY3 2,968 GU363552 GU363552   7 fasta UniProt
508 Lactobacillus plantarum subsp. plantarum ST-III plasmid pST-III 53,560 CP002223 CP002223 PRJNA52949 42 fasta UniProt
509a Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 plasmid pWCFS101 1,917 CR377164 CR377164 PRJNA356 3 fasta UniProt
509b Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 plasmid pWCFS102 2,365 CR377165 CR377165 4 fasta UniProt
509c Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 plasmid pWCFS103 36,069 CR377166 CR377166 43 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus reuteri 
510a Lactobacillus reuteri endogenous plasmid 4,523 AF205068 AF205068   4 fasta UniProt
510b Lactobacillus reuteri plasmid pGT232 5,113 U21859 U21859   1 fasta UniProt
510c Lactobacillus reuteri plasmid pILR091 7,185 EF432638 EF432638   5 fasta UniProt
510d Lactobacillus reuteri plasmid pLR581 12,160 EU583804 EU583804   14 fasta UniProt
510e Lactobacillus reuteri plasmid pLR585 14,173 EU596446 EU596446   14 fasta UniProt
510f Lactobacillus reuteri plasmid pTE44 4,523 AY082384 AY082384   5 fasta UniProt
511 Lactobacillus reuteri 100-23 plasmid pGT231 5,254 GU108604 GU108604   n/a
species Lactobacillus rhamnosus 
512a Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 plasmid pLR001 8,754 CP001155 CP001155 PRJNA29219 13 fasta UniProt
512b Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 plasmid pLR002 31,548 CP001156 CP001156 40 fasta UniProt
513 Lactobacillus rhamnosus Lc 705 plasmid 64,508 FM179324 FM179324 PRJEA32197 77 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus sakei 
514a Lactobacillus sakei plasmid pLS55 5,031 EF605268 EF605268   3 fasta UniProt
514b Lactobacillus sakei plasmid pRV500 12,959 AF438419 AF438419   13 fasta UniProt
514c Lactobacillus sakei plasmid pYSI8 4,973 EU185047 EU185047   5 fasta UniProt
514d Lactobacillus sakei strain BM5 plasmid pYC2 1,970 EU555173 EU555173   2 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus salivarius 
515a Lactobacillus salivarius CECT 5713 plasmid pHN1 44,581 CP002035 CP002035 PRJNA43535 28 fasta UniProt
515b Lactobacillus salivarius CECT 5713 plasmid pHN2 20,426 CP002036 CP002036 13 fasta UniProt
515c Lactobacillus salivarius CECT 5713 plasmid pHN3 242,962 CP002037 CP002037 161 fasta UniProt
516a Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118 plasmid pMP118 242,436 CP000234 CP000234 PRJNA13280 222 fasta UniProt
516b Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118 plasmid pSF118-20 20,417 AF488831 AF488831 27 fasta UniProt
516c Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118 plasmid pSF118-44 44,013 AF488832 AF488832 48 fasta UniProt
species Lactobacillus sp. PC121B 
517 Lactobacillus sp. PC121B plasmid p121BS 4,234 AF310974 AF310974   3 fasta UniProt
species Lactococcus garvieae 
518a Lactococcus garvieae plasmid pGL1, strain 21881 4,536 HE650695 HE650695   6 fasta UniProt
518b Lactococcus garvieae plasmid pGL2, strain 21881 4,572 HE650696 HE650696   6 fasta UniProt
518c Lactococcus garvieae plasmid pGL3, strain 21881 12,948 HE650697 HE650697   8 fasta UniProt
518d Lactococcus garvieae plasmid pKL0018 20,034 AB290882 AB290882   20 fasta UniProt
species Lactococcus lactis 
519a Lactococcus lactis citrate permease plasmid pCRL1127 8,278 AF409136 AF409136   7 fasta UniProt
519b Lactococcus lactis plasmid pAH33 6,159 AF207855 AF207855   7 fasta UniProt
519c Lactococcus lactis plasmid pCIS3 6,159 AF153414 AF153414   3 fasta UniProt
519d Lactococcus lactis plasmid pCL2.1 2,047 U26594 U26594   2 fasta UniProt
519e Lactococcus lactis plasmid pCRL291.1 4,640 AF380336 AF380336   3 fasta UniProt
519f Lactococcus lactis plasmid pGdh442 68,319 AY849557 AY849557   62 fasta UniProt
519g Lactococcus lactis plasmid pIL105 8,506 AF116286 AF116286   7 fasta UniProt
519h Lactococcus lactis plasmid pND324 3,602 U44843 U44843   3 fasta UniProt
519i Lactococcus lactis plasmid pNP40 64,980 DQ534432 DQ534432   62 fasta UniProt
519j Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSK11A 10,372 DQ149242 DQ149242   13 fasta UniProt
519k Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSK11B 13,332 DQ149243 DQ149243   13 fasta UniProt
519l Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSK11L 47,165 DQ149244 DQ149244   40 fasta UniProt
519m Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSK11P 75,814 DQ149245 DQ149245   60 fasta UniProt
519n Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSRQ700 7,784 U16027 U16027   8 fasta UniProt
519o Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSRQ800 7,858 U35629 U35629   7 fasta UniProt
519p Lactococcus lactis plasmid pSRQ900 10,836 AF001314 AF001314   11 fasta UniProt
519q Lactococcus lactis plasmid pWC1 2,846 L75827 L75827   1 fasta UniProt
519r Lactococcus lactis plasmid pWV01 2,178 X56954 X56954   4 fasta UniProt
519s Lactococcus lactis strain KLDS4.0319-3 plasmid pKL001 6,068 EU289287 EU289287   4 fasta UniProt
519t Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris plasmid pWVO2 3,826 Z22704 Z22704   1 fasta UniProt
519u Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis plasmid pK214 29,871 X92946 X92946   28 fasta UniProt
519v Lactococcus lactis DPC3147 plasmid pMRC01 60,232 AE001272 AE001272 PRJNA16005 63 fasta UniProt
520a Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris plasmid pAG6 8,663 AB198069 AB198069   8 fasta UniProt
520b Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris plasmid pHP003 13,433 AF247159 AF247159   6 fasta UniProt
520c Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris plasmid pNZ4000 42,810 AF036485 AF036485   45 fasta UniProt
520d Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris strain P8-2-47 plasmid pBM02 3,854 AY026767 AY026767   6 fasta UniProt
521a Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK11 plasmid 1 14,041 CP000426 CP000426 PRJNA401 9 fasta UniProt
521b Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK11 plasmid 2 9,554 CP000427 CP000427 6 fasta UniProt
521c Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK11 plasmid 3 74,750 CP000428 CP000428 61 fasta UniProt
521d Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK11 plasmid 4 47,208 CP000429 CP000429 35 fasta UniProt
521e Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK11 plasmid 5 14,206 CP000430 CP000430 8 fasta UniProt
522a Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis isolate BGMN1-5 plasmid pMN5 5,670 AF056207 AF056207   4 fasta UniProt
522b Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis plasmid pAH82 20,331 AF243383 AF243383   17 fasta UniProt
522c Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis plasmid pBL1 10,899 AF242367 AF242367   8 fasta UniProt
522d Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis plasmid pCI305 8,694 AF179848 AF179848   8 fasta UniProt
522e Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis plasmid pL2 5,299 DQ917780 DQ917780   5 fasta UniProt
522f Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis strain M14 plasmid pAR141 1,594 DQ288662 DQ288662   2 fasta UniProt
522g Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis strain MJC15 plasmid pCD4 6,094 AF306799 AF306799   5 fasta UniProt
523a Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis bv. diacetylactis cryptic plasmid pDR1-1B 7,344 AB079380 AB079380   6 fasta UniProt
523b Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis bv. diacetylactis cryptic plasmid pDR1-1 7,412 AB079381 AB079381   6 fasta UniProt
523c Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis bv. diacetylactis plasmid pDBORO 16,404 DQ089807 DQ089807   14 fasta UniProt
523d Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis bv. diacetylactis plasmid pS7a 7,302 AJ550509 AJ550509   5 fasta UniProt
523e Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis bv. diacetylactis plasmid pS7b 7,264 AJ550510 AJ550510   5 fasta UniProt
524 Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis KF147 plasmid pKF147A 37,510 CP001835 CP001835 PRJNA41115 29 fasta UniProt
species Laribacter hongkongensis 
525a Laribacter hongkongensis plasmid pHLHK8 8,266 AY858987 AY858987   4 fasta UniProt
525b Laribacter hongkongensis plasmid pHLHK22 15,665 EF679779 EF679779   12 fasta UniProt
species Lawsonia intracellularis 
526a Lawsonia intracellularis PHE/MN1-00 plasmid 1 27,048 AM180253 AM180253 PRJNA183 29 fasta UniProt
526b Lawsonia intracellularis PHE/MN1-00 plasmid 2 39,794 AM180254 AM180254 24 fasta UniProt
526c Lawsonia intracellularis PHE/MN1-00 plasmid 3 194,553 AM180255 AM180255 104 fasta UniProt
species Legionella longbeachae 
527 Legionella longbeachae NSW150 plasmid pLLO 71,826 FN650141 FN650141 PRJEA39579 67 fasta UniProt
species Legionella pneumophila 
528 Legionella pneumophila str. Lens plasmid pLPL 59,832 CR628339 CR628339 PRJNA13126 56 fasta UniProt
529 Legionella pneumophila str. Paris plasmid pLPP 131,885 CR628338 CR628338 PRJNA13127 139 fasta UniProt
530 Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila str. Lorraine plasmid pLELO 150,432 FQ958212 FQ958212 PRJNA67921 n/a
species Leptolyngbya boryana 
531 Leptolyngbya boryana plasmid pPBS1 1,511 AF176225 AF176225   n/a
species Leptolyngbya foveolarum 
532 Leptolyngbya foveolarum plasmid pPF1 1,509 D10842 D10842   2 fasta UniProt
species Leptolyngbya sp. PCC 6402 
533 Leptolyngbya sp. PCC 6402 plasmid PRF1 4,194 S46711 S46711   6 fasta UniProt
species Leptospira biflexa 
534 Leptospira biflexa serovar Patoc strain 'Patoc 1 (Ames)' plasmid p74 74,117 CP000779 CP000779 PRJNA16153 57 fasta UniProt
535 Leptospira biflexa serovar Patoc strain 'Patoc 1 (Paris)' plasmid p74 74,116 CP000788 CP000788 PRJNA20133 59 fasta UniProt
species Leptospirillum ferrooxidans 
536a Leptospirillum ferrooxidans plasmid p49879.1 28,878 AY941098 AY941098   32 fasta UniProt
536b Leptospirillum ferrooxidans plasmid p49879.2 28,012 AY941099 AY941099   33 fasta UniProt
species Leuconostoc carnosum 
537a Leuconostoc carnosum JB16 plasmid pKLC1 21,990 CP003852 CP003852 PRJNA174298 19 fasta UniProt
537b Leuconostoc carnosum JB16 plasmid pKLC2 29,615 CP003853 CP003853 38 fasta UniProt
537c Leuconostoc carnosum JB16 plasmid pKLC3 40,165 CP003854 CP003854 44 fasta UniProt
537d Leuconostoc carnosum JB16 plasmid pKLC4 36,602 CP003855 CP003855 41 fasta UniProt
species Leuconostoc citreum 
538a Leuconostoc citreum plasmid pCB42 4,312 AB360637 AB360637   6 fasta UniProt
538b Leuconostoc citreum plasmid pIH01 1,822 AY737645 AY737645   1 fasta UniProt
538c Leuconostoc citreum plasmid pLC22R 9,935 AJ493278 AJ493278   10 fasta UniProt
538d Leuconostoc citreum strain C4 plasmid pCC3 3,338 FJ040197 FJ040197   3 fasta UniProt
538e Leuconostoc citreum strain C4 plasmid pFMBL1 3,338 EU784088 EU784088   3 fasta UniProt
539a Leuconostoc citreum KM20 plasmid pLCK1 38,713 DQ489740 DQ489740 PRJNA16062 49 fasta UniProt
539b Leuconostoc citreum KM20 plasmid pLCK2 31,463 DQ489737 DQ489737 36 fasta UniProt
539c Leuconostoc citreum KM20 plasmid pLCK3 17,971 DQ489738 DQ489738 20 fasta UniProt
539d Leuconostoc citreum KM20 plasmid pLCK4 12,183 DQ489739 DQ489739 13 fasta UniProt
species Leuconostoc kimchii 
540a Leuconostoc kimchii IMSNU 11154 plasmid LkipL48 3,196 CP001757 CP001757 PRJNA40837 4 fasta UniProt
540b Leuconostoc kimchii IMSNU 11154 plasmid LkipL4701 21,055 CP001753 CP001753 21 fasta UniProt
540c Leuconostoc kimchii IMSNU 11154 plasmid LkipL4704 23,275 CP001754 CP001754 21 fasta UniProt
540d Leuconostoc kimchii IMSNU 11154 plasmid LkipL4719 21,924 CP001755 CP001755 21 fasta UniProt
540e Leuconostoc kimchii IMSNU 11154 plasmid LkipL4726 29,616 CP001756 CP001756 36 fasta UniProt
species Leuconostoc lactis 
541 Leuconostoc lactis plasmid pCI411 2,926 L25529 L25529   3 fasta UniProt
species Leuconostoc mesenteroides 
542 Leuconostoc mesenteroides strain SY2 plasmid pFMBL1 4,661 AY648696 AY648696   2 fasta UniProt
543a Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides cryptic plasmid pTXL1 2,665 AJ272077 AJ272077   3 fasta UniProt
543b Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides plasmid pFR18 1,828 Z99436 Z99436   1 fasta UniProt
544 Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides ATCC 8293 plasmid pLEUM1 37,367 CP000415 CP000415 PRJNA315 33 fasta UniProt
species Listeria grayi 
545 Listeria grayi DSM20601 plasmid pLGUG1 79,249 FR667693 FR667693 PRJEA50381 85 fasta UniProt
species Listeria innocua 
546 Listeria innocua Clip11262 plasmid pLI100 81,905 AL592102 AL592102 PRJNA86 72 fasta UniProt
species Listeria monocytogenes 
547a Listeria monocytogenes strain Lm1 plasmid pLM33 32,307 GU244485 GU244485   37 fasta UniProt
547b Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1-2c str. SLCC2372 plasmid pLM1-2cUG1 50,100 FR667691 FR667691 PRJEA50377 54 fasta UniProt
547c Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1-2b str. SLCC2755 plasmid pLM1-2bUG1 57,780 FR667692 FR667692 PRJEA50379 63 fasta UniProt
548 Listeria monocytogenes 08-5578 plasmid pLM5578 77,054 CP001603 CP001603 PRJNA36361 78 fasta UniProt
549 Listeria monocytogenes 6179 plasmid LM6179_p 62,206 HG813250 HG813250 PRJEB1355 n/a
550 Listeria monocytogenes R479a plasmid pLMR479a 86,652 HG813248 HG813248 PRJEB5108 n/a
551 Listeria monocytogenes serotype 7 str. SLCC2482 plasmid pLM7UG1 50,100 FR667690 FR667690 PRJEA50371 55 fasta UniProt
species Lysinibacillus sphaericus 
552 Lysinibacillus sphaericus plasmid pLG 11,066 AY325804 AY325804   23 fasta UniProt
553 Lysinibacillus sphaericus C3-41 plasmid pBsph 177,642 CP000818 CP000818 PRJNA19619 187 fasta UniProt
species Macrococcus caseolyticus 
554a Macrococcus caseolyticus JCSC5402 plasmid pMCCL1 15,667 AP009485 AP009485 PRJDA20209 14 fasta UniProt
554b Macrococcus caseolyticus JCSC5402 plasmid pMCCL2 80,545 AP009486 AP009486 68 fasta UniProt
554c Macrococcus caseolyticus JCSC5402 plasmid pMCCL3 2,131 AP009487 AP009487 1 fasta UniProt
554d Macrococcus caseolyticus JCSC5402 plasmid pMCCL4 3,417