Quick Start

The information describing an experiment, and the associated results files, are stored in a standard spreadsheet-based format called MAGE-TAB. The first step in your submission is to create the two main MAGE-TAB components, the IDF (Investigation Description Format) and the SDRF (Sample and Data Relationship Format) files. Both files can be easily created using the MAGE-TAB submission system. This will generate a template that you can use to create a complete IDF and SDRF file. You can then upload the completed spreadsheet along with your data files. The following steps show you how to create the template. Subsequent help sections will guide you through the detail that needs to be entered in each section.

I want to create a MAGE-TAB file

Step 1: Login

Go to the MAGE-TAB submission system page and login or create a new user account.

Picture of login

Step 2: Create Your Experiment

Use this form to select terms related to your experiment. Each one of these terms will define a field in the template spreadsheet.

create your experiment

Step 3: Generate the MAGE-TAB template

Once your experiment has been saved, you can start working on your submission. From this page you can generate the template spreadsheet. The template combines the IDF and SDRF components into a single document to further simplify the process of submitting your data. If you prefer to create separate IDF and SDRF documents, these can also be uploaded.

generate your experiment template

Step 4: Upload your files and complete the submission

The file upload page allows you to upload your completed MAGE-TAB and any data files associated with the experiment.

upload your files

Want to know how we did it?

Here's the template created for the experiment above. This file contains some of the information entered during step 2. All lines beginning with the '#' character are comments to help guide you when adding information to this file. Further information required to fully describe your experiment can be addded to this file to create a complete MAGE-TAB . This file would be checked by curators and then loaded into ArrayExpress. The template and complete MAGE-TAB above are based on this existing submission.