Functional Genomics Production Team

The Functional Genomics Production Team (FGPT) is led by Helen Parkinson. We manage data content and user interaction for EBI databases, build ontologies, collaborate on NIH, EC and UK funded grants to develop software, ontologies, provide training and perform data analysis etc. We also develop open source software tools for the functional genomics user community. We collaborate closely with the ArrayExpress Software team and are a sub-team of the Functional Genomics Team. Find out more from our Annual Report or by exploring the links on this page.


The Team consists of Bioinformaticians, Software Engineers and Ontologists. Former team members are listed at the bottom of this page. Open posts are advertised on the EBI jobs pages. Open internships are advertised on the ArrayExpress site news items .

Funding and Projects

The FGPT is funded by EMBL core funds and by NIH, EC and UK grants. See our projects summary page for details.


The FGPT processes submissions, annotates, curates and performs analysis for:


The FGPT develops the Experimental Factor Ontology (EFO) for annotation of functional genomics data and collaborates to develop community bio ontologies. See our ontologies page for more.


FGPT developed open source software tools are available for download and/or as services. See our software summary page for more.


Recent FGPT publications, posters and presentations are available for download.

Former members

Former members of the FGPT include:

  • Tomasz Adamusiak
  • Holly Zheng Bradley
  • Anna Farne
  • Ele Holloway
  • Margus Lukk
  • Tim Rayner
  • Ravensara Travillian

Former students

Former MSc. students and Interns include:

  • Nandini Badarinarayan
  • Florian Graef
  • Amie Jaye
  • Chao Pang
  • Fasial Rezwan
  • Paulo da Silva
  • Elektra Tapanari
  • Drashtti Vasant
  • Aravind Venkatesan
  • Vincent Xue
  • Anna Zhukova