Single-cell analysis and beyond: Microfluidics for HTS and genomic applications

15/10/2013 - Room M203 at 14:00 - Pink Seminar
Christoph Merten
(EMBL Heidelberg)
Microfluidic technology enables the generation of tiny aqueous droplets (pico- to nanolitre volumes), which can be exploited as miniaturised test tubes. Since these microcompartments can be produced and manipulated at a rate of up to 106 samples per hour, they are of particular interest for high-throughput screens. Furthermore, the small assay volumes facilitate the obtainment of high concentrations of nucleic acids or proteins from single encapsulated cells or even viruses. This allows the selection of antibodies which do not just bind a given drug target, but rather inhibit its function, as we have demonstrated in a screen of approximately 1 million non-immortalized B-cells. Furthermore, microfluidic technology enables vaccine development starting from patient´s material, and pushes the limits in genomic applications (e.g. preparation of NGS libraries using minute sample amounts).
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