Revealing tumor heterogeneity between and within tumors:

30/04/2013 - Room C209 at 14:00 - External Seminar
Dana Pe'er
(Columbia University)
Systematic characterization of cancer genomes has revealed a staggering complexity and heterogeneity of aberrations among individuals. More recently appreciated that intra-tumor heterogeneity is of critical importance, each tumor harboring sub-populations that vary in clinically important phenotypes such as drug sensitivity. A major challenge involves the development of analysis methods to integrate the flood of high-throughput data on tumors towards a past of personalized care. We will elaborate on a few computational approaches on this path: (1) Integration of genetic and genomic data to identify genetic determinants of cancer (2) Single cell analysis of signaling based on mass cytometry, a novel technology that can accurately measure more than forty signaling molecules simultaneously single cells.
Hosted by: Oliver Stegle