Petri Nets in Systems Biology: Applications and Challenges

14/05/2013 - Room C209 at 14:00 - External Seminar
Ina Koch
(University of Frankfurt)
Petri nets have been developed to model complex systems of causal, concurrent processes. Most applications concern technical, financial or business processes. Since nearly 20 years Petri net formalism has been applied to model also biochemical systems. The straightforward definition of Petri nets and their intuitive visualization is perfectly suitable for applications in interdisciplinary fields, such as computational systems biology. Petri nets provide many useful analysis techniques that can be easily adapted to biochemical systems. Several simulation techniques provide the possibility to study system’s dynamics, even if kinetic parameters are unknown or incomplete. After a very brief introduction to Petri nets, the talk will mainly address recent developments to biochemical network modeling. It will demonstrate the application to module detection at steady state, considering modularization and network reduction techniques.
Hosted by: Alex Bateman