Evolution and gene expression in vertebrates

06/11/2012 - Room C209 at 14:00 - External Seminar
Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi
(Department of Ecology and Evolution in the University of Lausanne Biology and Medical School)
Expression patterns are a basic aspect of the description of the function of genes. The evolution of gene expression patterns has been suggested to be a major component of the evolution of gene function. Notably, changes in expression after duplication might be a major factor in the retention of paralogs. Moreover, the breadth or strength of expression seems to be the main determinant of the evolution of gene sequence. On the other hand, it has also been suggested that expression patterns are not very informative concerning gene function, and that they are lowly constrained in evolution. We have developed a database, Bgee (dataBase for gene expression evolution, http://bgee.unil.ch/), which allows large scale comparisons of expression patterns between vertebrate species. This allows us to study the evolution of gene expression after gene or genome duplication, and to show that the timing of expression during development influences strongly the evolution of vertebrate genes.
Hosted by: Christophe Dessimoz