ENA accession numbers

There are a set of defined rules that describe the format of ENA accession numbers.  The regular expressions for each record accession number are listed below. Please note the ".d+" at the end denoting sequence versions for the assembled/annotated and protein coding sequences.

Accession number type Accession number format
Asssembled/Annotated sequences [A-Z]{1}\d{5}.\d+
Protein coding sequences [A-Z]{3}\d{5}.\d+
Traces TI\d+
Studies (E|D|S)RP\d{6,}
Samples ERS\d{6,}
Experiments (E|D|S)RX\d{6,}
Runs (E|D|S)RR\d{6,}
Analyses (E|D|S)RZ\d{6,}

Latest ENA news

09 Dec 2014: ENA release 122
Release 122 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences is now available

12 Nov 2014: Simplification of data release procedures
The European Nucleotide Archive will couple the public release of sequence records and the release of study records that contain these sequence records, with immediate effect.

11 Nov 2014: ENA/EMG Sample Record Annotation Workshop
European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and EBI Metagenomics Portal (EMG), are organising the ENA/EMG Sample Record Annotation Workshop on the 1-5 December 2014 to enrich the environmental sample records.