Using Webin box


For some submissions, you will need to upload data into your Webin box. You will notice that there exists an ‘assembly’ directory created in your Webin box. If you have more than one study to be submitted, then please create in the assembly directory individual directories for each study named using the study accession number (e.g. PRJEB001, PRJEB100, PRJEB333).  Next, upload requested files as shown below:


 /era-drop-XXX/assembly/<study accession>/

Example: /era-drop-44/assembly/PRJEB1234/


If you do not have a Webin box, please e-mail to with the subject line “Webin Box requisition” and include the following information in the body of the e-mail:


CENTRE DETAILS : <Please provide your Institute's full name and Country>

CENTRE ACRONYM : <Please provide the preferred acronym of your institute.

This is used in the XMLs as a shorthand form of the centre details. We now provide a

unique acronym per submission account so if your institute's acronym has already

been used in another account, we will provide a similar one. Note that this

acronym is only used as a controlled vocabulary in order to display the full

centre details in the ENA browser.

LABORATORY NAME  : <Please provide the name of your laboratory/department

within the above institute>

FIRST NAME: <Please provide submitter's first name>

MIDDLE INITIALS: <Please provide submitter's middle initials>

SURNAME: <Please provide submitter's last name=surname>

YOUR ADDRESS: <Please provide your institutional address>


EMAIL ADDRESS : <please provide the email address(es) for the submission

account owner(s) >



You will receive a confirmation that your Webin box was created. The same Webin box can be used for future submissions.

Data upload instructions are available here.

Once you have uploaded your data, please let us know by e-mailing stating the era-drop-NNN number.