We regularly collect several statistics regarding data growth in ENA.  The latest version of these are available below.

Assembled/annotated sequence growth

EMBL-Bank growth

Assembled/annotated sequence doubling time

EMBL-Bank doubling time

Assembled/annotated sequence bases / dataclass


Assembled/annotated sequences / dataclass


Reads growth

Sequence Read Archive (SRA) growth

Reads doubling time

Sequence Read Archive (SRA) doubling time

Latest ENA news

06 Apr 2016: ENA Release 127
Release 127 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences now available

15 Feb 2016: Environmental data curation: new publication
In our new publication, "Value, but high costs in post-deposition data curation”, we explore the curation of environmental sample information in the European Nucleotide Archive.

08 Feb 2016: Changes to WGS and TSA sequences in the ENA browser
Changes are being made to WGS and TSA sequences in the ENA browser.