We regularly collect several statistics regarding data growth in ENA.  The latest version of these are available below.

Assembled/annotated sequence growth

EMBL-Bank growth

Assembled/annotated sequence doubling time

EMBL-Bank doubling time

Assembled/annotated sequence bases / dataclass


Assembled/annotated sequences / dataclass


Reads growth

Sequence Read Archive (SRA) growth

Reads doubling time

Sequence Read Archive (SRA) doubling time

Latest ENA news

08 Feb 2016: Changes to WGS and TSA sequences in the ENA browser
Changes are being made to WGS and TSA sequences in the ENA browser.

13 Jan 2016: Assembly XML now available from ENA
As the first step to improvements into genome assembly data access, XML files describing each assembly version are now available from the ENA browser.

07 Jan 2016: ENA launches comprehensive CRAM indexing
ENA has launched a new service to provide reference coordinate-based indices for CRAM data.

09 Dec 2015: ENA Release 126
Release 126 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences now available