Change to EMBL-Bank flat file AC lines

Tue, 2013-07-02

Use of AC lines to denote 'WGS/TSA set membership' in addition to 'record replacement' has been a frequent cause of confusion among our users. To solve this we have moved WGS/TSA master accession numbers from AC lines to DR lines.
Before the change:
AC CAJV010000001; CAJV010000000; CAJV000000000;

After the change:
AC CAJV010000001;
DR ENA; CAJV010000000; SET.
DR ENA; CAJV000000000; SET.
The DR line format is:

DR ENA; <WGS/TSA master accession number with set version>; SET
DR ENA; <WGS/TSA master accession number without set version>; SET
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