Environmental Sequencing Submissions


These pages provide an overall picture of requirements for submission of environmental sequence data to ENA. Specific instructions on the use of submission tools are linked from these pages. 

Environmental Sequencing

For the purposes of these pages, environmental sequencing is defined as the sequencing of DNA or RNA from organisms that have not been isolated and is typically focused on entire microbial communities, size fractionated organisms, enrichments cultures and flow sorted microbes. We cover both amplicon-based (metabarcoding, diversity survey) and shotgun (metagenomics/metatranscriptomics) methods.

Environmental sequence data requirements for submission

Minimally, ENA aims to capture and present both raw data and identifications (taxonomic or functional) from environmental sequencing approaches. Additionally, intermediate information, such as mappings between raw reads and identifications and cluster information can also be captured.

Environmental amplicon-based sequence data requirements for submission.

Environmental shotgun sequence data requirements for submission.