Metadata used to describe classes in EFO

Below is a table summarising the metadata used in EFO:

Metadata Annotation Property
Class label. RDFS:label
Textual definition of class. definition
A referential mapping of the class to other equivalent classes in external ontologies or resources. definition_citation
Synonym of the class label. alternative_term
Curator responsible for creating and/or editing the class. definition_editor
An example demonstrating how the class may be used. example_of_usage
Explanation describing why a class has been made obsolete, providing audit trail. reason_for_obsolescence
An EFO version number capturing when a class was made obsolete. obsolete_in_version
Given value ‘true’ to flag classes that are structural in nature, such as upper ontology classes. While important for ontology engineering, such classes are hidden from Atlas presentation layer as they have proved confusing to users. organizational_class

Data model and process documentation

Workflow of EFO development and curation is available from here. Atlas data model is available below (click the image for higher resolution):

Atlas data model