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Similar to unknown protein YgeD of Escherichia
Species: Photorhabdus asymbiotica

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Source: Ensembl Genomes Gene  ID: PAU_03214

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Nucleotide sequences (147,686 results found)


Escherichia phage slur16, complete genome

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Source: Sequence (Release)  ID: LN881727

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Protein sequences (178,673 results found)


Cluster: Gp40 [Escherichia phage phiEB49]

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Source: UniRef90  ID: UniRef90_A0A0M7Q8U0


Cluster: Gp40 [Escherichia phage phiEB49]

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Source: UniRef50  ID: UniRef50_A0A0M7Q8U0

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Macromolecular structures (22 results found)

Structure of bacteriophage N4 wild-type and mutants, determined by cryo-electron microscopy.

Authors: Choi KH, McPartland J, Kaganman I, Bowman VD, Rothman-Denes LB, Rossmann MG
Method: single-particle reconstruction
Resolution: 14.0Å
Specimen state: particle

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Source: EMDB  ID: EMD-1472

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Small molecules (33 results found)


Organism: Escherichia

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Source: ChEMBL Target  ID: CHEMBL612611

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Reactions, pathways & diseases (103 results found)

Whole Genome Metabolism, Shimwellia blattae (strain ATCC 29907 / DSM 4481 / JCM 1650 / NBRC 105725 / CDC 9005-74)

Whole Genome Metabolism of "Escherichia blattae DSM 4481". This is a whole genome metabolism model of Escherichia blattae DSM 4481.

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Source: BioModels  ID: BMID000000142209

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Protein families (18 results found)


YibP g.p. ({Escherichia} sp.)

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Source: MEROPS Peptidases  ID: M23.950

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Enzymes (15,021 results found)

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Source: IntEnz  ID:

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... (Flavohaemoglobin ) Escherichia col Bacteria Involved in NO detoxification ...

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