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Stable Id: REACT_20753
Type: Protein
Species: Homo sapiens

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Source: Reactome  ID: 201879

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Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome

Approved Symbol: WAS
Approved Name: Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome
Status: (Approved)
Aliases: WASP
Locus Type: gene with protein product
Chromosome: Xp11.4-p11.21

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Source: HGNC  ID: HGNC:12731

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Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis was protein

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Source: Coding (Release)  ID: AAI58508


Homo sapiens (human) partial WAS protein

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Source: Coding (Release)  ID: AAH02961


Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat) Was protein

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Source: Coding (Release)  ID: AAI58678

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Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein WASp
Homo sapiens (Reviewed)
Secondary accession number(s): Q9BU11, Q9UNJ9

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Source: UniProtKB  ID: WASP_HUMAN

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Standard Type: Activity

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Source: ChEMBL Activity  ID: 1243278


Standard Type: Log kill

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Source: ChEMBL Activity  ID: 141994


Standard Type: Binding affinity

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Source: ChEMBL Activity  ID: 1306562

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Homo sapiens WAS, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:HGNC:12731], is expressed in 4 baseline experiment(s); cell line: K562, HeLa-S3, CD20-positive B cell cell line, MCF-7, CD14-positive monocyte cell line, H1-hESC, GM12878; cellular component: chromatin, cytosol, nucleus, whole cell ...

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Source: Baseline Expression Atlas Genes  ID: ENSG00000015285

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Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein

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Source: IntAct Interactors  ID: EBI-346375


Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein homolog

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Source: IntAct Interactors  ID: EBI-644195

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awaiting family name
awaiting annotation

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Source: TreeFam  ID: TF316736


WAS/WASL-interacting protein family member 2 (WIPF2, also known as WICH or WIRE) contains a verprolin-homology (V) region. It plays an important role in actin-microspike formation through cooperation with WASL (neural Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein, also known as N-WASP). It plays an active role ...

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Source: InterPro  ID: IPR028294


WAS/WASL-interacting protein family member 1 (WIPF1, also known as WIP) is involved in a wide variety of cellular functions, including cellular signalling, endocytosis and actin cytoskeleton remodelling. It binds to and stabilises N-WASP and WASP. WIP and WASP can form a complex, which plays an ...

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Source: InterPro  ID: IPR028295

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Carbon-Sulfur Lyases

Enzymes eliminating H(2)S or substituted H(2)S; a single sub-subclass EC 4.4.1.EC 4.5 Carbon-Halide LyasesThis subclass was originally set up on the basis of the enzyme eliminating HCl from DDT.EC 4.6 Phosphorus-Oxygen LyasesThe so-called 'nucleotidyl-cyclases' are included here, on the basis that ...

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Source: IntEnz  ID: 4.4

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Source: MEDLINE  ID: 24678696

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... European Nucleotide Archive), which was established in 1980 at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany. The original goal was ... Hinxton began in 1992 and in September 1994, EMBL-EBI was firmly ...

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