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Stable Id: R-HSA-173473
Type: Protein
Species: Homo sapiens

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Source: Reactome  ID: 173473

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Genomes & metagenomes (73,932 results found)

SKI proto-oncogene

Approved Symbol: SKI
Approved Name: SKI proto-oncogene
Status: (Approved)
Locus Type: gene with protein product
Chromosome: 1p36.33-p36.32

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Source: HGNC  ID: HGNC:10896

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Nucleotide sequences (12,103 results found)


Sus scrofa partial SKI gene, exon 1, breed German Landrace

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Source: Sequence (Release)  ID: AJ888535

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Protein sequences (4,199 results found)



Ski oncogene
Homo sapiens (Reviewed)
Secondary accession number(s): Q5SYT7

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Source: UniProtKB  ID: SKI_HUMAN

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Macromolecular structures (73 results found)

Crystal Structure of a Smad4-Ski Complex

Accession: 1mr1
SIGNALING PROTEIN x-ray diffraction entry at resolution 2.85

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Source: PDBe  ID: 1mr1

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Small molecules (23 results found)


MW: 552.45
AlogP: 5.47
Canonical Smiles: COc1cc(Nc2c(cnc3cc(c(OC)cc23)c4coc(CN5CCN(C)CC5)c4)C#N)c(Cl)cc1Cl
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count: 7
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count: 1
Polar Surface Area: 86.79

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Source: ChEMBL Molecule  ID: CHEMBL219557


MW: 490
AlogP: 4.38
Canonical Smiles: Cc1nc(Nc2ncc(s2)C(=O)Nc3c(C)cccc3Cl)cc(n1)N4CCN(CCF)CC4
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count: 7
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count: 2
Polar Surface Area: 114.52

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Source: ChEMBL Molecule  ID: CHEMBL240158

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Gene expression (13,895 results found)


Homo sapiens SKI, SKI proto-oncogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:HGNC:10896], is differentially expressed in 93 experiment(s); sampling time point: 1 day, time point 1, time point 5, 5 day, time point 2, middle stage, 1 hour, time point 4, time point 3; genotype: wild type, IKK2kd-transfected, Numb5 ...

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Source: Differential Expression Atlas Genes  ID: ENSG00000157933

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Molecular interactions (114 results found)


Ski oncogene

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Source: IntAct Interactors  ID: EBI-6392357


Ski oncogene

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Source: IntAct Interactors  ID: EBI-347281

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Protein families (23 results found)


Shikimate kinase

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Source: Pfam  ID: SKI

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Protein expression data (13 results found)



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Source: PeptideAtlas  ID: PAe005154



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Source: PeptideAtlas  ID: PAe005150


Each year in the United States, more than 530,000 babies are born prior to full 37 weeks of gestation. One of the major problems associated with prematurity is the development of a condition known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). In 50% of infants with NEC a large amount of damaged and dead intestine must be surgically removed, often resulting in...

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Source: PRIDE  ID: PXD003326

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Enzymes (93 results found)


Shikimate kinase 1
Shikimate kinase 1

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Source: Enzyme Portal  ID: AROK_ECOLI

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EBI web (20 results found)


... must be removed.  In yeast, this RNA processing is accomplished by SKI and ... unstructured RNA substrates.  The SKI (superkiller) complex is a central component ... control of mRNAs.  The SKI complex contains Ski2, a helicases enzyme ...

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Source: Site 

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