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Stable Id: REACT_4293
Type: Protein
Species: Homo sapiens

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Source: Reactome  ID: 72325

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ribosomal protein S10

Approved Symbol: RPS10
Approved Name: ribosomal protein S10
Status: (Approved)
Aliases: MGC88819 S10
Locus Type: gene with protein product
Chromosome: 6p21.31

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Source: HGNC  ID: HGNC:10383

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Nucleotide sequences (3,197 results found)


Sterkiella histriomuscorum rps10

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Source: Coding (Release)  ID: AEV66685


Marchantia polymorpha (liverwort) rps10

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Source: Coding (Release)  ID: AAC09414

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Protein sequences (1,051 results found)



40S ribosomal protein S10
Homo sapiens (Reviewed)
Secondary accession number(s): B2R4E3, Q5TZC0

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Source: UniProtKB  ID: RS10_HUMAN

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Gene expression (54 results found)


Homo sapiens RPS10, ribosomal protein S10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:HGNC:10383], is not differentially expressed in any experiments

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Source: Differential Expression Atlas Genes  ID: ENSG00000124614

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Molecular interactions (33 results found)


30S ribosomal protein S10

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Source: IntAct Interactors  ID: EBI-1572677


30S ribosomal protein S10

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Source: IntAct Interactors  ID: EBI-1623418


40S ribosomal protein S10b

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Source: IntAct Interactors  ID: EBI-75824

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Protein families (1 results found)


awaiting family name
awaiting annotation

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Source: TreeFam  ID: TF319100

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Source: MEDLINE  ID: 24603058

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Source: MEDLINE  ID: 24675553

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