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Stable Id: REACT_116720
Type: Protein
Species: Gallus gallus

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Source: Reactome  ID: 372909

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Genomes (1,391 results found)

lactate dehydrogenase A

Approved Symbol: LDHA
Approved Name: lactate dehydrogenase A
Status: (Approved)
Locus Type: gene with protein product
Chromosome: 11p15.1

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Source: HGNC  ID: HGNC:6535

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Nucleotide sequences (5,137 results found)


Synthetic construct LdhA (ldhA) gene, complete cds.

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Source: Sequence (Release)  ID: HM026754

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Protein sequences (1,782 results found)



L-lactate dehydrogenase A chain LDH-A
Homo sapiens (Reviewed)
Secondary accession number(s): B4DKQ2, B7Z5E3, D3DQY3, F8W819, Q53G53, Q6IBM7, Q6ZNV1, Q9UDE8, Q9UDE9

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Source: UniProtKB  ID: LDHA_HUMAN

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Macromolecular structures (21 results found)

rat LDHA in complex with 5-(2-chlorophenyl)-1H-tetrazole

Accession: 4aj2
OXIDOREDUCTASE/INHIBITOR x-ray diffraction entry at resolution 1.75

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Source: PDBe  ID: 4AJ2

rat LDHA in complex with 2-(4-bromophenoxy)propanedioic acid

Accession: 4aje
OXIDOREDUCTASE/INHIBITOR x-ray diffraction entry at resolution 2.35

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Source: PDBe  ID: 4AJE

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Small molecules (6 results found)


Assay Type: Binding

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Source: ChEMBL Assay  ID: CHEMBL2060671

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Gene expression (46 results found)


Homo sapiens LDHA, lactate dehydrogenase A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:HGNC:6535], is differentially expressed in 1 experiment(s); treatment: stimulated; compound: none, edelfosine 3.3 micrograms per milliliter

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Source: Differential Expression Atlas Genes  ID: ENSG00000134333

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Source: IntAct Interactions  ID: EBI-3931709

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awaiting family name
awaiting annotation

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Source: TreeFam  ID: TF314963

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Sample Name: C57BL/6N-Ldha Strain ID: IST13326C11 Material: ES Cell Organism: Mus musculus Allele Symbol: Ldha Gene ID: MGI:96759 Gene Symbol: Ldha Gene Name: lactate dehydrogenase A

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Source: BioSamples  ID: SAME430106

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