About Iprmatches

  • Domain identifier: iprmatches
  • Database of protein families, domain and function matches
  • Indexed on Jan 17, 2015
  • Data updated on Nov 17, 2014
  • The index size is about 11 GB

Here are fields and cross-references available in Iprmatches.


Name Id (alias) Description Type Searchable Retrievable Sortable facet
$facets $facets Lucene internal facets field KEYWORD true false false false
domain_source domain_source Domain source KEYWORD true true false true
id id Identifier KEYWORD true true false false
name name Name TEXT true true false false
signatureName signatureName TEXT true false false false


Name Id (alias) Description Referenced Domain Referenced Field
GENE3D GENE3D gene3d gene3d
HAMAP HAMAP hamap hamap
PANTHER PANTHER panther panther
PFAM PFAM pfam pfam
PIRSF PIRSF pirsf pirsf
PRINTS PRINTS prints prints
PRODOM PRODOM prodom prodom
PROFILE PROFILE prosite profile
PROSITE PROSITE prosite prosite
SMART SMART smart smart
SSF SSF Superfamily References superfamily SUPERFAMILY
TIGRFAMS TIGRFAMS tigrfams tigrfams
UNIPROT UNIPROT UNIPROT References uniprot acc