CHEBI:76400 - 5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride

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ChEBI Name 5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride
ChEBI ASCII Name 5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride
Definition A member of the class of pyrazines that is amiloride in which the two amino hydrogens at position N-5 are replaced by a hexamethylene moiety, resulting in the formation of an azepane ring.
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Submitter Sandra Orchard
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Formula C12H18ClN7O
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 311.77100
Monoisotopic Mass 311.126
InChI InChI=1S/C12H18ClN7O/c13-8-10(20-5-3-1-2-4-6-20)18-9(14)7(17-8)11(21)19-12(15)16/h1-6H2,(H2,14,18)(H4,15,16,19,21)
SMILES NC(=N)NC(=O)c1nc(Cl)c(nc1N)N1CCCCCC1
Roles Classification
Biological Role(s): sodium channel blocker
An agent that inhibits sodium influx through cell membranes.
apoptosis inducer
Any substance that induces the process of apoptosis (programmed cell death) in multi-celled organisms.
odorant receptor antagonist
An antagonist at the odorant receptor.
Application(s): antineoplastic agent
A substance that inhibits or prevents the proliferation of neoplasms.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing 5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) has functional parent amiloride (CHEBI:2639)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) has role antineoplastic agent (CHEBI:35610)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) has role apoptosis inducer (CHEBI:68495)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) has role odorant receptor antagonist (CHEBI:76531)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) has role sodium channel blocker (CHEBI:38633)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) is a aromatic amine (CHEBI:33860)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) is a azepanes (CHEBI:46986)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) is a guanidines (CHEBI:24436)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) is a monocarboxylic acid amide (CHEBI:29347)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) is a organochlorine compound (CHEBI:36683)
5-(N,N-hexamethylene)amiloride (CHEBI:76400) is a pyrazines (CHEBI:38314)
Synonyms Sources
3-Amino-6-chloro-5-(1-homopiperidyl)-N-(diaminomethylene)pyrazinecarboxamide ChemIDplus
Hexamethylene amiloride ChemIDplus
Hexamethyleneamiloride ChemIDplus
HMA-5 ChemIDplus
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Registry Numbers Types Sources
1428-95-1 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
628353 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
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12046895 PubMed citation Europe PMC
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25 February 2016