CHEBI:37445 - folic acids

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ChEBI Name folic acids
Definition A group of heterocyclic compounds based on the pteroic acid skeleton conjugated with one or more L-glutamic acid units.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:24074, CHEBI:24076
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing folic acids (CHEBI:37445) is a L-glutamic acid derivative (CHEBI:83982)
folic acids (CHEBI:37445) is a pterins (CHEBI:26375)
folic acids (CHEBI:37445) is conjugate acid of folates (CHEBI:67011)
Incoming 2-[[[4-[(2,4-diamino-6-pteridinyl)methyl-methylamino]phenyl]-oxomethyl]amino]pentanedioic acid (CHEBI:93775) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
5,6-dihydrofolic acid (CHEBI:72335) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
dihydrofolic acids (CHEBI:23743) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
folic acid (CHEBI:27470) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
Heptaglutamyl folic acid (CHEBI:89846) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
N-Nitrosofolic acid (CHEBI:82510) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
tetrahydrofolic acid (CHEBI:26907) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
tetrahydrofolyl glutamate (CHEBI:26908) is a folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
folates (CHEBI:67011) is conjugate base of folic acids (CHEBI:37445)
Synonyms Sources
folate ChEBI
folates ChEBI
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03 December 2014