CHEBI:23079 - cerebroside

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ChEBI Name cerebroside
Definition Any member of a group of glycosphingolipids, also known as monoglycosylceramides, which are important components in animal muscle and nerve cell membranes.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing cerebroside (CHEBI:23079) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
cerebroside (CHEBI:23079) is a neutral glycosphingolipid (CHEBI:25513)
Incoming α-D-galactosyl-N-(hexacosanoyl)-11,12-methylene-C22-sphinganine (CHEBI:75218) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
N-hexadecanoyl hexosylceramide (CHEBI:77462) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
N-tetracosanoyl hexosylceramide (CHEBI:77463) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
galactosylceramide (CHEBI:36498) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
glucosylceramide (CHEBI:36500) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
HexCer(d32:1) (CHEBI:138900) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
HexCer(d33:2) (CHEBI:138901) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
HexCer(d37:2) (CHEBI:138902) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
hexosyl-(1↔1ʼ)-N-acylsphingosine (CHEBI:82917) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
hexosyl-(1↔1ʼ)-N-acylsphinganine (CHEBI:82918) is a cerebroside (CHEBI:23079)
Synonyms Sources
cerebrosides ChEBI
monoglycosylceramide ChEBI
monoglycosylceramides ChEBI
Last Modified
01 November 2017