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ChEBI Name ceramide
Definition Ceramides (N-acyl-sphingoid bases) are a major subclass of sphingoid base derivatives with an amide-linked fatty acid. The fatty acids are typically saturated or monounsaturated with chain lengths from 14 to 26 carbon atoms; the presence of a hydroxyl group on carbon 2 is fairly common. Ceramides are generally precursors of more complex sphingolipids. In the illustrated generalised structure, R1 = OH, OX (where X = acyl, glycosyl, phosphate, phosphonate, etc.), or H.
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Secondary ChEBI IDs CHEBI:12487, CHEBI:13954, CHEBI:7242, CHEBI:23074
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Formula C4H6NO2R3
Net Charge 0
Average Mass (excl. R groups) 100.09590
SMILES O[C@H]([*])[C@H](C[*])NC([*])=O
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing ceramide (CHEBI:17761) is a carboxamide (CHEBI:37622)
ceramide (CHEBI:17761) is a sphingolipid (CHEBI:26739)
Incoming 1-O-acyl-N-acylsphingosine (CHEBI:76222) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-(2-hydroxyacyl)sphingoid (CHEBI:85781) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-[ω-(acylyloxy)]acylsphin-4-enine (CHEBI:77836) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-(4E,8E)-9-methylsphinga-4,8-dienine (CHEBI:87033) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-(4E,8E)-sphinga-4,8-dienine (CHEBI:85953) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-(4E,8E,10E)-sphinga-4,8,10-trienine (CHEBI:86294) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-(4E,8Z)-sphinga-4,8-dienine (CHEBI:85952) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-1-deoxy-4-hydroxysphinganine (CHEBI:67112) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-1-deoxysphinganine (CHEBI:67111) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-15-methylhexadecasphing-4-enine (CHEBI:70846) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-15-methylhexadecasphinganine (CHEBI:70845) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyl-sphingoid base (CHEBI:83273) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acylheptadecasphingosine (CHEBI:84445) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acylhexadecaphytosphingosine (CHEBI:82885) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:82884) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acylsphingosine (CHEBI:52639) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyltetradecaphytosphingosine (CHEBI:82880) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyltetradecasphing-4-enine (CHEBI:82876) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acyltetradecasphinganine (CHEBI:82874) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-acylthexadecasphinganine (CHEBI:82881) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-docosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphinganine (CHEBI:131550) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-docosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131538) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-henicosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131534) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-heptadecanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131539) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-hexacosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphinganine (CHEBI:131549) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-hexacosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131544) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-hexadecanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131541) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-icosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphinganine (CHEBI:131543) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-pentacosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphinganine (CHEBI:131547) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-pentacosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131548) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-tetracosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphinganine (CHEBI:131537) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-tetracosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131545) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-tetracosanoyl-C17-sphingosine (CHEBI:74167) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-tetracosenoyl-C17-sphingosine (CHEBI:74185) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-tricosanoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131542) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-tricosenoyl-14-methylhexadecasphingosine (CHEBI:131540) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
C20 ceramide (CHEBI:71986) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
C20 dihydroceramide (CHEBI:71984) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
C20 phytoceramide (CHEBI:71985) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
Cer(29:1) (CHEBI:85813) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
Cer(42:1) (CHEBI:85777) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
Cer(42:2) (CHEBI:85812) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
Cer(d18:0/18:1(11Z)) (CHEBI:88431) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
Cer(d18:1/18:1(11Z)) (CHEBI:88426) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
ceramide 1-phosphate (CHEBI:13956) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
ceramide 1-phosphonate (CHEBI:36495) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
cerebroside (CHEBI:23079) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
dihydroceramide (CHEBI:31488) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
ganglioside (CHEBI:28892) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
glycosylceramide (CHEBI:62941) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-(1,3-dihydroxyoctadec-4-en-2-yl)acetamide (CHEBI:91751) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
N-[(2S,3R)-1,3-dihydroxyoctadec-4-en-2-yl]acetamide (CHEBI:92736) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
oligoglycosylceramide (CHEBI:36520) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
phosphocerebroside (CHEBI:62129) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
phytoceramides (CHEBI:84403) is a ceramide (CHEBI:17761)
Synonyms Sources
a ceramide UniProt
ceramides ChEBI
N-acylated sphingoid CBN
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2011-04-06 Ceramides are a major component of cell membranes, where they can act as signalling molecules.