CHEBI:75282 - ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor

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ChEBI Name ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor
Definition Any compound that inhibits one or more steps in the pathway leading to the synthesis of ergosterol.
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Members Of ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor Class
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conazole antifungal agent
Definition : A compound that has a structure that is related to miconazole, contains an azole (imidazole or triazole) moiety, and has significant systemic antifungal properties. They inhibit cytochrome P450-dependent enzymes (particularly C14-demethylase) involved in the biosynthesis of ergosterol, which is required for fungal cell membrane structure and function.
isavuconazonium sulfate Mass : 814.83500
Formula : C35H36F2N8O9S2
isavuconazonium Mass : 717.76400
Formula : C35H35F2N8O5S
isavuconazole Mass : 437.46500
Formula : C22H17F2N5OS
triarimol Mass : 331.196
Formula : C17H12Cl2N2O
FR171456 Mass : 516.667
Formula : C30H44O7
miconazole Mass : 416.12900
miconazole nitrate Mass : 479.14100
Formula : C18H14Cl4N2O.HNO3 C18H15Cl4N3O4
myclobutanil Mass : 288.77500
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