The UniProtKB Sequence/Annotation Version Archive (UniSave) is a repository of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot and UniProtKB/TrEMBL entry versions.

 Primary accession number or entry name:    
 Date:  day-month-year (e.g. 30-11-1998 or 30-NOV-1998) or year-month-day.

Below are some graphical examples to help you use this service:

Entries can be retrieved by entering a primary accession number or an entry name and pressing the Go! button (Example 1).

Example 1. Retrieving entry versions by primary accession number Q00001.
Example 1

The result of the query is a list of entry versions with the UniProtKB database name, entry status, primary accession number, entry name, entry version, sequence version, release number and the release date, ordered by the release date, the latest version first (Example 2).

Example 2. Entry versions for primary accession number Q00001.
Example 2
The entry version status can be 'incorporated', 'active', 'changed', 'replaced' or 'deleted'. An incorporated entry version is the first entry version added into UniProtKB, an active entry version is part of the latest public release, a changed entry version has been superseded by a newer entry version, a replaced entry has become secondary to another entry, and a deleted entry has been removed from the UniProtKB without becoming secondary to any other entry. For replaced entry versions, the status 'Replaced' can be clicked to return all entries, which have the given entry as a secondary entry. If a date is provided as part of the query then only the version of the entry that was current at that date is displayed (Example 3).

Example 3. Viewing the Q00001 entry version current at 15-DEC-1998.


Entries can be viewed by clicking 'View' in the query results table (Example 4). The '<< Earlier' and 'Later >>' links can be used to access the earlier and later entry versions. The 'Back to List' link returns the user to the query results table. Selecting 'UniProtKB' or 'Fasta' and pressing 'Save' downloads the entry in flat file or fasta format.

Example 4. Viewing the Q00001 entry version 38.

Comparison between entry versions is straightforward: selecting two entries and clicking the 'Compare Selected' button will show the differences between the two entries (Example 5 and Example 6).  Whenever comparisons are made a Smith-Waterman sequence alignment is computed using SSEARCH, and displayed at the bottom of the entry. The actual alignment is displayed only when the sequences are not identical.

Example 5. Selecting the second and third Q00001 entry versions for comparison.

Example 6. Comparison results for the second and third Q00001 entry versions.